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Industry, trade and services
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Printed in France
This is the fourth issue of the 'Quarterly panorama of European business statistics' that concludes the
first year of its existence. We hope that the publication has proved a useful tool for readers who are
interested in following the latest trends affecting the European business economy.
This first anniversary is also a good opportunity to look back at the changes the publication has been
through, and the major challenges to come. In 2003, one of the most important changes for short-
term business statistics was the move from base year 1995 to base year 2000. This notably led to an
expansion in the number of series that were made available, particularly for service activities and for
candidate countries, where a lack of time-series made it difficult to introduce series in the past.
Next year, the 'Quarterly panorama' will need to continue to adapt quickly. In the year to come, the
main event for the European Union will undoubtedly be the largest enlargement in its history, when
ten new Member States will be welcomed to the EU from southern and eastern Europe on 1 May
With this in mind, important work has already begun in the field of business statistics, in order to
ensure comparability between the series being published for current and future Member States. For
the 'Quarterly panorama', the enlargement will result in the full integration of short-term data from
the candidate countries. This will clearly involve a re-working and designing of this publication in order
to accommodate series for all 25 countries and the three additional candidate countries. As part of
this on-going process, some data from the candidate countries has already been published and this
issue continues this approach, by providing a focus on the industrial economies of the candidate
countries within chapter 3.
In the meantime, all the team of the 'Quarterly panorama of European business statistics' join me in
wishing you a happy new year!
[ΜΔ Table of contents
Section 1
Latest economic developments in the EU 1
Latest economic developments within the Triad 19
Section 3
Candidate countries - short-term analysis 27
Section 4
Latest economic developments In the Member States 43
Section 5
Latest economic developments - sectoral analysis 65
Methodological notes 130
The Quarterly Panorama of European Editor-in-chief: Editors:
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furnishing readers with an instrument which Eurostat,
will allow them to follow the evolution of Statistical Office of the European Communities, Data processing:
short-term trends. The publication appears Bâtiment Joseph Bech, Digna Amil, Romy Becker-Schneider,
four times during the course of the year. This E2/808, Paolo Cerruti, Edgar Kinzig, Marcel Laveyry,
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Giovanni Albertone, Simon Allen, Annekatrin following address:
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Markus Voget, Daniel Waterschoot
EBT data extracted on 17-12-2003
All other data extracted on 12-12-2003
-ΉΔ Section 1: latest economie
developments in the EU
*» Table 1.1
Business cycle at a glance, seasonally adjusted data, latest month available (1)
Industrial Producer prices New orders Employment Construction Building permits Retail trade Car registrations
production output
-3> EU-15 ·* aa ·* a ·*
10-03 09-03 09-03 09-03 04-03 10-03 10-03 07-03
Euro-zone aa a a aa
10-03 10-03 09-03 09-03 10-03 08-03 09-03 04-03
7171 BE a a
10-03 10-03 09-03 06-03 10-03 08-03 09-03 10-03
71 DK -* a
10-03 10-03 10-03 06-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 10-03
DE 71 ■* aa a a aa
10-03 10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 10-03
7171 71 7171 EL a
07-03 08-03 07-03 06-03 10-03
7) 71 7171 ES 71 ·* a
10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 08-03 10-03 10-03
FR 7) 71 71 aa
10-03 09-03 10-03 10-03 09-03 09-03 10-03
IE 71 71 71 7171 -» a
09-03 10-03 09-03 06-03 09-03 10-03
IT 7) 71 71 71 aa
10-03 10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 09-03
LU 71 a 71 7171
09-03 09-03 10-03 09-03 07-03 10-03 10-03 09-03
NL 7171 71 aa 7171 a aa
10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 07-03 09-03 10-03
71 AT aa aa
06-03 06-03 06-03 05-03 06-03 03-03 OMO; 10-03
PT a 71 7171 aa
10-03 10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 10-03
■¥ 7171 7171 Fl aa a
10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 09-03 09-03 10-03
SE ii 717\ ·* aa
10-03 10-03 10-03 09-03 10-03 10-03
UK 71 aa 7171 7171
10-03 10-03 11-03 06-03 10-03 03-03 09-03
(1) Producer prices: gross data, The growth rates compare the last three months with the previo us three months period in relation to the standard deviation of each
individual series since January 1995 : high growth: >σ; moderate growth 0.3σ -5· σ: no change 0.3σ -> 0.3σ; moderate decline: -σ -> -0.3σ; large decline <-σ.
Source: Eurostat, short-term bu siness statistics (theme4/EBT)
France (+0.6) and the United Kingdom (+0.5) in Figure 1.1 (2.4 % compared to the month before).
Economic sentiment indicator, seasonally Positive developments that were witnessed for November 2003. Only Ireland, Luxembourg
adjusted data industrial output, were for the time being not (both -0.2) and Austria (-0.1) reported a
accompanied by any expansion in terms of deterioration in sentiment.
The latest available quarterly national accounts
According to the European Commission's data refer to the third quarter of 2003. Total
value added generated in the EU economy was Directorate-General for Economic and Financial
Affairs, the composite indicator of economic rising in the third quarter of 2003 compared to
sentiment continued its rise in November 2003, the previous quarter (working day adjusted
reaching 96.5 in the EU and 95.9 in the euro- series in constant prices). There was growth in
each of the branches of the economy, with an zone (see figure 1.1). As such, this indicator
reached its highest level since September 2001, increase in industrial value added of 0.4 % in
although this was still a long way from the the EU when compared to the previous quarter. 11-98 11-99 11-00 11-01 11-02 11-03
There was a similar rate of growth in the levels attained some three years before. The
EU-15 Euro-zone
improvement in economic sentiment could, in services sector, where value added rose by
Source: Directorate-General of the Europeanthe main, be attributed to a rise in confidence 0.6 % for distributive trades, hotels and
Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs
within the retail trade sector, although the restaurants and transport and communication (EC FIN)
and by 0.5 % for financial intermediation, real business climate in industry also followed a
After several months of decline, the latest positive trend in recent months. In the estate, renting and business activities. The EU's
available economic data show clear signs of construction sector, the improvement was less construction sector reported the highest
recovery in several of the Member States. growth rate compared to the other branches significant, while consumer confidence
Industrial production (on the basis of a three- remained largely unchanged. between the second and the third quarters of
month moving average) was on the rise in most 2003, at 0.7 %.
countries, with the notable exception of Looking at the national level, significant
Germany (see table 1.1). Nevertheless, there increases m economic sentiment were recorded
was also growth in Germany in October 2003 in Denmark (+1.3 points), Belgium (+0.8),
Section 1 : latest economic developments in the EU xm