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The GDP of the Candidate Countries Annual GDP, growth rates and main aggregates -Silke Stapel in focus Candidate Countries rediscover booming growth ECONOMY AND In this issue of Statistics in Focus, GDP data for the year 2000 from the EU FINANCE Candidate Countries (CCs) are featured with breakdowns by branches and expenditure components. The Candidate Countries for membership of the European Union are Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, THEME 2 - 28/2001 Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Turkey. NATIONAL ACCOUNTS Extended data availability compared to the previous annual publication allows figures to be expressed in PPS for Malta. Contents A separate publication is available (Statistics in Focus 18/2001) which Candidate Countries rediscover demonstrates recent quarterly data, though not broken down into such booming growth 1 detailed components. GDP in euro2After stagnant economic growth in 1999, the Candidate Countries, as a GDP in real terms 3 combined group of thirteen nations, enjoyed a return to encouraging economic growth of 5% in 2000, bettering the 3.3 % seen in the EU-15, as GDP main aggregates5shown in Table 1. Figure 1. Annual GDP growth rates % 7.0 6.0 K 5.0 / **---.* CC-13» 4.0 / \/3.0 \ /^^"*\_^*^ ^^~"/ ELM5 2.0 A / * \ l 1.0 /x4^ l*** / ^ ' * * ^^■1 /Λ. **0.0 Jr mwjfi * * J *** eure »stat -1.0 Manuscript completed on: 04.07.



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