The State ofDigital Publishing in Canada 2O15 31% of publishers 87%have more than 3/4 titles digitized of publishersof their currently 46% of publishers produce 1/2 ebookshave up to titles digitized of their
of publishers have over 1/2of their Juvenile titles digitized
of publishers are either 53%currently, planning to, or investigating producing enhanced ebooks. Enhancements used by publishers
18% Interactive 18% Scripted 91% Audio 36% Videoimages9% Slideshows animation When do publishers release ebooks for new titles?
8% Before the print version
What are publishers' REASONS for creating ebooks?
67% Simultaneously with the print version
88% hope to increase sales
25% After the print version
72% want to meet accessibility needs
70% are satisfying consumer demand
Stats are from The State of Digital Publishing 2015 Get your FREE copy: