Directory of the Commission of the European Communities
168 pages
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Directory of the Commission of the European Communities


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168 pages


Activities of the institutions and bodies



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of the Commission
of the European
FEBRUARY 1991 Directory
of the Commission
of the European
FEBRUARY 1991 Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication
The information in this Directory was correct at the time of going to press but is liable to
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1991
ISBN 92-826-2273-8
Catalogue number: CM-60-91-806-EN-C
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Printed in France Contents
The Commission 5
Special responsibilities of the Members of the Commission 7
Secretariat-General 9
Legal Service 13
Spokesman's Service5
Joint Interpreting and Conference Service7
Statistical Office9
Translation Service 2
Security Office
DO I - External Relations
DO II — Economic and Financial Affairs 35
DG III — Internal Market and Industrial Affairs
DG IV — Competition 43
DG V — Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs 47
DG VI — Agriculture 51
DG VII - Transport
DG VIII - Development
DG IX — Personnel and Administration 6
DG X — Audiovisual, Information, Communication and Culture5
DG XI — Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection9
DG XII — Science. Research and Development 71
— Joint Research Centre
DG XIII — Telecommunications. Information Industries and Innovation 8
DG XIV - Fisheries 87
DG XV — Financial Institutions and Company Law9
3 DG XVI - Regional Policy 91
DG XVII - Energy5
DG XVIII - Credit and Investments9
DG XIX - Budgets 10
DG XX - Financial Control3
DG XXI — Customs Union and Indirect Taxation7
DG XXII - Coordination of Structural Policies
DG XXIII — Enterprise Policy, Distributive Trades, Tourism and Cooperatives 11
Consumer Policy Service 11
Task Force for Human Resources. Education. Training and Youth 115
Euratom Supply Agency
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities9
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 121
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)3
Annexes 125
Index of names 14The Commission
Tel. 235 lili Rue <lc la Loi 21X1, B­1049 Bruxelles
Telex 21877 COMEU Β Wetstraat 2(K), H­KW9 Brussel
Jacques DELORS Presidem
Pascal LAMY Chef de cabinet
François LAMOUREUX Deputy Chef de cabinet
Jean­Charles LEYGUES Adviser
Joly DIXON r
Adviser Bernhard ZEPTER
Frans ANDRIESSEN Vice-President
Johannes P. WIJNMAALEN Chef de cabinet
Sipke BROUWER Deputy Chef de cabinet
Adviser Françoise GAUDENZI
Henning CHRISTOPHERSEN Vice­President
Bjarne BLADBJERG Chef de cabinet
Jan Horst SCHMIDT Deputy Chef de cabinet
Vice­President Manuel MARIN
Chef de cabinet Ignacio GARCIA­VALDECASAS
Deputy Chef de cabinet
Vice­President Filippo Maria PANDOLFI
Chef de cabinet Antonio MARCHINI­CAMIA
Deputy Chef de cabinet Enzo MOAVERO MILANESI
Martin BANGEMANN Vice­President
Chef de cabinet Manfred BRUNNER
Jörg WENZEL Deputy Chef de cabinet
Sir Leon BRITTAN Vice­President
James CURRIE Chef de cabinet
Anthony CARY Deputy Chef de cabinet
Member of the Commission Carlo RIPA DI MEANA
Chef de cabinet Marco SANTOPINTO
Deputy Chef de cabinet Fabrizio BARBASO
António José Baptista CARDOSO E CUNHA Member of the Commission
Chef de cabinet Eurico Luís CABRAL DA FONSECA
Deputy Chef de cabinet Pedro Miguel de SAMPAIO NUNES Member of the Commission Abel MATUTES
Chef de cabinet Ramón DE MIGUEL
Deputy Chef de cabinet Damián HERNÁNDEZ
Member of the Commission Peter SCHMIDHUBER
Chef de cabinet Marceli von DONAT
Deputy Chef de cabinet Wolfgang ARTOPOEUS
Member of the Commission Christiane SCRIVENER
Chef de cabinet Emmanuel CONSTANS
Deputy Chef de cabinet Françoise LE BAIL-ELLES
Member of the Commission Bruce MILLAN
Chef de cabinet Philip LOWE
Deputy Chef de cabinet Susan BINNS
Member of the Commission Jean DONDELINGER
Chef de cabinet Etienne REUTER
Deputy Chef de cabinet John BLASCHETTE
Member of the Commission Ray MAC SHARRY
Chef de cabinet Colm LARKIN
Deputy Chef de cabinet Patrick HENNESSY
Member of the Commission Karel VAN MIERT
Chef de cabinet Michel VANDEN ABEELE
Deputy Chef de cabinet Gustaaf DIERCKX
Member of the Commission Vasso PAPANDREOU
Chef de cabinet Antonios TRIFYLLIS
Deputy Chef de cabinet Alexandras KRITIKOS Special responsibilities of the Members of the Commission
Jacques DELORS Secretariat-General President
Legal Service-
Monetary affairs
Spokesman's Service
Joint Interpreting and
Conference Service
Security Office-
Forward Studies Unit
External relations and trade policy Vice-President Irans ANDRIESSEN
Cooperation with other European
Vice-President Henning CHRISTOPHERSEN Economic and financial affairs
Coordination of structural Funds
Statistical Office
Vice-President Manuel MARIN Cooperation and development
Vice-President Filippo Maria PANDOLFI Science, research and
Telecommunications, information
technology and innovation
Joint Research Centre
Vice-President Marim BANGEMANN Internal market and industrial
Relations with Parliament
Vice-President Sir Leon BRITTAN Competition
Financial institutions
Member of the Carlo RIPA DI MEANA Environment
Commission Nuclear safety
Civil protection
António José Baptista CARDOSO Personnel, administration and Member of the
E CUNHA translation Commission
Energy and Euratom Supply
Small businesses, distributive-
trades and tourism
Cooperatives Member of the Abel MATUTES Mediterranean policy
Commission Relations with Latin America
and Asia
North-South relations
Member of the Peter SCHMIDHUBER Budget
Commission Financial control
Member of the Christiane SCRIVENER Taxation and customs union
Commission Matters relating to the overall tax
burden (taxes plus social security
Member of the Bruce MILLAN Regional policies
Member of the Jean DONDELINGER Audiovisual and cultural affairs
Commission Information and communication
A people's Europe
Office for Official Publications
Member of the Ray MAC SHARRY Agriculture
Commission Rural development
Member of the Transport Karel VAN MIERT
Commission Credit and investments
Protection and promotion
of consumer interests
Member of the Vasso PAPANDREOU Employment, industrial relations
Commission ad social affairs
Human resources, education.
training and youth
Relations with the Economic
and Social Committee