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EMPLOYMENT eurostat AND UNEMPLOYMENT Statistical Bulletin April 1982 Trends and structure of registered unemployment in the European Community-Trends in registered unemployment in the EEC are regularly followed by the SOEC in its "Monthly Bulletin on Unemployment", which gives the overall number of persons registered at employment exchanges, with a breakdown into male and female unemploy­ment and specifying the number of jobless aged under 25 years. The present stati­stical bulletin complements the monthly bulletin from the structural standpoint and, in particular, provides more detailed data relating to October 1981. Unemployment rose by 33% in the Community as a whole between October 1980 and Octo­ber 1981. This overall increase conceals a marked difference in the trends formale and female unemployment, the latter up by 26% compared with a leap of 39% in the f or­mer, thus taking the share of female unemployment in relation to total unemployment down from 45.5% to 43.1%. The age pattern remained stable throughout the period in question. The rise in the number of under-25s out of work was the same as that for older persons . This was true in the case of both men and women, whereas trends by sex were different. However, this age pattern of unemployment varied considerably from one country to an­other. In October 1981, under 25s represented only 27.5% of the total unemployed in Ireland, but over 50% in Italy and Luxembourg.
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