WooCommerce Inventory Integration
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WooCommerce Inventory Integration

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WooCommerce Inventory Integration
Inventory Management Tool
Imports data on inventory levelsand notifies customers when a product is in shortage
Keeps track of inventory datafrom stores located on different shopping carts
Displays the changeswithin one dashboard
Prevents oversellingby letting clients know when to replenish the inventory
Table of Contents
1. Reasons toIntegrate With WooCommerce 2. Challenges 3. Solutions
4. Substantial Benefits API2Cart Offers 5. WhyAPI2Cart? 6. Supported Platforms 7. Conclusion
Why WooCommerce?
Reasons to Integrate with WooCommerce
A Greater Market Share 663k+ e-store owners are your potential clients
Richer Functionality You can retrieve and manipulate the data on orders, products, customers, etc.
Applicable Results You can use the new range of capabilities to run new features and services to attract even more clients
Data retrieving and syncing
Finding a developerto elaborate the integration for you
Time loss(a long integration process and further need for developer services to do the maintenance routine)
Considerable expenses(integration module maintaining and updating costs a lot)
Solution:Integration withAPI2Cart
Why API2Cart?
API2Cart Offers Substantial Benefits For Inventory Solution Providers
Time & cash savedfor other principal purposes
Ability to retrieve order, product, categoryand client data updates
Precise synchronizationof orders, products, categories and clients
Product countto perform inventory updates easily
Ability to process dataon products and inventory levels within your system
API2Cart Features
Why API2Cart?
55+ API methodsto manipulate the data as you need it
SSL certificate & 32-symbol API keyto ensure security
Customer-friendly store limitsthat are welcomed to be discussed as your needs grow even bigger
Ability to add multiple storesand grow the number as your needs grow even bigger
A detailed interactive documentationwith code samples, nothing hidden
What Else You Get as a Bonus:
Integrationwith30+other popular shopping carts:
andmany others
If you would like to find out more on how integration withAPI2Cartcan enhance your B2B e-Commerce solution, do not hesitate to contact us and get answers to all your questions.
Thank you for your attention!
Start conquering e-Commerce with API2Cart right now!
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