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Methodologies & Audit Findings

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Appendix CSummary of Methodologies available andChristchurch Borough Councils Audit FindingsMethodologiesa) Focus Groupsb) Forumsc) Citizen's Paneld) Complaints/Suggestions Schemee) Opinion Pollsf) Interactive web-siteg) Referendumh) Consultation Documentsi) User Panelsj) Networkingk) Operational Research for Communitiesl) Planning for Real/Visioning Exercisesm) Publicity and Exhibitionsn) Public Meetingso) Questionnaire Surveysp) WorkshopsChristchurch Borough Council Public Consultation StrategyCHRISTCHURCH BOROUGH COUNCILS AUDIT FINDINGS METHODOLOGIES (see attached sheet)DEPARTMENT SUBJECT AREA METHOD OF CONSULTATION A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O PPlanning & Policy - Local Plan Consultation document.Environmental Advertisement local press.Services Planning Committee.Seminars held for Members & Staff.Leaflets distributed to all households.Exhibition.Building Control Statutory consultation with Dorset Fire &Rescue.Verbal/one to one.Notification of demolition.Development Services Site Notice erection 21 days (14 days to comment).Press Adverts.Staututory consultation on all planning applications and appeals.Press Releases.Environment & Community Consult Parish Councils.Development - Trees Informal verbal consultation. Revised Recycling Plan.Development - Recycling Press Releases/Courier.Displays/Exhibitions.Leaflets (with/without response slips).Public talks.Questionnaires.Environment & Community Meetings with Advisory Panels ...
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Appendix C Summary of Methodologies available and Christchurch Borough Councils Audit Findings
Methodologies a)Focus Groups b)Forums c)Citizen's Panel d)Complaints/Suggestions Scheme e)Opinion Polls f)Interactive website g)Referendum h)Consultation Documents i)User Panels j)Networking k)Operational Research for Communities l)Planning for Real/Visioning Exercises m)Publicity and Exhibitions n)Public Meetings o)Questionnaire Surveys p)Workshops
Christchurch Borough Council
Public Consultation Strategy
CHRISTCHURCH BOROUGH COUNCILS AUDIT FINDINGSMETHODOLOGIES (see attached sheet) DEPARTMENT SUBJECTAREA METHODOF CONSULTATIONA B C D E F G HI JK L M N O P Planning &Policy  Local PlanConsultation document.ü Environmental Advertisementlocal press.ü Services PlanningCommittee.ü ü Seminars held for Members & Staff.ü Leaflets distributed to all households.ü Exhibition.ü Building ControlStatutory consultation with Dorset Fire &ü Rescue. Verbal/one to one.ü Notification of demolition.ü Development ServicesSite Notice erection 21 daysü (14 days to comment). Press Adverts.ü Staututory consultation on all planningü applications and appeals. Press Releases.ü Environment & CommunityConsult Parish Councils.ü ü Development  TreesInformal verbal consultation.ü Environment & CommunityRevised Recycling Plan.ü ü Development  RecyclingPress Releases/Courier.ü Displays/Exhibitions.ü Leaflets (with/without response slips).ü ü Public talks.ü Questionnaires.ü Environment & CommunityMeetings with Advisory Panels.üü ü Development: Individual contact with statutory bodies/orgs.ü Countryside ServiceInternal consultation (Parks, Leisure, etc)ü Local Agenda 21On site consultation with general public.üü ü Community SafetyPublic talks.ü ü Community DevelopmentPress Releass/Courier.ü Letters.ü ü Residents Association meetings.ü Volunteer Groups.ü Focus Groups.ü Consultation document.ü Event feedback forms.ü Membership of professional bodies.ü Internal Working Parties.ü Environmental HealthPublic meetings.ü Questionnaires.ü
DEPARTMENT Leisure & Technical Services
Technical  Highcliffe Castle
Technical  Avon Causeway
Techncial  Stour Road Structural Maintenance
Techncial  Town Centre Environmental Improvements
METHODOLOGIES (see attached sheet) METHOD OF CONSULTATIONA B C D E F G HI JK L M N O P Advert, site notice write in/deposit info.ü Roadshow.ü Commission professional survey.ü ü Contractors carry out customer survey.ü ü Questionnaire in Courier.ü "Suggestion box" at events.ü Public meetings.ü Informal group meetings.ü Public talks.ü ü Membership of professional bodies.ü ü Attendance of management meetings ü ü Officers & Members. Committee Meetings.ü ü Internal Working Parties.ü Leaflet distribution with response slip.ü Target specific organisations.ü Consultation documents.ü ü Letters.ü ü Exhibitions.ü Press Adverts.ü Press Releases.ü Committee Meetings.ü ü Technical Reports.ü Discusssions over brief.ü Project set up sheets for QA system.ü Committee Meetings.ü ü Consultation with statutory organisations/ü interest groups. Committee Meetings.ü ü Consultation be letter with a number ofü bodies (Twynhan School). Displays in Regent Centre.ü Information circulated to residents.ü Meetings of all stakeholders.ü Group meetings.ü Displays in Highcliffe & Christchurch librariesü & Civic Offices. Freepost questionnaire to all residents.ü Local interest groups presentations.ü Committee Meetings.ü ü
DEPARTMENT SUBJECTAREA Corporate Benefits Services Council Tax Debtors/Cash Office/ECNs
Chief Executive's
Estates/Asset Management
Finance and Personnel
Policy and Public Relations
METHODOLOGIES (see attached sheet) METHOD OF CONSULTATIONA B C D E F G HI JK L M N O P Questionnaire.ü Courier.ü Indirect consultation.ü Questionnaire.ü Indirect consultation.ü ECN queries & complaints give indicationü of public's attitude towards policy. Open tendering for contracts.ü Consultation element of Planning.ü Annual meeting with ratepayers.ü Publication of the budget.ü Survey & user interviews and self form filing.ü Courier. Interviews by appointment in the home.ü Interviews in the High Street.ü Statutory annual budget connilation with nonü domestic ratepayers. LG Finance Act 1992. Licencing (Hackney Carriage Fareü Increase) Public Entertainment Licences.ü Disposal of land or appropriation of Openü Space Land. LG Act 1972.