Internation conference  of the European Ceramic Society

Internation conference of the European Ceramic Society


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Emile H. Ishida Tohoku Univ.



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Publié le 25 avril 2013
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Emile H. Ishida Tohoku Univ. Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Japan “Channeling the Forces of Nature for the Creation of innovative manufacturing and the life style” Abstract: The Great East Japan Earthquake, which happened on March 11, 2011, made us aware once again that we had forgotten we were just one species within the great cycle of nature on earth, that we were allowed to survive only because of nature, and that the idea that we were somehow able to conquer the nature was simply an illusion.  Now,more than ever, is the time we must confront face-to-face the change from the underground resources type of civilization to one with a new way of life and technology that embraces a sense of nature. To do so, we must learn from nature that possesses the only sustainable society on earth and create technology which embraces such a view of nature.  Wecall technology, which cleverly revives nature’s greatness, Nature Technology, and we have completed fundamental consideration of the micro-wind generator using mechanism of the dragonfly’s wings, water free bath learning from bubbles, stain free surface learning from snail shell, electricity free air-conditioner and others. We must now, in the midst of severe environmental restrictions, begin the great challenge of suspending and cutting back our escalating human activity, while living in a spiritually enriching way. How can we live in a spiritually fulfilling way on one planet? In order to find the form that this new way of life will take, we certainly need to adopt a back casting point of view which starts with the prerequisite that we live on only one planet. Resume: Ishida served as a director and general manager of the headquarters for technology and was the chairman of both Environmental Strategy and Technological Strategy at INAX Corporation Japan. And now, he is a Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Studies and Eco-material Design & Process Engineering, Tohoku University since September, 2004 (PhD from Nagoya Institute of Tech. 1992).He is a representative of the Earth Village Research Laboratory, Nature Technology Research Consortium and many others. He is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. Has authored/co-authored 340 academic papers, 35 books, has 95 patents and 14 academic awards.