Energy Audit 4-08
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Energy Audit 4-08

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Energy Audit ProgramFor Lower Energy Bills and Improved Energy PerformanceSMWHO is Eligible NEW YORK Energy $martSMIndustrial and commercial facilities, State and local All New York Energy $mart programs are funded by agovernments, not-for-profit and private institutions, System Benefits Charge (SBC) paid by electric distributioncustomers of Central Hudson, Con Edison, NYSEG, ...



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Energy Audit Program
For Lower Energy Bills and Improved Energy Performance
WHOis Eligible Industrial and commercial facilities, State and local governments, not-for-profit and private institutions, colleges and universities, and K-12 schools are eligible. Facilities must have less than $75,000 in annual electric bills to participate inthe program.
WHATthis Program Offers This program provides energy audits for small businesses and other non-residential facilities to help them make informed electrical decisions and implement energy-efficiency strategies. Audits help identify improvements that yield electric savings. Audit costs vary, depending on the customer’s annual electrical bills:
HOWto Apply Please contact service providers in your region.An application form and a list of regional contacts is provided on the back. Annual Electric BillsEnergy Audit Fee Less than $25,000$100 $25,000 - $75,000$400 Note: Audit Fee is refundable if audit-recommended measures are implemented.
CON EDISONGas EfficiencyProgram for Commercial Customers Incentives are available for gas efficiency improvements at commercial facilities of Con Edison firm gas customers. Up to $1 million in additional funds have been added to sixNew SM York Energy $martprograms administered by NYSERDA, including the Energy Audit Program.
SM NEW YORKEnergy $mart SM AllNew York Energy $martprograms are funded by a System Benefits Charge (SBC) paid by electric distribution customers of Central Hudson, Con Edison, NYSEG, National Grid, Orange and Rockland, and Rochester Gas and Electric. NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation established by law in 1975, administers SBC funds and programs under an agreement with the Public Service Commission.
SM New York Energy $martprograms are designed to lower electricity costs by encouraging energy efficiency as the State’s electric utilities move to competition. The programs are available to electric distribution customers (residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial) who pay into the SBC.
SAMPLESAVINGS DESCRIPTIONCOSTSAVINGSPAYBACK (YEARS) Upgrade Lighting$2,861 $6834.2 Install Programmable$230 $7220.3 Thermostat Install High Efficiency$8,738 $1,3786.3 Motors Install LED Exit Signs$400 $1033.9 Totals $12,229$2,886 4.2
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority 17 Columbia CircleAlbany, New York122036399 toll free: 1866NYSERDAlocal (518) 8621090fax: (518) 8621091
EESMISC-EA-fs 9/09
If you are interested in initiating an on-site Energy Audit please either complete this form and return or fax to the appropriate auditor; or go to to apply online.:
Region 1 - C.J. Brown Energy Contact: Wayne Balas Phone: 716-565-9190 FAX: 716-633-5598
Region 3 - Daylight Savings Contact: Frank Lauricella Phone: 845-291-1275 FAX: 845-291-1276
Region 2 - L + S Energy Contact: Catherine Griffin Phone: 518-266-9360 FAX: 518-266-9466
Region 4 - EME Group Contact: Saumya Puthenveettil Phone: 212-529-5969ext. 327 FAX: 212-529-6023
Name of Facility:____________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ City: _____________________Zip:_____________ County: _____________________ Contact Person:____________________________________________________ Title: ____________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________Fax:_________________________ Size of Facility (in square feet):________________________ Total Annual Energy Costs:________________________ Annual Energy Costs By Source: Electric: $_______________;Natural Gas:$ _______________ Fuel Oil:$_______________; Other:$ _______________ Electric Account Number:____________________________________ Federal ID Number:_________________________________________
I certify that I am acting, or I am authorized to act on behalf of, the facility and that the information provided as part of this application is true to the best of my knowledge.
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