ICT theme, turn your ideas into innovative ICT projects!
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ICT theme, turn your ideas into innovative ICT projects!


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A guide to European funding
Information technology and telecommunications
Target audience: Specialised/Technical



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ICT Theme Turn your ideas intoinnovative ICT projects! A guide to European fundinglogies
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are one of the themes of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP). Through FP, the European Commission co-funds innovative research projects with the aim of advancing the development and implementation of ICT in Europe, thus promoting growth and jobs.
Is your project eligible?
e European Commission focuses its funding on sup-port for the development of Information and Commu-nication Technologies and their applications to boost the competitiveness of the EU economy and for the benet of citizens in their day-to-day life.
What type of activities can be funded?
e ICT eme within FP provides funding support for ve dierent kinds of projects – known as “funding schemes”: Research bymeans of eitherLargescale integrating projects (IP)orSmall or medium scale focused research projects (STREP). An IP is intended to be broader in scope and ambition than a STREP.
How to succeed?
Co-ordination ofexisting research projects (ICT projects and possibly also other projects) to increase their impact. is is done by means ofCoordination Actions. Other work in support of the ICT eme can be funded bySupport Actions. Structuring and shaping Europe’s research capacity. is is done throughNetworks of Excellence.
What is a “project consortium”?
EU-funded ICT projects should benet Europe as a whole, not one particular organisation or country. To ensure this, a project should normally involve at least three mutually-independent organisations from three dierent countries. is multinational group of organi-sations carrying out the project – very oen more than the minimum three – is the “project consortium”.
Realising ICT funding objectives
In consultation with the Member States, and through workshops, conferences and calls for expressions of interest, an ICT emeWork Programme is established.
Your project must consist of a consortium of at least three organisations and be within the scope of the work requested in a call for proposals. Furthermore, the proposal must be submitted by the deadline xed for the call. If not, it will be automatically rejected. In the evaluation process your proposal must achieve high scores on a set of three key questions (see overleaf). Show that your project idea is scientically and technically excellent and advances the state of the art. Highlight that your consortium comprises high-quality organisations which have the necessary resources available to carry out work within the framework of a well-organised multinational project. Explain why it is relevant to the goals of the ICT theme, and how it will impact on society and industry.
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