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Euroabstracts. Vol.37-1/99 The changing face of European technology policy


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The changing face of European technology policy / / y -/Tr-viftK/e _ .·-.-: ,-VE Ύ-ΰ INNOVATION/SMEs PROGRAMME · FEBRUARY As the European Union's Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development gets under way, this month's Euroabstracts looks at several contrasting aspects of research policy. On the one hand it must be transnational: we chart the steady growth of the common will among the coun­tries of the European Union to work together on research issues, and analyse the findings of the independent panel appointed to review the achievements of the Fourth Frame­work Programme and to make recommendations for the Fifth. On the other hand research policy must serve national goals too, and we report on various countries'attempts to carve out a distinctive path in R&D, and on how the needs of multi-national Lessons still to be learned on the road to a corporations and states converge and conflict. technological Europe, page 6 As for innovation, research commissioner Edith Cresson puts Innovation and SMEs 3-5 forward her view that innovation must be social, not just eco­Feature^ nomic, and that if we want to get the maximum of innovative The changing face of ideas, then we should maximise the number of people who are European technology policy 6-10 trained to think innovatively.



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