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Innovation & Technology Transfer 3/97. Innovation Relay Centres Your Window on European Innovation


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Innovation 0 Technology PUBLISHED BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION INNOVATION PROGRAMME · MAY 1997 CONTENTS European Research Policy The future shape of European research policy has become clearer with the adoption by the European Commission on 9 April of its draft proposal for the next research Frame­work Programme. This, the Fifth Framework Programme, will cover the pe­riod from 1998 to 2002. In announcing the adoption of the proposal, the Commission said it marks a break in ap­Your Window on European Innovation proach to European research policy, by concentrating on the Innovation Relay Centres, page 8. fewer topics and by changing the way the programme op­erates. POLICY NEWS 3­7 This includes more coordination between the various ac­InnovationintheFifthFramework Programmetivities within the programme, as well as with other Euro­■ TheCommission'sProposal in Brief ■ BangemannChallengegoesGlobal■Dutch Focus on Innovationpean policies, to ensure that research responds to the EU's ■ ERDF:GettingSMEsConnected needs. The programme also has built­in flexibility so that it can react to emerging priorities. DOSSIER: INNOVATION RELAY CENTRES 8­13 The proposal includes a number of the recommendations made in the report from the Davignon Panel, which as­N PROGRAMME NEWS 14­17 Awareness Actions ■ Innovation Programmesessed the experience gained from previous programmes.



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