Marketing Segmentation in the Digital Age
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Marketing Segmentation in the Digital Age


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Marketing Segmentation in the Digital Age



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Marketing Researchers
November 2010
Marketing Segmentation in the Digital Age
Nancy Pekala
"If you're on the wrong train, every stop is the wrong stop."
This perspective by David
Verklin, CEO of Canoe Ventures LLC, aptly describes marketing segmentation in today’s
digital age.
During a presentation on marketing segmentation at the AMA’s recent
Research Conference
, Eric Paquette, Senior Vice President,
Copernicus Marketing
Consulting & Research
, suggested that digital technologies have forever changes the
way content is developed, delivered and consumed which directly impacts segmentation
studies conducted today.
“Fifty-nine percent of senior executives in large companies have done a segmentation
study in the past 2 years, but only 14% of those senior executives involved in a
segmentation study derived any value,” Paquette reported.
He said the issue is no longer one of just a fragmented audience or a reallocation of time
from one medium to another.
“Instead, a fundamental shift has occurred in how we
communicate, entertain and learn that has massive implications for marketing strategy
and marketing communications.”
Paquette cited some common problems and associated implications with segmentation
studies today including:
It is unclear which groups represent the biggest profit opportunities
Marketing Implication
There is no guidance on whom to focus marketing efforts
There is little insight into what will motivate each target to buy.
Marketing Implication:
As a result, there is little help in defining your positioning and
messaging strategy, and no assistance in identifying how to make the brand
relevant, credible, superior and unique.
The various segments are more similar than different, particularly with respect
to media exposure patterns. The targets can't be found in sales and media
Marketing Implication
There’s little insight into where to most effectively and
efficiently market to these various segments.
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