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Results of Audit of Medical Therapy Services, Inc. Cost Reports, A-04 -96-02122

10 pages
. b HLXAN 1995 $14,821. $761,849 $67,254. b $7,523. $562,828. b b $58,911. $50,512. General Oftice DEPARTMENT OF % ATLANTA, SEp 02 1997 Date: From: Subject: To: (MTS), a a was MTS SUMMARY OF FINDINGS Our a a -1.x improvement. need controls administrative ownership. changed recently provider The and accounting the because incurred were costs unallowable the believe We of expenses maintenance and travel unreasonable included report cost office home The totaling collected have could or collected they that debts bad for expense debt bad claimed clinics Two totaling costs of excess in transactions party related claimed clinics the of Three b totaling incurred not or unreasonable were that costs other claimed clinics Three b totaling area service non-Medicare for costs included clinic and office home The by claim could they costs office home of amount the overestimated clinics four the of Three requirements: reimbursement Medicare meet not did that costs of included clinics four the and office home the that showed review requirements. reimbursement Medicare with accordance in were clinics subsidiary its and by submitted reports cost the on claimed costs whether determine to audit the of objective The Georgia. Cedartown, in office home with clinics therapy outpatient of chain Inc. Services Therapy Medical of audit our of results the with you provides report This IV Region Administration, Financing Care ...
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