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Comment 149

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COMMENTTHE COLLEGE NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO 149 | NOVEMBER 2003Principal’s Forumt the beginning of eachDesmond Tutu academic year the Prin-Acipal of King’s holds aforum for staff where he talksabout issues affecting the Col-lege such as the strategic plan,to join King’s plans for the estate, andresearch priorities. The forum, to be presentedby Professor Barry Ife, will beAfrican apartheid system, and his by the School of Humanities andesmond Tutu, one of South held at various campuses, andmany years of experience are one by the School of Social Sci-Africa's most famous sons and there is the opportunity to askreflected in this special post. ence & Public Policy. He will alsoDwinner of the Nobel Prize for questions of senior manage-An alumnus of King’s (BD, teach on the AKC programme,Peace, is joining King’s as a Visiting ment.AKC, MTh), he will take up the the theme of which is ‘Forgive-Professor in the spring term. This year the forum dates arepost of Visiting Professor in Post- ness and Reconciliation in multi-For the first time the former as follows:Conflict Societies. cultural societies’.Archbishop of Cape Town willDuring his eight weeks at He will preach at the Beginning Tuesday 11 Novemberhold a post at a UK university. King’s he will be contributing to of Term Service in the College 13.00 – 14.00, Room 20CA,A priest first and foremost, theCollege life, including giving four Chapel at the Strand campus on Main Building, Strand campusMost Revd ...
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3 Panorama at Kin | g 4 Csentre for Cell & Integrative B | i  o 5 lKoigngys goes gre | e 6 nProfile: Patricia Meth | v  en 7 King’s peop | l  e 11 Departmental focus: Department of |   P 1 h 2 Iyn stichse new | s 15 IOP open da | y  s 16 Books
Desmond Tutu addresses students and staff in the eponymously named nightclub during his visit in 1993.
profoundly traumatised society to study at King’s. He said: ‘I have wonderful, happy memories of my time at King’s. My experience was one of great encouragement and support in my academic stud-
ies and an acceptance and warmth from my fellow students. Study opened up a whole new world to Commemoration me, I was excited by the accessi-Oration bility of books, the freedom to opportunity to listen to the wis- n will take the form of a question and to debate and the T thieo Commemoration Ora-danodm l eoafr nmiinngd lse fw hmoes ee aegxepre trioe dnicse-lect ure to celebrate the t 175th anniversary of the foun-covHeer  rmeocree.iv ed the NobelPrizedation of Kings and will be  held on 22 January 2004. for Peace in 1984 for his work as The Commemoration Ora-GAferincearnal  CSoeucrnectial royf  oCf hthurec hSeosu ttohtion was traditionally one of the end apartheid and establi hed main events of Commemora-himself as a respected spirsitualtion Week - a time when the leader, a peace activist, and a pas- College celebrated its founda-sionate orator. tion as a place of learning, the vision of the founders and 199H6e  bruett irceodn tians ueArdc htob iswhoorpk  iinnbenefactors, the achievements one of his ost challenging roles of staff and students in the arts m and sciences and, not least, a aasn d CRheaciornmcailni atioofn  Ctohem miTsrsiuotnh time to celebrate youth. where he presided over the trau- The inaugural Commemora-tion Oration lecture was held as matic revelation of the secrets of part of the first ever ‘Founda-apartheid. tion Week’ celebrations in 1920 and G K Chesterton, author Visitin P ofessor in and poet, was the keynote g r speaker. The tradition of Com-Post-Conflict Societies memlyor2a0t iyoena rs Waegeo.k died out near
His fondness for the College is reciprocated by students bothCoAllcetignegs  Pgrrienactiepsatl  aPlruomfensusso?r  Barry past and present. Tutuims , Naingdh t-aIfe said: We are very much club is named after h bust of his head sculpted by John looking forward to welcoming Houlston, which he unveiled inwDietsh muosn d wTilult up troo vKiidneg sa.  Huinsi sqtuaey 1995, is on display in the club. He opportunity for students and staff was also voted number 1 in a poll to learn from one of the great fig-of alumni to decide ‘Who is the ures of our time.’
King’s major role in Biobank blood sample, lifestyle detailscommon conditions. and their medical histories to The project is funded by the create a national database oMf RC, Wellcome Trust and along with Imperial College, Uni-T fhwoeor  rtUlhdKe s B sitbouibgdagyn eoksf t w tirhllee s broeoul tre hcoeefmakes up the London spoke andcuanMnpcraeencry,e  hdeedinastrtoe rddd isesirzesea,. sei, ndcilaubdientegts cDhaeerp ricaeortdu mnoteurtny t.b  oyf  uHneivaletrhsi taiensd  awrioll ubned versity College and Queen Mary, nature and nurture in health antdhe College team will recruitand Alzheimer’s disease are The two major lead staff at disease, and Kings is one of theparticipants from south eastc aused by complex interactionKsings are Professor Martin 23 universities taking part. London. between genes, environmentPrince, Primary Investigator, and It is made up of a hub, or co-Up to half a million participantasnd lifestyle. Researchers willProfessor Andre Tylee as Primary ordinating centre, at the Univera-ged between 45 and 69 yearusse the UK Biobank resource toCare Lead, both of the IOP. sity of Manchester, and haswill be involved in the study. Theuyncover the genetic and environ-spokes around the UK. Kings,will be asked to contribute amental factors that lead to these
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