... Directions for meteorological observations, and the registry of periodical phenomena

... Directions for meteorological observations, and the registry of periodical phenomena


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SMITHSONIAN MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTIONS. BISECTIONS FOB METEOROLOGICAL OBSERYAflONS, AND THE REGISTRY OF PERIODICAL PHENOMENA WASHINGTON: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION 1860. PHILADELPHIA : 705 JAYNE STREET.COLLINS, PRINTER, DIKECTIONS FOB METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS, ADOPTED BY THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION THE directions were drawn for the usefollowing originally up observers in with the Smithsonian Insti-of the correspondence Professor of the of Newtution, by GUYOT, College Jersey, and with aare now series of forPrinceton, additions,reprinted, more distribution. The additions are indicatedgeneral by brackets, [ ]. SECRETARY S. I, PLACING AND MANAGEMENT OF THE INSTRUMENTS. THERMOMETER. inPlace the thermometer the and in anair,Placing. open out of the of or of ob-open space, vicinity high buildings, any stacle that the free circulation of the air. It should beimpedes inso situated as to face the to be the andnorth, shade,always be at least from nine to twelve inches from the walls of the build- and from other The froming, every neighboring object. height the from ten to fifteen as far asbeground feet, and, possible,may it should be the same at all the stations. The instrument should its own radiation to the andbe sky, againstprotected against the reflected such as thelight by neighboring objects, buildings, and sheltered from the and hail. Theitself, rain, snow,ground will fulfil :thesefollowing arrangement requirements (Fig.



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