GESMES/ECOSER USER GUIDE. Time-series subset of the generic statistical EDIFACT MESSAGE Corrigendum n° 1


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EUROPEAN COMMISSION m eurostat STATISTICAL OFFICE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES GESMES/ECOSER USER GUIDE TIME-SERIES SUBSET OF THE GENERIC STATISTICAL EDIFACT MESSAGE Corrigendum n° 1 CA-57-95-001-EN-D GESMES/ECOSER User Guide Corrigendum No. 1 GESMES/ECOSER USER GUIDE: CORRIGENDUM NO. 1 The following pages should be changed as detailed below. Page 50 (CSS/3015) and page 51 (C529/3055) The word "aby" is replaced by "by" in the sentence "If the code list is maintained by...". Page 76 and Page 77 The examples have been modified and expanded. Replace these pages with the new pages 76 and 77. Page 79 (example message) There is an extra : in the penultimate line of the ARR segment. The last two lines of this segment should be 5 :CX:FOAN:CY:19922 : 608 :cl6:CX:F0AN:CY:19923:608:cl7:CX: FOAN:CZ:19911:603:c21:etc ' Page 81 (example message) 1) The note in the introductory sentence should be: "(note ARR usage type 2 is assumed):" 2) The last SCD segment should be: SCD+l+++++:4+Z05' Page 112 (message example) The second line of the ARR segment should start as follows: 32:c33 Page (C240) The an..3 should be removed from the "Format" column Pagel 82 (C778) The "M/C" indicator should be C. -END June 28tti 1995 Section Four: Implementing GESMES/ECOSER C507/2005 - Date/time/period qualifier This is mandatory and is given the value of "time series date". C507/2380 - Date/time/period This is the period or period range.



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