Lessons from the life and death of D.L. Moody

Lessons from the life and death of D.L. Moody


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orreyT Tke Life (xn^deaH of MoodyD. L ^V^^'^Q"' •' '- V 1^^''MAT 1-3 OFDEATH ivIOODYD. L. ,*# ^^ ^ * ^ V* ^ TORREYA.R. V Divistoa Tlr" A. / Lessons from Life and Death o D. L. MOODY BY Rev. R. a. .ITORREY Superintendent of the Bible Institute Chicago New York Chicago Toronto Fleming H. Revell Company Publishers of Evangelical Literature Copyright, igoo BY Fleming H. Revell Company. — ; From the Life and Death ofLessons D. L. Moody " of God I am what I am : and HisBy the grace was bestowed upon me was not in vaingrace which more abundantly than they all; yetbut I labored grace of God which was with me."not I, but the I Cor. XV. lo. This passage of Scripture sums up the life of the Apostle Paul in a single sen- ex-tence. It also sums up, describes, plains and interprets the life of D. L. Moody. Mr. Moody differed in many man ofnotable respects from any other explains whereinthe century. This verse and why he differed. He hashe differed labored more than we all, and accom- it was al-plished more than we all; but that made himtogether the grace of God to differ. The grace of God bestowed He letupon him "was not in vain." grace The gracehave its perfect work. bestowed upon us is often in vain. We will not accept it in its fullness and let it work out its glorious consummation. 3 Lessons From the Life 4 The life and death of Mr. Moody are Lessons that it wouldfull of lessons. take volumes to fully recount.



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