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Occupational accidents and diseases

188 pages
Data sources: Ireland
Working conditions
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European Foundation
for the Improvement of
Living and Working Conditions ili
Occupational accidents and
Data sources
Loughlinstown House
Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities,
ISBN: 92-825-6009-0
Catalogue number: SY-63-86-006-EN-C
LIVING AND WORKING CONDITIONS, 1985. For rights of translation or repro­
duction, application should be made to the Director, European Foundation for
the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Loughlinstown House,
Shankill, County Dublin, Ireland.
Printed in Luxembourg European Foundation
for the Improvement of
% Living and Working Conditions
Occupational accidents and
Data sources
Loughlinstown House
Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland PREFACE
On the 4th November 1982 the Commission of the European Communities
submitted to the Council a proposal for a Council resolution on a
second programme of action of the European Communities on safety and
health at work· Within this proposal it was suggested that the
Europoean Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working
Conditions may well have a role to play. Since the Foundation, had
earlier been engaged in research in health and safety, the
Foundation's executive, taking the initiative from this statement in
the proposal, studied more fully its terms and commenced discussion
with the Commission's DG V/E/2, Health and Safety Directorate. Areas
were identified in which it was considered Foundation activity would
provide a useful input. These included the collection and
dissemination of information at national and Community level on safety
and health at work and more specifically in the development of
comparable work related statistical data on mortality, accidents and
resulting absenteeism attributable to sickness.
From the previous Community wide survey 'Safety and Health at the
Workplace' in 1980, the Foundation had already gained valuable
experience and proposed to carry out a similar study throughout all
ten Member States. This to consider needs expressed by the Commission
and to be in line with the Foundation's brief of being concerned about
improvment of the workplace. After a number of discussions with the
staff of DG V/E/2 the study was embarked upon following guidelines
produced by the Foundation to meet its own requirements and extended
somewhat to absorb elements required by the Commission.
The Bibliographic Review of Data Sources on Occupational Accidents and
Diseases was embarked upon in December 1984; a state of the art survey
of legislation, existing statistics, compensation and reporting
practices required by law, and research as expressed through published
sources in all ten Member States. Research organisations were engaged within each State to carry out the
terms of the research contract and are as follows:
Belgium -Mr. V. Theunissens; Institute pour 1'Amelioration
de Conditions de Travail (IACT) Brussels.
- Mr. D. Bunnage; Socialforskningsinstituttet, Denmark
Federal Republic -Dr. K. Kuhn; Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz,
of Germany Dortmund.
- Mdm. M. Thanh, Institut National de recherche et France
de Sécurité (INRS) Paris.
- Mr. N. Sarafopoulos, Consul tant/Reseacher, Patra Greece
-Mr. C. Carroll; Institute for Industrial Research Ireland
and Standards, Dublin.
Italy - Ms. M.V. Tirone; Istituto Nazionale per
l'Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro
(INAIL) Rome.
Luxembourg -Mr. A. Schuster, Consul tant/Reseacher, Olm
Netherlands - Dr. R. Prinz; Stichting CCOZ, Amsterdam.
United Kingdom -Dr. J. Wilson; University of Nottingham.
In addition to national research a contract to produce a consolidated
version showing an overall comparison of the different situations in
member States of the Community was awarded to Professor R. Booth and
Dr. I. Glendon of Health and Safety, Technology and Management Ltd.,
(HASTAM) Staffordshire, England.
This present study is part of the series of bibliographical reviews
and, in accordance with the guidelines, it sets out to examine present
practice in four major areas sub-divided as follows:
reporting and notifying occupational accidents, diseases and
other occurances to include legislation, criteria required in
reports, statistical digests, studies of practice etc . compensation practice for occupational injuries and diseases,
including similar material to that as above.
. information available on a few specific hazard/accident types
being fatal accidents, falls from heights, noise and
occupational deafness and asbestos. Information on each
hazard to include details of reporting, compensation,
prevention measures, inspection procedures etc.
. mortality and morbidity studies - a selective approach to
published literature of significant research in the area.
It addresses where possible certain specific aspects as,
types of accidents and diseases, particular groups of workers,
particular industrial studies, epidemolog ical and statistical
studies, specific age groups of workers, sociological,
environmental and behavioural approaches etc.
All ten studies are published by the Foundation in their original
language i.e. relating to the language of the country in question
whereas the consolidated report is published in all seven working
languages of the Communi ty (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German,
Greek and Italian). All findings expressed in these reports are the
responsibility of the researchers and not of the Foundation.
The Foundation wishes to thank the researchers concerned in this study
for timely and substantive reports all produced in accordance with the
requirements of the Foundation and supporting a speedy publication of
results. URS
An Institiúid Taighde Institute for Industrial
Tionscail agus Caighdeán Research and Standards
Ballymun Road.
Dublin 9. Ireland
Telephone (01) 370101
Telegrams "Research. Dublin'
Telex 25449
Dubl in
November 1985