Optimal design for dose finding studies on safety and efficacy [Elektronische Ressource] / von Katrin Roth

Optimal design for dose finding studies on safety and efficacy [Elektronische Ressource] / von Katrin Roth

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Optimal Designfor Dose Finding Studieson Safety and EfficacyDissertationzur Erlangung des akademischen Gradesdoctor rerum naturalium(Dr.rer.nat.)von Dipl.-Stat. Katrin Rothgeb. am 16.02.1981 in Herdeckegenehmigt durch die Fakult¨at fur¨ Mathematikder Otto-von-Guericke-Universit¨at MagdeburgGutachter: Prof.Dr. Rainer SchwabeProf.Dr. Frank Bretzeingereicht am: 19.06.2009Verteidigung am: 19.11.2009AcknowledgementsI would like to use this opportunity to thank some of the people without whosehelp this PhD thesis would not have been possible.First of all I want to thank my advisor Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwabe for his constantsupport, his patience with my questions, the helpful discussions and his valuablesuggestions and comments.Special thanks go to Dr. Thomas Schmelter. Sharing his experiences and knowl-edge, taking the time to listen to my problems, encouraging, motivating andpushing me, he was very helpful throughout the last years. I am very grateful forthat.Moreover I would like to thank Dr. Hermann Kulmann and the whole ’Clini-cal Statistics Europe I’ department at Bayer Schering Pharma for the nice at-mosphere and for immediately integrating me into all departmental activities.This gave me the opportunity to not only work on my PhD thesis surroundedby many helpful experienced statisticians, but also to learn a lot about the dailywork in a pharmaceutical company.Mythanksalsogotothe’Institutfur¨ MathematischeStochastik’attheUniversityof Magdeburg.



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