Conversations on natural history : for the use of children and youth

Conversations on natural history : for the use of children and youth

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mas 1 CHILDREN'S BOOK COLLECTION V LIBRARY OF THE OF CALIFORNIAUNIVERSITY LOS ANGELES V J/ CONVERSATIONS NATURAL HISTORY, FOH THE T7SE OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH. BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY TIMOTHY SWAN, No. Cornhill.15, . 1820. OF TO WIT :DISTRICT MASSACHUSETTS, District Clerk's Office. BE IT That on the third ofREMEMBERED, twenty day A. D. and in the oftheMarch, 1820, forty-fourth year Independence of the saidofthe United States Swanof hasAmerica, Timothy district, this office the title ofa the whereofhe claimsin book, rightdeposited as in the words viz.followim*,proprietor, " Conversations on Natural tor the use of children andHistory, youth." In to the Act ofthe ofthe United en-conformity Congress States, "An Act for the of thetitled, encouragement learning, by securing of and to the authors and ofcopies Maps, Charts, Books, proprietors tosuch the times therein mentioned and also ancopies, during ;" Act, " to an An Act for theAn Act entitled,entitled, supplementary Act, of the ofencouragement learning, by securing copies Maps, Charts, and Books to the authors and of such theproprietors copies during times therein mentioned ; and the benefits thereof to theextending arts and Historical and otherof Designing, Engraving, Etching Prints." JNO. W. DAVIS, Clerk the District Massachutettt.of of PREFACE. written atThe werefollowing pages the of a for the use ofrequest friend, his The wasobject proposedpupils.



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