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NewsIssue 3/2003
Environment policy and protection of the environment
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tries. INVISTA™ comprises two units: "Textiles and Interiors" which includes clothing, home, industrial and flooring; and "Intermediates" which includes nylon and polyester intermedi-ates. INVISTA™ has a powerful portfolio of the best-known, worldwide brands and trademarks of DuPont, including Lycra®. LYCRA®, manufactured in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland, was introduced in 1960 as the first elastane fibre. Its extraordinary qualities of stretch and recovery earned it initial acceptance in intimate clothing, from where it extended its range of end uses to active sportswear and hosiery. Being awarded the EU Eco-label under-scores INVISTA™'s commitment to sustainable development through manufacturing practices that respect the environment.
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Lycra®, the famous fibre that added comfort and INVISTA™ (ex DuPont Textiles and Interiors) is the freedom of movement to everything from shoes largest integrated textile fibre business in the to jeans and T-shirts, has been awarded the world, with annual revenue of about 5.5 billion, European Eco-label. 18,000 employees and operating in 86 coun-
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issue #03/ 2003
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This issue focuses on two big textile companies: the famous development of the scheme, and an interesting study on Lycra fibre by Invista™, and Klopman International, supplier the use of data gathered by the EU eco-label scheme during of many famous brands, which have both received the Flower the 11 years of its existence. recently. You will also find the latest news on the
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The Flower blooms on Lycra®fibre