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NewsIssue 1/2004
Environment policy and protection of the environment
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issue #01/ 2004
THEEUROPEANECO-LABEL news Report Productgroups Retailer’scorner
In this issue
Focus The European Flower Week Campaign – October 2004
Facts & Figures
On the web
You can find more information on this web site: and in a news magazine about the Campaign:
Bodil Harder,from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Campaign manager, explains:
News in Brief
countries. Also in this issue: marketing activities for tourism, Dalli Benelux’s complete line of cleaning products with the Flower, and BEUC’s study on hazardous chemicals in everyday consumers products.
You can find more information on this web site: and in a news magazine about the Campaign: http://
European Commission
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If you want to participate please contact your National Project Manager (contact information in the above-mentioned news magazine) and find out how the activities you want to organise can fit together with the N a t i o n a l Campaign plans.
What will the Flower Campaign consist of? It will consist of a combination of centralised and decentralised activities.We have developed a central “toolbox”with advertisements,Point of Sale materials, internet-banners, etc. This tool-box will be translated into the different lan-guages by the National Project Managers from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Italy. The toolbox is available for retailers, com-panies and organisations who want to do pro-motional activities for the Flower or for their own Flower-labelled products. If they do this in the Flower week 18-24 October 2004, they can ben-efit from the attention on the Flower created by other campaign activities in schools and shops and by PR activities and advertising.
This Flower news focuses on the European Flower Week Campaign 2004, which will take place from 18 to 24 October. You will find an interview of Bodil Harder, Campaign Manager and an overview of the different schools, stores and PR activities planned in the seven participating
Why a Flower Campaign? The ecolabel is part of a long term strategy for moving the market towards sustainable produc-tion and consumption. It can only fulfill its objec-tive if it is well known by consumers. The Flower has now reached a point where we have enough labelled products on the shelves to start serious promotional activities aimed at consumers. These activities have to be done in collaboration with license holders,authorities, retailers, con-sumer organisations and other ambassadors.