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Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) Research infrastructures projets METAFORMETAFORProject acronym: METAFORSummary: METAFOR will take the irst step in doing for climate data and models wh at search engines have done for the Internet: it will put users of climate data in touch with Project n°: RI-211753the information they need. Unlocking existing and future climate data repositories and model description for new communities will provide new exciting opportunities for Project type: CPCSAscientii c research, policy making, and private sector competitiveness.Start date: 01/03/2008Objectives: he main objective of METAFOR is to de ine a Common Information Duration: 36 monthsModel (CIM) that describes in a standard way climate data and the models that produce Total budget: 2 890 000 €the data. METAFOR will build on existing metadata (data describing data) currently used in existing data repositories and address issues like metadata fragmentation, gaps, Funding from the EC: 2 200 000 €or duplication. In close interaction with related initiatives at the international level, Total funded eff ort in person-month: 286METAFOR will propose solutions to identify, access and use the climate data in these repositories and standardise model description. To support the adoption of the CIM, Web site: http://metafor.enes.
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Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) ResearcH nrastructures projets
Summary:METAFOR wll take tHe irst step n dong or clmate data and models wHat searcH engnes Have done or tHe Internet: t wll put users o clmate data n toucH wtH tHe normaton tHey need. Unlockng exstng and uture clmate data repostores and model descrpton or new communtes wll provde new exctng opportuntes or scentic researcH, polcy makng, and prvate sector compettveness.
Objectives:man objectve o METAFOR s to deine a Common Inormaton he Model (CIM) tHat descrbes n a standard way clmate data and tHe models tHat produce tHe data. METAFOR wll buld on exstng metadata (data descrbng data) currently used n exstng data repostores and address ssues lke metadata ragmentaton, gaps, or duplcaton. In close nteracton wtH related ntatves at tHe nternatonal level, METAFOR wll propose solutons to denty, access and use tHe clmate data n tHese repostores and standardse model descrpton. To support tHe adopton o tHe CIM, METAFOR wll buld CIM-based tools and servces, allowng specic data and models to be ound and compared between Holdngs at partner stes. METAFOR wll tHereore optmse tHe way clmate data nrastructures are used to store knowledge, tHereby add-ng value to prmary researcH data or an ncreasngly wde range o stakeHolders.
Action plan:METAFOR wll explot tHe I3 model by carryng out networkng actvtes and, n partcular, poolng and coordnatng exstng but dstrbuted metadata develop-ments to establsH tHe Common Inormaton Model (CIM). A servce nrastructure wll be developed to make tHe data and models descrbed by tHe CIM avalable to nterested partes botH wtHn and outsde tHe METAFOR consortum. he CIM desgn wll be terated tHrougHout tHe project, wtH an early prototype verson beng used or requre-ments and concept development. he servce nrastructure and populaton actvtes wll rely on two jont researcH actvtes, wHcH wll provde tools to manpulate and pop-ulate tHe CIM, respectvely. To delver groundbreakng tecHncal developments, META-FOR wll beneit rom tHe gatHerng o tHe wde range o experts o PRISM (PartnersHp or ResearcH Inrastructures n eartH System Modellng, Http://prsm/enes.org) .
Networking activities:METAFOR wll mprove tHe ablty to ind, understand and use approprate data and models. hs wll sgnicantly enHance co-operaton between us-ers o clmate data and scence, botH wtHn tHe clmate communty and across otHer dscplnes.
Service activities: METAFORs about creatng and tHe CIM or descrbng numer-cal smulatons, tHe codes tHat created tHem, and any post-processng. he METAFOR project wll be tHe irst efort to buld access to an nternatonally dstrbuted model arcHve tHat provdes more tHan just ile download access; a common normaton env-ronment and common toolng wll completely cHange tHe user experence.
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Project acronym:METAFOR
Project n°:RI-211753
Project type:CPCSA
Start date:01/03/2008
Duration:36 montHs
Total budget:2 890 000 €
Funding from the EC:2 200 000 €
Total funded effort in person-month:286
Web site:Http://metaor.enes.org
Contact person: Dr Erc Gulyard emal: E.D.A.Gulyard@readng.ac.uk tel.: +44 118 378 8315 ax.: +44 118 378 8316
Keywords: Metadata, clmate modellng, data manage-ment, normaton model standards, numercal smulaton, IPCC
Collaboration with other EC funded projects:ENSEMBLES CCMVAL