Timber structures

Timber structures


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Proceedings of a European conference held in Luxembourg from 14 to 16 September 1988
Industrial research and development



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Commission of the European Communities
industrial processes
Timber structures
EUR 12136 EN- DE -FR Timber structures Proceedings of a European conference held in Luxembourg from
14 to 16 September 1988 and organized by the Commission of
the European Communities, Directorate-General for the Internal
Market and Industrial Affairs, in collaboration with the Inter­
national Council for Building Research, Studies and
Documentation. ^
Commission of the European Communities
industrial processes
Timber structures
Edited by
H. J. Larsen
Danish Building Research Institute
J. Kuipers
Delft University
J. Ehrentreich
Commission of the European Communities
1989 IZZ EUR 12136 EN -DË-FR Published by the
Telecommunications, Information Industries and Innovation
Scientific and Technical Communications Service
L-2920 Luxembourg
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Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1989
ISBN 92-825-9944-2 Catalogue number: CD-NA-12136-3A-C
© ECSC-EEC-EAEC, Brussels • Luxembourg, 1989
Printed in the FR of Germany Foreword
The Commit«I on of the European Communities (CEC) Is supporting
work concerning the elaboration of a series of EUROCODES for the
design and construction of building and dlvll engineering
structures In different materials. The drafting panel of Eurocode
5 dealing with Timber Structures proposed to the CEC to organise
In cooperation with CIB (International Council for Building
Research, Studies and Documentation) a symposium In order to have
an optimal Introduction to receive comments before the final
draf11ng .
One of the world's largest natural resources of materials Is the
forest, where the production of wood takes place. The greatest
part by far of the wood production la used In the building
Industry. It Is for these reasons, together with the concern
about the only limited amount of the European forests, that the
Commission of the European Communities has a particular Interest
In the developments around this renewable resource. The CEC
therefore accepted the propsal of the drafting panel.
The Conference on timber structures dealt firstly with the draft
Eurocode S, In which the design rules for loadbearlng timber
structures have been given, and which was published some time
before the conference took place. The conference aimed to give
the necessary Information about backgrounds, and also to open a
thorough discussion hereabout. It was especially hoped that the
Interested Industry and the designers, architects and engineers,
would take part In these discussions. This aim was fully reached,
thanks to the ample participation of people from all Interested
areas In the use of timber for structural purposes.
A second goal of the symposium therefore was to demonstrate the
possibilities the uss of timber gives for building and
engineering structures. Therefore many examples of hlstrorlcal
and especially of modern applications were demonstrated and
discussed, as well as some phllosoples about better education In
the use and possibilities of timber.
The third aim to Inform the participants about work of the
Commission services concerning the harmonisation of codes and
standards and about Its programmes In the field of forestry and
uss of wood.
Within the three conference days some twenty papers were
presented, giving openings to the much wider amount of papers,
rsports, proceedings etc, which exist and which are the
background of the most Interesting developments In timber
engineering, especially In the coming years, where It must be
expected that the amount of European timber In different species
Is growing fast, because of the efforts to raise the forest areas
within the Member States.
For the Commission of the European Communities For CIB