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Sectoral endogenous growth by education in a system dynamics model [Elektronische Ressource] / von Nicki Daniel Helfrich

331 pages
Ajouté le : 01 janvier 2010
Lecture(s) : 8
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Sectoral Endogenous Growth
by Education in a System Dynamics Model
Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines
Doktors der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
(Dr. rer. pol.)
von der Fakult at fur
des Karlsruher Instituts fur Technologie (KIT)
Dipl. Wi.-Ing. Nicki Daniel Helfrich
Tag der mundlic hen Prufung: 12. November 2010
Referent: Prof. Dr. Werner Rothengatter (IWW)
Korreferent: Prof. Dr. Martin Wietschel (IIP)
2010 Karlsruheiifor my family
iiiivI would like to thank Prof. Dr. Werner Rothengatter for supervising
this work and for providing very useful comments on a previous draft. Dr.
Wolfgang Schade and Dr. Jonathan K ohler have always been available for
substantial discussions and also provided very much appreciated feedback on
drafts of this work. Thank you very much, both of you. Furthermore, many
people both at Fraunhofer Institut fur System und Innovationsforschung,
were I compiled this work, as well as at Institut fur Wirtschaftspolitik und
Wirtschaftsforschung at Universitat Karlsruhe, were I was allowed to attend
the doctoral seminars, provided many useful comments for this endeavour.
Thank you all.
Last, but not least, I would like to thank my mother for continuously
supporting me throughout this work. Thank you!
vviIch versichere wahrheitsgemäß, die Dissertation bis auf die in der
Abhandlung angegebene Hilfe selbständig angefertigt, alle benutzten
Hilfsmittel vollständig und genau angegeben und genau kenntlich gemacht
zu haben, was aus Arbeiten anderer und aus eigenen Veröffentlichungen
unverändert oder mit Abänderungen entnommen wurde.
(gemäß §4, Abs. 4 der Promotionsordnung vom 15.8.2006)

Nicki Daniel Helfrich
viiviiiChapter overview
Chapter overview ix
Contents xi
List of Figures xv
List of Tables xvii
1 Introduction 1
2 Theory 5
3 Methodology 29
4 Endogenous Growth Model SEGESD 41
5 Quantitative Behaviour of 99
6 Summary & Conclusion 137
Bibliography 147
A Dimensions used in SEGESD 159
B Data used in SEGESD 165
C Results 173
D SEGESD Model Code 269
AE MindMap2LT X 307E
F Document status 313