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The evidence in the case : an analysis of the diplomatic records submitted by England, Germany, Russia, and Belgium in the supreme court of civilization, and the conclusions deducible as to the moral responsibility for the war

244 pages
Responsibility for theWar3 ^IJIII Jam ICD 100 :LD in.uufiiiiiiitiiii •CD should be permitted to arm both for offense and defense. There were practical reasons which made the Kaiser's demand unreasonable. Mobilization is a highly developed and complicated piece of governmental machinery, and even where transportation facilities are of the best, as in Germany and France, the mobilization ordinarily takes about two weeks to complete. In Russia, with limited means transportation, im-of it was possible to recall immediately mobilization ordera that had gone forward to the remotest comers of the great Empire. The record shows that the Kaiser himself recognized this fact, for in a telegram which he sent on August ist to King The Intervention of the Kaiser 151 George, with respect to the possible neutralization of England, the Kaiser said: I just received the communication from Your Government offering French neutrality under the guarantee of Great Britain. Added to this offer was the inquiry whether under these conditions Germany would refrain from attacking France. On technical grounds My mobilization, which had already been proclaimed this afternoon, must proceed against two fronts east and west as prepared; this cannot countermanded because,be I am sorry, Your telegram came so late. But if France offers Me neutrality which must be guaranteed theby British fleet and army, I shall of course refrain from attack- ing France and employ My troops elsewhere.
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Responsibility for theWar3
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v^-'- ..V'-/The
the CaseEvidence in
An Analysis of the Diplomatic Records Submitted
by England, Germany, Russia, and Belgium
in the Supreme Court of Civilization, and
the Conclusions Deducible as to the
Moral Responsibility for the War
James M. Beck, LL.D.
Late Assistant Attorney-General of the U. S.
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