The free Negroes of North Carolina

The free Negroes of North Carolina


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U V Free Negroes North20 The of Carolina January,-[ - e?l t S 9-?,NEGROES OF NORTHTHE FREE CAROLINA. / ?2& sonable.the census of 18G0, Not that they wereAccording to formida- in ble within themselves.there were in the United States, Among a homo- free negroes, geneous people with solidarityround numbers, 487,000 of inter- est their veryfifteen slave-holding States existence would have beenof which the first, ignored. But the slavecontained 251,000. Virginia stood -owners, like second, the upholders of all abnormal, arbitrarywith 58,000 ; North Carolina with and in the seven States institutions, could not but be excessive-30,000 ; ly suspicious and susceptiblesouth of these, in which the most rigor- to panic. there were They dreaded the example and influenceous free-negro laws prevailed, a total of less than 40,000. In Virginia of free blacks dwelling among their en- thethey formed 10.GO per cent, of the negro slaved brethren. They saw in free negro an instigator and disseminator ofpopulation, in North Carolina 8.42 per cent., and in the other seven States insurrectionary doctrine which he per- alluded to considerably less than two haps never thought of, and gave him and temerityper cent. credit for a philanthropy There is hardly another which I am sure he never possessed.



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