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The Kendall family in America

40 pages
DUPLICATE NYPL RL3 3433 07736315 2 •/IPrajc.'-j^^^tfa;3ff'i--^r*fflB'rw^Ttiii<'laii Mflllii III nil I j:: w ^^3:iasafg3ffi«-aagtt=-*sg-i^/ i/i /THE r^ rT'7 <;?WW'^liINAMERICAEdited byWILLIAM MONTGOMERY CLEMENSofEdition Three Hundred(Limited Copies)1919WILLIAM M. CLEMENSPublisherHACKENSACKN. J.3r\.THE^ll ,Y.kLl iiHiLINAMERICAEdited byWILLIAM MONTGOMERY CLEMENSrEdition of Three Hundred(Limited Copies)1919(S^^aU-WILLIAM M. CLEMENSPublisherHACKENSACKN. J..V.vi nn» iii 1 , 1., imhTHE KENDALL FAMILYIN AMERICA.KENDALLS IN ENGLAND.an BritainThe Kendals and oldKendales,Kendalls,notable but not numerous cen-family, through manymore or less in Westmore-are centeredturies, Countyis on the bankswhere the town of Kendall locatedland,of the river Ken. The name is found in Lancashire,Cornwall and AsEssex, Devonshire, Derbyshire. earlyKendall was a of oneas the deyear 1265, Hugh judgeinof the lesser courts Westmoreland.John sheriff of was killed inKendall, Nottingham,the battle of Bosworth in in the of1485, fighting armyRichard Third.thein 1270The Kendale flourished and was a con-poetof Thomas the He was a writer ottemporary Rhymer.metrical and is to have writtenromances, supposed"The Geste of which is b\mentionedKing Horn,"Chaucer as "The Romance of Price."In the Edmund Kendall in theyear 1-134, appearedrecords as and was defendant in a law suitclerk, broughtJohn in St.by ...
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