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The physiology of earthworms

226 pages
INTERNATIONAL SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS ONANDPURE APPLIED BIOLOGYDivision: ZOOLOGYGeneral Editor: G. A. KerkutVolume 15THE PHYSIOLOGY OFEARTHWORMSOTHER TITLES IN THE ZOOLOGY DIVISIONGeneral Editor : G. A, Kkrkut-Vol. 1. Raven An Outline of Developmental Physiology-Vol. 2. Morphogenesis : The Analysis of MolluscanDevelopment-Vol. 3. Savory Instinctive Living-Vol. 4. Kerkut Implications of Evolution-Vol. 5. Tartar The Biology of Stentor- -Vol. 6. Jenkins Animal Hormones A Comparative Survey-Vol. 7. Corliss The Ciliated Protozoa-Vol. 8. George The Brain as a Computer-Vol. 9. Arthur Ticks and Disease-Vol. 10. Raven Oogenesis-Vol. 11. Mann Leeches {Hirudinea)-Vol. 12. Sleigh Biology of Cilia and Flagella-Vol. 13. Pitelka Electroti-Microscopic Structure Protozoaof-Vol. 14. Fingerman The Control of ChromatophoresOTHER DIVISIONS IN THE SERIES ONPURE AND APPLIED BIOLOGYBIOCHEMISTRYBOTANYMODERN TRENDS IN PHYSIOLOGICALSCIENCESPLANT PHYSIOLOGY,39;. oTHE PHYSIOLOGY OFEARTHWORMSBYM. S. LAVERACKGatty Marine Laboratory, The UniversitySt. Andrews, FifeA Pergamon Press BookTHE MACMILLAN COMPANYNEW YORK1963THE MACMILLAN COMPANY60 Fifth AvenueN.Y.New York 11,This book is distributed by-THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORKpursuant to a special arrangement withPERGAMON PRESS LIMITEDOxford, EnglandCopyright 1963©PERGAMON PRESS LTD.Library of Congress Card Number: 62-22103Great BritainSet in 11 on 12 pt. Imprint and printed inat the Alden Press, ...
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