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The Society Blue Book of Toronto, Hamilton and London. A Social Directory 1908

240 pages
The DoubleLongestTrack in theRailwayWorld Under OneREACHINGD QUEBECor andTrainsJayCars onainsstemDvinces ofof Ontario,tes. Writeorontot ketAug AgentOntario RailwaySHORT LINETO\ A I AK A I ESTHIS BOOK IS NOT RETURNABLEictOR SUBJECT TO EXCHANQEi >BRENTANO SssBOOKS OF- CABLE GUIDE-BOOKS,REFERENCE, CODES, a RiverAND FASHION CANNOT BE RETURNEDETC., JOURNALS,I Ma-AND WILL NOT BE EXCHANGEDarsLAKE JOSEPHWRITE FOR FREE HANDSOME ILLUSTRATED PUBLICATIONSOffices: Corner and Toronto and Union StationKing Streets,the Delightsa LaKeof Tripon the GreatvacationSpend yoursafe atidLakes and travel via the large,of the D. & C.comfortable steamerswill sellYour local ticket agentLinethe D.& C. Linetickets viayou throughA mammothto all Great Lake Resorts.has beennew steamer $1,250,000costingDetroit andbuilt for service betweenfor season 1908.ClevelandC. TIME TABLED. &DIVISIONMACKINACA. M.LAKE ERIE DIVISION & *Saturdays 9.31Lv Toledo Mondays4.00 P. M.M & ThursdaysDetroit . . 10.30 P. "TuesdaysLeave dallyf>. 00 P. M.&. . 5.30 A. M. Lv. Detroit "SaturdaysArrive Cleveland daily* 9.30 A. M.& Fridays . 10.15 P. M. WednesdaysLeave15th.week June. . . 5.30 A. M. Four Trips per CommencingArrive Detroit dallyDetroit andand Service betweenbetween Detroit and Cleveland DailyTri- TripsWeekly Daylight & T. LineSummer season the C.season 1908. DuringMackinac and August commencingduring Julyand Toledo.will Service between Cleveland, ...
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The DoubleLongest Track in theRailway World Under One REACHING D QUEBEC or and TrainsJay Cars on ains stem Dvinces of of Ontario, tes. Write oronto t ketAug Agent Ontario Railway SHORT LINE TO \ A I AK A I ES THIS BOOK IS NOT RETURNABLE ictOR SUBJECT TO EXCHANQE i >BRENTANO S ss BOOKS OF- CABLE GUIDE-BOOKS,REFERENCE, CODES, a River AND FASHION CANNOT BE RETURNEDETC., JOURNALS, I Ma- AND WILL NOT BE EXCHANGED ars LAKE JOSEPH WRITE FOR FREE HANDSOME ILLUSTRATED PUBLICATIONS Offices: Corner and Toronto and Union StationKing Streets, the Delights a LaKeof Trip on the GreatvacationSpend your safe atidLakes and travel via the large, of the D. & C.comfortable steamers will sellYour local ticket agentLine the D.& C. Linetickets viayou through A mammothto all Great Lake Resorts. has beennew steamer $1,250,000costing Detroit andbuilt for service between for season 1908.Cleveland C. TIME TABLED. & DIVISIONMACKINAC A. M.LAKE ERIE DIVISION & *Saturdays 9.31Lv Toledo Mondays 4.00 P. M.M & ThursdaysDetroit . . 10.30 P. "TuesdaysLeave dally f>. 00 P. M.& . . 5.30 A. M. Lv. Detroit "SaturdaysArrive Cleveland daily * 9.30 A. M.& Fridays . 10.15 P. M. WednesdaysLeave 15th.week June . . . 5.30 A. M. Four Trips per CommencingArrive Detroit dally Detroit andand Service betweenbetween Detroit and Cleveland DailyTri- TripsWeekly Daylight & T. LineSummer season the C.season 1908. DuringMackinac and August commencingduring July and Toledo.will Service between Cleveland, Put-in-Bayoperate Daily L. G. G. P. Detroit.for illustrated Address, Lewis, A.,Send a two cent stamp pamphlet, (ien lII. Pros. A. A. Sclmnl*. Mgr.rMHp McMillan,CLEVELAND NAV. CO.DETROIT & WAYWATERTHE BETWEEN BUFFALODETROIT* The D. & B. Line leave DetroitSteamers weekdays : 00 m. at 4 : 00at 5 Sundays pp , andfrom Buffalom. (centraltime) ^ at 5 : 30 (easterntime)daily p.m theirdestinationthe nextreaching trains.Direct connections with earlymorning. service to NewLowest rates and superior York, all east.AtlanticPhiladelphia, City, pointsBoston, week end excursions toPopular and leaveBufTalo Falls,Niagara Detroit Saturday.every ON STEAMERSTICKETS AVAILABLERAIL Wabash and Grandvia Central,All classes of tickets sold reading Michigan will beand Buffalo in either direction acceptedTrunk railways between Detroit st illustratedA Steamers. Sendfor transportation on D. B. Line 2c;c amEfoj b. P. A.Address: L.G. LEWIS,pamphletand Great Lakesmap. Mich.DETr, JIT & BUFFALO STEAMBOAT Detroit,CO., VICE-PRES. A. A. GEN. MGH.PHILIP H. MCMILLAN, SCHANTZ, 1 1 StreetW. 123 OxfordKing Street, Toronto London, England THE THORNTON-SMITH COMPANY DECORATORS ANDINTERIOR DESIGNERS IHSPECT OUR CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK WALL PAPERS,FABRICS, FURNITURE, ELECTRIC FIXTURES, TAPESTRIES, ETC.FLOOR COVERINGS, All work carried out our own skilled staff of workmen under theby a ofof member the firm.personal supervision ndElectric aFixtures Art Bronzes inpurpose maintaining OUK show rooms for Eledric is in order thatFixtures, etc., consumers of our current have the benefit of amay assortment of theselarge to choose from at reasongoods able We haveprices. Q spared no efforts or inexpense fitting up our show rooms with everything in Eledtric andup-to-date Fixtures, it is well worth a visit to our rooms to see our of art bronzesdisplay alone. All are chosenQ pieces a with a viewby lighting expert to effects combined withpractical lighting artistic .*. /. /. .*. .*. /. .*.appearance. The Toronto Electric Light Company LIMITED 12 Adelaide Street East TOKONTO ZDbe Bank of Toronto INCORPORATED 1855 Paid-up Capital, $4,000,000 Reserve, $4,500,000 Assets, $38,000,000 TORONTO BRANCHES St.Wellington E., cor. Church St. St. E., cor. Parliment St.Queen XV. K. \V. i,\XADS\VOKTH. Manager. CONNOLLY, Manager. St. cor.King W., Bathurst St. St. E., cor. Bolton Ave.Queen (Jr. J. 5>.CTTIIHKKTSOX, L. McMUBBAT, St. W., cor. Spadina Ave. Elm St., cor. Elizabeth St.Queen G. B. AlcKAY. Manager. Dundas St., opp. Arthur St. forACCOUNTS business men. on favorable andCURRENT opened terms, approved business discounted at current rates.paper SAVING may be with a of or Interest isopened deposit $1 upwards. paid on all balances four times a year. LETTERS OF CREDIT issued for travelers, on which be obtained when andmoney may wlitrre wanted. A convenience at little cost.great SEVENTY BRANCHES IN THE DOMINION OF CANADA W. H. PresidentBEATTY, DUNCAN COULSON General Manager W. G. ViceGOODERHAM, -President Asst. Gen.JOS. HENDERSON, THOMAS A. BIRD, Inspector Now is the T me SOW CITY""QUEEN It will soon give you a nice green sward We have made the formation of lawns a for andstudy years, many of the finest lawns and grass in Canada were obplots tained by theusing CITY" LAWN GRASS SEED"QUEEN which lawn be established inwith a perfect and may a few weeks time. Thispermanent Lawn Grass is of a balancedcelebrated composed thoroughly combination of various ofnative and foreign, fine-cleaved deep-rooting grasses interweaving habit, that flourish in conditions of soils andvarious climates, growing during different seasons of the year, so that a and sward is maintained all thedeep green velvety year round, its constant the famous lawns of Priceluxuriance rivaling England. per 100lb., #>c.; Ibs., sjtfU.oo. WHITE DUTCH for lawns, 3()c.FANCY CLOVER per lb., Steele Best Mixture from all tin; bestHriggs named sorts Is both for si/.e ofunsurpassed quantity, (lowers, and bril sof bloom. Per lb., "><.; ox., 15c.liancy j lb., lidc.; Etc.Roses, Grape Vines, ^hrubs, Etc., THE STEELE BR1GGS SEED LimitedCOMPANY, PHONE MAIN 1982 13O and 132 KING STREET EA MOULTON 34 BLOOR STREET CANADAEAST, TORONTO, AN ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT OF MCMASTER UNIVERSITY FOR GIRLS COURSES: Matriculation Teachers Music Art Commercial Household Science SEND FOR CALENDAR B. PRINC.PAL CHARLOTTE VICE-PRINCIPALE. A. A.,HARDY, THRALL, An Academic of McMaster University forDepartment Boys WOODSTOCK COLLEGE Ont.WoodstocK, A Residential School for and Men.Boys Young aPossesses facilities for work of order.exceptional doing high TeachFour Courses of Instruction are given Matriculation, English Scientific, ers Commercial. , Admits into all Universities and Schools of Science and Engineering. The aim of the School is to the whole life.develop A men of have wonINTELLECTUAL staff of experienceUniversity-trained offor the school an enviable in the realm scholarship.reputation aPHYSICAL A and new (containing swimming pool,large campus, gymnasium the of a Medicalfloor, running under Director,exercising track, etc.), supervision recreation for theprovide healthy boy. a moral and itsMORAL The school seeks to healthy, spiritual life, trainingdevelop the duties of and life.students for highest citizenship A courses in MeMANUAL TRAINING department, givingfully equipped Wood Work in Iron and Brass.chanical Drawing, Turning, WRITE FOR CALENDAR B.A. T. B. N. S. McRECHNIE,MacNEIL, A., A., Vice-PrincipalPrincipal THE BLUE BOOKSOCIETY OF HAMILTON AND LONDONTORONTO, A DIRECTORYSOCIAL TO THE ELITE FAMILIES OFA RELIABLE DIRECTORY OVER OF4,000 AND SMALLERNUMEROUSTORONTO, HAMILTON, LONDON, TOWNS, AND BY WITH MUCHARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY, STREETS, MEMADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING FAMILIES, CLUB SUMMER MAIDEN RECEIVBERSHIP, RESIDENCES, NAMES, ING DAYS AND OTHER ITEMS OF SOCIAL INTEREST EDITION FOR 1908 SUCCESSORS TO THE TYRRELL BLUE BOOK DAU PUBLISHING CO. 22 TORONTO STREET ONTARIOTORONTO, PIANOS HAVE MANY GOODSOME FEATURES, SOMEMOST G O U R L AV PIANOS HAVE ALLBUT THE KNOWN TO MODERNGOOD FEATURES SCIENCE Umter &(Sfottrlag, HEAD OFFICE YONGE STR E TORONTO188 ET, BRANCHES 66 KING ST. HAMILTON 195 DUNDAS LONDONW., ST., Artstc Lighting of houses is one of ourprivate The shown isdesignspecialties. one of of our hammeredmany iron fixtures. A visit to ourQ showroom will somegive you ideas of how togood beautify home and also willyour repay We are manufacturyou. Q and closeers give very figures The Fit/ionsKeith & Go, LIMITED -109 111 Street WestKing