Education + Training = the keys to the future. No 1/1989


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ISSN 0378-5068 No 1/1989 Education + Training = the keys to the future • *• • • •*•* Vocational Training CEDEFOP Regular publication This publication appears European Centre of the European Centre three times a year in for the Development for the Development Spanish, Danish, German, of Vocational Training of Vocational Training Greek, English, French, Italian, Jean Monnet House Dutch and Portuguese Bundesallee 22, D-1000 Berlin 15 Tel.:(030)884120; Telex: 184163 eucen d Telefax: (030) 8841 2222 Published under the No 1/1989 responsibility of: Ernst Piehl, Director Enrique Retuerto de la Torre, Deputy Director Contents page DearReaders1Interview2Editorial staff: Jean­PierreSoissoncontent Georges Dupont Educationandtraining: Convergence on learning for the 1990s?6and Norbert Wollschläger structure DrJohnstonIntegration of general and vocational education — An international perspective9 Information sources Torsten Husén Michael J. Adams and The future of education and training in an age of technological and organizational Martina Ni Cheallaigh j Γ'", change — Towards new structures and new teaching careers 14 Alain dJribarne technical General and vocational education in a risk­takingsociety23Bernd Möhlmann production Geert Kraayvanger and Ben van Onna Marieke Zwanink coordination The future of education in Europe 28Alfred GrosserTranslation service: Educatorsandtrainers:isthereadifference?



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