Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Communities related to social security for migrant workers


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A systematic survey
Social protection and social security
Fundamental rights



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of the
Court of Justice
of the European Communities
related to
social security for migrant workers
A systematic survey
of the
Court of Justice of the European Communities
related to
social security for migrant workers
A systematic surveyCataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication.
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1995
ISBN 92-827-4202-4
© ECSC-EC-EAEC, Brussels · Luxembourg, 1995
Reproduction is authorized, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.
Printed in BelgiumTABLE OF CONTENTS
1. Introduction 3
2. Regulation (EC) No 1408/71 5
Title I: General provisions (Arts 1 to 12) 9
Title II: Determination of the legislation applicable (Arts 13 to 17(a)) 51
Title III: Special provisions relating to the various categories of benefits (Arts 18 to 79) 59
Sickness and maternity (Arts 18 to 36) 61
Invalidity (Arts 37 to 43) 67
Old-age and death (pensions) (Arts 44 to 51) 71
Accidents at work and occupational diseases (Arts 52 to 63) 93
Death grants (Arts 64 to 66) 93
Unemployment benefits (Arts 67 to 71) 95
Family benefits (Arts 72 to 76) 107
Benefits for dependent children of pensioners and for orphans (Arts 77 to 79) 117
Title IV: Administrative Commission on Social Security for Migrant Workers (Arts 80 to 81) 127
Title V: Advisory Committee on Social Security for Migrant Workers (Arts 82 to 83) 129
Title VI: Miscellaneous provisions (Arts 84 to 93) 129
Title VII: Transitional and final provisions (Arts 94 to 100) ; 133
Annexes 137
3. Regulation (EC) No 574/72 141
4. (EC) No 1612/68 151
5. EC-Morocco Cooperation Agreement 157
6. EC Treaty 159
7. List of judgments 187
This survey contains summaries of 224 judgments of the European Court of Justice in the field of social security for migrant workers.
Summaries have been included of all the important judgments up to 29 June 1994 which relate to Council Regulations (EC) Nos 1408/71 and
574/72. The survey also contains summaries ofjudgments concerning Council Regulation (EC) No 1612/68 and the EC Treaty whenever Articles
from these instruments are mentioned in the index of a judgment relating to Regulation (EC) No 1408/71 or 574/72. Summaries of two
judgments relating to the Cooperation Agreement between the Community and Morocco have also been included.
Information is laid out in six columns as follows:
1. Relevant Article (highlighted) plus other Articles from the same Regulation or other Regulations cited in the same case;
2. Summary of the part of the judgment which relates to the Article mentioned in column 1;
3. Member State implicated in the case;
4. Date of the judgment;
5. Name and number of the case;
6. Reference to the ECJ law reports.
Please note that a particular case can also concern other legal provisions besides those referred to in this survey. However, only those Articles
which are considered important in each case have been referred to.
When using the survey one should also be aware of the fact that Regulations (EC) Nos 1408/71 and 574/72 have been amended several times,
therefore the Article references may not always correspond exactly to the current version of the Regulations.
The following abbreviations are used in the summaries:
MS Member State(s)
soc. sec. social security
leg. legislation
Reg. Regulation
Co European Commission
Art. Article
ECJ European Court of JusticeReg. 1408/71Reg. 1408/71 Summary Country Date Case ECJ
in general law report
Reg. 1408/71 It is for the legislature of each MS to lay down the condition creating the NL 23.9.1982 275/81 (Koks) 1982, 3013
right or the obligation to become affiliated to a soc. sec. scheme or to a
Reg. 3 particular branch under such a scheme. A national provision of a MS which
provides that a married woman residing in that MS whose husband is not
insured there for the purpose of an old-age pension because he is so insured
under the leg. of another MS, is not insured for those purposes either, even if
she has resided in the territory of the first-mentioned MS and has been
employed there, is not incompatible with the provisions of Community law in
force, if those provisions as they stand at present do not preclude the MS
from making the right of either spouse to derive benefits under a soc. sec.
scheme dependent on the affiliation of the other spouse to the same scheme.
Reg. 1408/71 The Reg. on soc. sec. for migrant workers did not set up a common scheme of D 9.7.1980 807/79 (Gravina) 1980, 2205
Art. 78(2)(b)(i) soc. sec but allowed different schemes to exist, creating different claims on
different institutions against which the claimant possesses direct rights by
virtue either of national law alone or of national law supplemented, where
necessary, by Community law relating, in particular, to the lifting of conditions
of residence. The rules cannot, therefore, in the absence of an
express exception consistent with the aims of the Treaty, be applied in such
way as to deprive a migrant workers or his dependants of the benefit of a part
of the leg. of a MS, nor may they bring about a reduction in the benefits
awarded by virtue of that leg.
Reg. 1408/71 Art. 51 of the EC Treaty and Reg. 1408/71 provide only for the aggregation of D 28.2.1989 29/88 (Schmitt) 1989, 581
insurance periods completed in different MS. They do not, however, regulate
EC Treaty the conditions under which those insurance periods are constituted. The
Art. 51 governing the right or obligation to become a member of a soc.
sec. scheme are a matter to be determined by the leg. of each MS [see the
judgments of 12 July 1979 in Case 266/78 (Brunori) and of 24 April 1980 in
Case 110/79 (Coonan)]. They are not therefore applicable for the purpose of
determining the conditions of affiliation to a soc. sec. scheme, whether
compulsory or voluntary.
Reg. 1408/71 It is for the legislature of each MS to lay down the conditions creating the NL 25.2.1986 254/84 (De Jong) 1986, 671
Annex VI, Part I, right or the obligation to become affiliated to a socsec. scheme or to one or
point 2(c) other branches of such a scheme, provided always that in this connection
there is no discrimination between nationals of the host state and nationals of
EC Treaty other MS.
Art. 51