Notice Téléphone sans fil Sanyo  CLT-2410
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Notice Téléphone sans fil Sanyo CLT-2410


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Notice utilisateur, mode d'emploi du modèle 'CLT-2410' de marque 'Sanyo'



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CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 1
Digital Spread Spectrum
Cordless Telephone
Charge the handset battery pack for 15 hours before using your
cordless for the first time.
Français au verso CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 2
Congratulations on your purchase of the CLT-2410 cordless telephone.
This phone is designed for reliability, long life, and outstanding performance utilizing the latest in 2.4-GHz
Digital Spread Spectrum technology.
Note: Some illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual unit for explanation purposes.
2.4-GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology 2.4-GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology uti-
lizes a “wider frequency band” vs. a “single narrowLighted Handset Keypad
band” used in standard digital transmissions. The10-Number Memory Dialing
result is the clarity of digital sound, extended rangeLast Number Redial
and a secure conversation with virtually no interfer-7-Day Standby Battery Life/6-Hour Talk Time
ence from other 2.4 GHz cordless phones or radio
30-Channel Auto/Manual Scan transmission devices.
Pulse/Tone Dialing
The clearest channel is automatically selected forPage/Handset Locator
each transmission. The phone selects one of overMute
65,000 digital security codes for the handset and
AutoTalk and Auto Standby base.
Handset Earpiece and Ringer Volume Control
These features enhance your phone’s security andBelt Clip and Headset Jack
also prevent unauthorized calls as a result of yourWall-Mountable
phone being activated by other equipment.Hearing Aid Compatible
Included with Your Phone
Base Handset Rechargeable battery Belt clip
AC adaptor (AD-210)
Telephone line cord (1), long Bottom bracket
Also included: for desktop use and
wall-mounting• This Owner’s Manual
• Battery order sheet
CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 3
Controls and Functions
1. TALK/BATT LOW - LED indicates when phone is in
use or the battery is low
2. MEMORY - enters or retrieves numbers in memory
3. TALK/END - answers or places calls or hangs up a
4. VOLUME - sets the earpiece and ringer volumes
5. REDIAL - redials the last number
6. PAUSE - adds a timed pause in a memory dialing
7. MUTE - turns off the handset microphone while you
are using the phone
8. FLASH - accesses call waiting (if available)
9. SCAN - selects another channel for clearer reception1
10. TONE - switches to tone dialing in pulse dialing2 7
3 8
11. HANDSET RETAINER - holds handset in base for wall
4 mounting
12. CHARGE/IN USE - indicates the phone is in use or the
handset is charging
13. PAGE/FIND - pages or locates the handset
5 9
CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 4
Cleaning the Battery ContactsCharging the Battery Pack
To maintain a good charge, it is important to cleanThe rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery pack
all battery contacts onmust be fully charged before using your phone for
the handset and basethe first time. Before plugging the phone line into
about once a month. your new phone, you must charge the battery
Use a dry cloth or otherfor at least 15 hours without interruption.
contact cleaner.
1 Remove the handset battery cover. Do not use any liquids
or solvents.2 Plug the battery’s
cable into the Selecting a Location
handset and place
Before choosing a location for your new phone,the battery pack
there are some important guidelines you shouldinside the battery
• The location should be close to both a phone jack
and continuous power outlet.The connectors will fit together only one
way. Make sure the battery’s connector A continuous power outlet is an AC
is properly aligned. Use only the SANYO outlet which does not have a switch
battery pack (3KR-600AAL or GES- to interrupt its power.
• Keep the Base Unit and3 Replace the battery cover.
Handset away from sources of
electrical noise such as: motors
Charging the Handset or fluorescent lighting.
• Be sure there is sufficient spacePlace the handset on the
to rotate the Base Unit antennabase to charge. (The
to a fully vertical position.handset can charge in
either the face-up or face-
down position.)
Important: Do not place the power
cord in an area where it may create a
trip hazard or become chafed and
create a fire or electrical hazard.Low Battery Indicator
When the battery pack in the
handset is low and needs to be Setting the Dialing Mode Switch
charged, the TALK/BATT LOW Place the switch in the PULSE TONELED flashes every 3 seconds. TONE position for tone
If this occurs while you are on dialing, or the PULSE
the phone, you will hear an alert position for pulse dialing.
tone. Complete your call as
quickly as possible and return
the handset to the base for charging.
Rechargeable batteries have a memory
NICKEL-CADMIUM effect that reduces standby and talk
time. To avoid this memory effect, on a BATTERIES MUST BE
monthly basis use the phone until the DISPOSED OF
low battery indicator appears. Then PROPERLY.Ni-Cdcharge the battery for 15 hours.
Repeated short chargings may cause Nickel-cadmium cells are used in the battery
memory effect in the handset battery. It pack. Please take your used nickel-cadmium
is recommended not to replace the battery packs to a store that recycles
handset to the base after each call. nickel-cadmium batteries.
BA LOW CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 5
Connect the base unit 1 Snap the bottom bracket into the notches on the base.
2 Connect the AC adaptor to the DC IN 9V jack and to a standard 120V
AC wall outlet. Then raise the antenna to a vertical position.
1 3 Connect the telephone line cord to the TEL LINE jack and to a tele-
phone outlet.
To AC outlet
AC adaptor
To telephone outlet
Telephone line cord
When connecting the power cord, make sure it does not create a
trip or fire/electrical hazard. Avoid places where it could become
Mounting the base unit on a wall 1 Snap the bottom bracket into the notches on
the base. Standard wall plate mounting
This phone can be mounted on any standard tele- 2 Plug the telephone line cord to the TEL LINE
phone wall plate. jack and the AC adaptor to the DC IN 9V jack.
3 Plug the telephone line cord into the tele-
phone outlet.1
4 Fit the AC adaptor cord into the molded chan-
nel. Then wrap the cord around the strain
relief notch.
2 - 7 5 Plug the AC adaptor into a standard 120-V AC
wall outlet.
6 Raise the antenna to a vertical position.
7 Align the mounting holes on the base with the
mounting posts on the wall plate. Push in and
down until the phone is firmly seated.
Use only the AC adaptor that is sup-
plied with your phone.
E4 CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 6
Direct wall plate mounting
Handset retainer If you do not have a standard wall plate, you can
mount your phone directly to the wall. Before doing
this, consider the following:
• Avoid electrical cables, pipes or other items
behind the mounting location, that could cause a
hazard when inserting screws into the wall.
• Try to mount your phone within 10 –15 feet of a
working phone jack to avoid excessive cord
• Make sure the wall material is capable of support-
ing the weight of the base and handset.
8 On the base unit, pull the handset retainer out • Use #10 screws with anchoring devices suitable
of the slot. Rotate it clockwise 180 degrees. for the wall material where the base unit will be
placed.9 Flip it over. Slide it back into the slot so that the
lip of the retainer is up and the points
TOP 1 Insert two mountingdown. The holds the handset in place.
3/16 in. screws with a minimum(4.8 mm)When the phone is mounted on the length of 1-3/8 inches
wall, the handset belt clip must be
(35.5 mm) into the wall, attached to hold the handset in the
3-15/16 in. 3-15/16 inches (100 mm)charging position. Do not place the
(100 mm) apart. Allow about 3/16handset with the keypad facing inside.
of an inch (4.8 mm)
between the wall and
screwheads for mount-
ing the phone.
2 Refer to steps 1 through
9 on pages 4 and 5 to
mount the telephone.
Setting Up Your Phone
Setting the Handset Earpiece VolumeRaising the Antenna
Before using your phone, be sure to raise its anten- 1 While you are on a call, press VOLUME
na fully to the vertical position.
or .
2 The phone has four receiver volume levels,
Adjusting Ringer/Volume
Normal, Medium, High, and Loud. Press Controls
VOLUME or repeatedly until you
Ringer Tone and Volume
hear the volume level you want.1 While the phone is not in use, press VOLUME
When you hang up, the phone keeps the lastor .
volume setting selected.
2 The phone has two ringer tones, each with two
volume levels. Press VOLUME or
again until you hear the ringer tone and vol-
ume level you want.
E5 CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 7
Using Your Phone
Making and Receiving Calls
To answer a call Press any key in standby mode.
To make a call 1. Press TALK/END.
2. The TALK/BATT LOW indicator lights.
3. Listen for the dial tone.
4. Dial the number.
To hang up a call Press TALK/END.
To redial last number 1. Press T.
2. Listen for the dial tone.
3. Press REDIAL to dial the number.
AutoTalk and Auto Standby Entering a Pause in Memory
DialingWhen the handset is in the base, the AutoTalk fea-
ture allows you to answer a call by just picking it up When storing a telephone number with an access
from the base. There is no need to press any buttons. code (an overseas number or an access number to a
voice mail service, for example), you may need toThe Auto Standby feature allows you to hang up the
store a pause in the phone number by simply returning the handset to the base.
To use this function, follow steps 1 and 2 in
Storing a Number in Memory, then press theTemporary Tone Dialing
PAUSE button to insert a pause in the phone num-
Even if your phone line is pulse dialing, you can still ber sequence.
access special telephone services that are available
to tone dialing lines only. The maximum length of a stored phone
number is up to 20 digits including the
After the line is connected, press TONE. The subse- pause. (A pause counts as one digit.)
quent numbers dialed will be sent as tone dialing.
Storing a Number in Memory Storing Mixed Tone/Pulse
Your CLT-2410 phone has 10 memory locations for Numbers
storing important telephone numbers. If you have a pulse dialing line and use the tempo-
rary tone dialing feature for a special service, youMemory storing can be done only when
can store a pulse/tone mixed number (up to 20 dig-the handset is out of the base and not
its) in the use.
1 Press MEMORY.1 Press MEMORY. The TALK/BATT LOW indica-
The TALK/BATT LOW indicator flashes.tor flashes.
2 Enter the number to be dialed in pulse mode.2 Enter the phone number you want to store
(up to 20 digits) . 3 Press the TONE button. The TONE button
If no key is pressed for 20 seconds after step 1, counts as one digit.
operation is cancelled and a beep sounds. 4 Enter the number to be dialed in tone mode.
3 Press MEMORY and enter a number (0–9) for 5 Press MEMORY and a number (0–9) for thethe memory location you want to use.
memory location you wish to use. You hear a
You hear a long beep and the TALK/BATT LOW long beep and the TALK/BATT LOW indicator
indicator goes out indicating the number has goes out indicating the number has been
been stored successfully. stored successfully.
If you select any keys other than 0–9 the hand-
set will beep rapidly and no number will be
E6 CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 8
Dialing a Stored Number Selecting a Different Channel
To dial a phone number stored in memory, press If you encounter interference while using your
TALK/END, then press MEMORY and the memory phone, you can manually change the channel for
location (0–9) number. Your phone will dial the clearer communication by pressing the SCAN but-
stored number. ton. This function works only when the phone is in
If you select a memory location that
Interference can come from appliances or otherdoes not have a stored number, the
phones in your home.handset will beep rapidly and the phone
will not dial. The SCAN button on the handset allows you to
choose from 30 factory-set channels. During the
course of a conversation, if you hear static or noiseMute which makes it difficult to hear, press SCAN. The
You can turn off the handset microphone while you TALK/BATT LOW indicator flashes, indicating the
are on the phone so that your calling party cannot phone is changing to another channel.
hear you.
1 Press MUTE during a telephone call. Using the Flash Button
The microphone is turned off.
Use FLASH for accessing special services* offered
by your local telephone company, such as Call2 To cancel mute, press MUTE or TALK/END.
Waiting. If you receive a call during your conversa-
tion, press the FLASH button on the handset. Press
Chain Dialing FLASH again to return to the previous call.
You can store a special access code, a number to *Subscription required.
access banking transactions, for example, and then
use chain-dialing to facilitate your operation.
Using the Page/Find Feature1 Store the access code into one of the memory
The Page/Find feature sends a signal from the baselocations (0–9).
to the handset causing it to beep. This is useful for
2 Dial the main number. locating the handset when it is away from the base.
To use this feature, press PAGE/FIND on the base3 Press MEMORY and the memory location of for less than 2 seconds. The handset beeps for 5
the access code at the appropriate time. seconds. Press PAGE/FIND more than 2 seconds to
within a minute, the handset beeps for a minute.
(Press and hold the PAGE/FIND button for moreErasing a Stored Number
than 1 minute to get a continuous beep.)
1 Remove the handset from the base.
2 Press MEMORY twice.
The paging feature does not work3 Press the memory location number (0–9) you
when the phone is in use.want to clear. You hear a long beep confirming
that you have erased the number.
On the handset, press any key except TALK/END to
end the page. If you want to end the page andReplacing a Stored Number make a call, press TALK/END.
Your phone has 10 memory locations, represented Press TALK/END again if you do not wish to make a
by the numbers 0–9 on the keypad. If you store a call.
phone number in one of these locations and
attempt to store a different number in the same
location later, the new number will replace the pre- Travelling Out of Range
vious one.
When you begin to move too far from the base, you
will first hear a clicking sound. As you travel further
out of range, the voice transmission will begin to
break up.
If you pass the range limits of the base, your call will
E7 CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 9
Installing the Belt clip
Installing the belt clip Headset installation
To attach the belt clip Your phone may be used with an optional headset.
To use this feature, simply plug any standard shield-Insert the belt clip into the holes
on each side of the handset. Press ed headset with a 2.5-mm plug into the headset
down until it clicks. jack.
To remove the belt clip
Insert a standard flat head jack
screwdriver into a notch of the
belt clip, then remove the belt
clip as shown below.
If you have wall-mounted the base, you
must install the belt clip to hold the
Not all headsets are the same. Some head-handset in the proper charging position.
sets may lower volume levels or perform-Do not hang the handset with the keypad
ance of the phone.facing inside.
If your cordless telephone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps. If you
are still unable to resolve the problems, contact your place of purchase or call SANYO SOS Helpline.
Caution: Do not attempt to service this unit yourself. Servicing must be performed by
qualified personnel.
Problem Suggestion
CHARGE/IN USE indicator • Make sure the AC adaptor is plugged into the base and wall outlet.
won’t come on when handset •sure the handset is properly seated in the base.
is placed in base. • Make sure the rechargeable battery pack is properly connected in the handset.
•sure that the charging contacts on the handset and on the base are clean.
Weak and/or scratchy sound • Make sure that the base antenna is in the vertical position.
• Interference by other electronics equipment such as TVs, computers, microwaves,
fluorescent lighting, etc.
• You may have gone too far from the base.
• Press SCAN to search for clearer reception.
Can’t make or receive calls. • Check both ends of the telephone line cord.
• Make sure the AC adaptor is plugged into the base and a wall outlet.
• Disconnect the AC for a few minutes, then reconnect it.
• Reset the security code by placing the handset back on the base for a few seconds.
The CHARGE/IN USE indicator will blink indicating that the phone has been reset.
Handset doesn’t ring or • The Nickel-Cadmium battery pack may be weak. Charge the battery for a full 15
receive a page. hours.
• The handset may be too far away from the base.
• Place the base away from appliances or metal objects.
• Reset the security code by placing the handset back on the charging cradle for a
few seconds. The CHARGE/IN USE indicator will blink indicating that the phone
has been reset.
E8 CLT2410 (SANYO) A5 2nd 7/18/00 6:41 PM Page 10
Technical Information
The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each Privacy of communications may not be ensured when using
terminal device provides an indication of the maximum this telephone. Other devices, including other cordless tele-
number of terminals allowed to be connected to a tele- phone telephones, may interfere with the operation of this
phone interface. The REN number of this unit is located on cordless telephone or cause noise during operation. Units
the bottom of the base unit. The termination on an interface without coded access may be accessed by other radio com-
may consist of any combination of devices subject only to munication systems. Cordless telephones must not cause
the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence interference to any licensed radio service.
Numbers of all the devices does not exceed 5.
The Industry Canada Label identifies certified equipment.
This certification means that the equipment meets certain
CAUTION telecommunications network protective, operational and
This Product is intended for use in CANADA only. Sale or safety requirements. The ministry does not guarantee that
use in other countries may violate local laws. the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction.
Cordless telephones use radio frequencies to allow mobili- Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it
ty. This affects the performance of your unit. is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local
telecommunications company. The equipment must also1. NOISE
be installed using an acceptable method of construction.
Electrical pulse noise is present in most homes at one time
or another. This is most intense during electrical storms. In some cases, the company’s inside wiring associated with
Certain kinds of electrical equipment, such as light dim- single-line individual service may be extended by means of
mers, fluorescent bulbs, motors, fans, etc., also generate a certified connector assembly (telephone extension cord).
pulse noise. The customer should be aware that compliance with the
above conditions may not prevent degradation of service in
Because radio frequencies are susceptible to this, you may some situations.
on occasion hear pulse noise through the handset. This is
Repairs to certified equipment should be made by anusually only a minor annoyance and should not be inter-
authorized Canadian maintenance facility designated buypreted as a defect of the unit.
the supplier. Any repairs or alterations made by the user to
2. RANGE this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the
Because radio frequencies are used, the location of the telecommunications company cause to request that the
base station can affect the operating range of the unit. Try user disconnect the equipment.
several locations and choose the one that gives the clearest
The user should ensure for his own protection that the elec-signal to the handset. (Turning in a circle while holding the
trical ground connections of the power utility, telephonehandset may also increase the operating range.)
lines and internal metallic water pipe system, if present, are
connected together. This precaution may be particularly3. INTERFERENCE
important in rural areas.Electronic circuits activate a relay to connect the unit to
your telephone line. These electronic circuits operate in the
CAUTIONradio frequency spectrum. While several protection circuits
Users should not attempt to make such connections them-are used to prevent unwanted signals, there may be peri-
selves, but should contact the appropriate electrical inspec-ods when these signals enter the base station.
tion authority, or electrician, as appropriate.You may hear click or hear the relay activate when you are
not using the cordless handset. If this occurs frequently, The exclamation point within an equilat-
you can minimize or eliminate the problem by lowering the eral triangle is intended to alert the user
height of the base station or relocating the base station. It to the presence of important operating
may also be helpful to change the operating channel and maintenance (servicing) instruc-
and/or the security code setting. tions in the literature accompanying the
product.Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this
device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must This symbol on the product is used to identify the following
accept any interference, including interference that may important information. Use only with: SANYO power
cause undesired operation of the device. adaptor.