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Year book

472 pages
SOCIETY OFTHE AMERICANMECHANICAL ENGINEERSYEAR BOOKCONTAINING LIST OF MEMBERSARRANGED ALPHABETICALLYCorrected to January 1, 1919ill<5a /WEST STREET29 39THYORKNEW1919Organized 1880 Incorporated 1881 Reincorporated 1908;;CONTENTSpage viiCalendarixCouncilOfficers andAdministration xStanding Committees ofxiixivSpecial Committees *^xAnnualxxiRepresentativesSociety* xxiiLocal SectionsxxiiOfficers of Affiliated SocietyxxviiiStudent BranchesxxixGeneral InformationThe Society, Its Objects and Activities, xxix; Head-quarters, xxix ; Membership, xxx ; Privileges, xxxiInsignia, xxxiii : Constitution, etc., xxxiii ; Organiza-tion, xxxiii; Standing Committees of Administra-tion, xxxiv; Committees, xxxiv; Meetings,; Professional Papers, xxxv: Publications,XXXVEngineering Standards, xxxvii ; Local Sec-xxxvi;Sections, xxxix; Library,tions, xxxviii; Professionalxxxix: Professional Opportunities, xl; StudentBranches, xl; Prizes for Technical Papers, xliiJunior Prize, xlii ; Prizes for Student Branch Mem-bers, xlii ; John Fritz Medal, xlii ; War Activities ofthe Society, xliii.Past Officers and Presidents xlviHonorary Members in Perpetuity xlvii xlviiDirections for Using the List 2Alphabetical List of Members 3Note on Geographical List 405Summary of Membership 406Calendar of General Meetings 408Depositories Transactionsfor 410american %)odetp ofCfteQgecftanical OBngmeet^29 WEST 39TH STREET, NEW YORKTELEPHONE CABLE ...
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SOCIETY OFTHE AMERICAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERS YEAR BOOK CONTAINING LIST OF MEMBERS ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY Corrected to January 1, 1919 ill<5a / WEST STREET29 39TH YORKNEW 1919 Organized 1880 Incorporated 1881 Reincorporated 1908 ;; CONTENTS page viiCalendar ixCouncilOfficers and Administration xStanding Committees of xii xivSpecial Committees * ^xAnnual xxiRepresentativesSociety * xxiiLocal Sections xxiiOfficers of Affiliated Society xxviiiStudent Branches xxixGeneral Information The Society, Its Objects and Activities, xxix; Head- quarters, xxix ; Membership, xxx ; Privileges, xxxi Insignia, xxxiii : Constitution, etc., xxxiii ; Organiza- tion, xxxiii; Standing Committees of Administra- tion, xxxiv; Committees, xxxiv; Meetings, ; Professional Papers, xxxv: Publications,XXXV Engineering Standards, xxxvii ; Local Sec-xxxvi; Sections, xxxix; Library,tions, xxxviii; Professional xxxix: Professional Opportunities, xl; Student Branches, xl; Prizes for Technical Papers, xlii Junior Prize, xlii ; Prizes for Student Branch Mem- bers, xlii ; John Fritz Medal, xlii ; War Activities of the Society, xliii. Past Officers and Presidents xlvi Honorary Members in Perpetuity xlvii xlvii Directions for Using the List 2 Alphabetical List of Members 3 Note on Geographical List 405 Summary of Membership 406 Calendar of General Meetings 408 Depositories Transactionsfor 410