The Global Political Gladiators of COVID19
64 pages
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The Global Political Gladiators of COVID19


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64 pages


The global pandemic occasioned by the outbreak of the corona virus (Covis-19) has been the first and will remain one of the greatest challenges that will face the human race in the 21st Century. Unlike such previous crises, it immediately defy immediate effective responses and effectively tasked the capacities and resources of the global leaders in politics and economics, rendering the known indices of technological advancement prostrate as the leading countries of America, Europe and Asia became the major victims of a global health problem not expected to have caught them pants down!



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Date de parution 01 février 2021
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The Global Political Gladiators of COVID19
The Global Political Gladiators of COVID19 An Appraisal of World Dramatic Tragedy Between December 2019 and April 2020
Adams Olatayo OMOLOLA
ISL Publications
Copyright © 2020 OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo(Author)
Publishing Right is with ISL Publications
All rights reserved.
DEDICATION This book is dedicated to all the frontlines healthcare professionals that died in the course of combating the CoVid19 pandemic globally, especially the nurses and the doctors. Also dedicated to Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese Doctor who died for whistle blowing the emergence of a new virus.
2 Chapter Two
3 Chapter Three
China: The Country of Double Standard 3 - 9
Germany: A Model of Preparatory 24 - 26
17 - 23
Italy: Country of Overconfidence 21 - 23
Spain: A Devastated Land 27 - 28
COVID19 Spread in Chronological Order 40 - 42
France: Land of Consumption 17 - 20
1 Chapter One
5 References
4 Chapter Four
United Kingdom: Euphoria of Brexit Continues 29 - 32
USA: A Battle for Supremacy and Power 10 - 16
33 - 42
24 - 32
CONTENTS Acknowledgments Preface Introduction to this Book
Politics and controversies of Hydroxychloroquine 33 - 35
43 - 52
Economical Politics of COVID19 36 - 39
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