Le poète dénué de talent
148 pages

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148 pages

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Comment résumer ce recueil de poèmes écrit en 4 langues ? Disons que je cherche à décrire, ou peut-être même à découvrir la nature de mon univers, par le biais de la poésie, depuis 20 ans. La majorité étant décrite en Français, une part importante en Anglais, ainsi que deux poèmes en Allemand et en Italien.


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Date de parution 20 avril 2012
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9782312006628
Langue Français


Le poète dénué de talent
Dennis Glenn
Le poète dénué de talent

LES ÉDITIONS DU NET 70, quai Dion Bouton 92800 Puteaux
© Les Éditions du Net, 2012 ISBN : 978-2-312-00662-8
Toxic poetry Le 18 avril 2012

Je rêvais de sang sur la rêve D’yeux qui parlaient de pêchés J’ai une tâche rouge au cœur et Un refuge blanc au sang glacé
Me voici dans le noir de tes tifs Et je te vois dorée au soleil Lèvres pâles et démarche graciles Trahissent ton émoi farouche.
Ta peau lactée, ta voix douce Forment le reflux du tempo Mélodies amères de nos cœurs Aux bords des rives nos rêves se mêlent Le lac était lisse profond et mou Comme ta peau parfumé

Avant 1994
Drapé dans une toge de soie pourpre, L’homme se tenait au-dessus du récif Qui tranchait le ciel tourmenté. Soumises à la torture des vents aigus De noires volutes étaient déchiquetées Par l’éclat spasmodique d’éclairs blancs L’horizon semblait muré de tous côtés.
Le tonnerre roulait son désir de destruction Couvrant le fracas des vagues d’encre Qui se jetaient contre la pierre L’écume monta jusqu’à ses lèvres. Un rictus cadavérique tordit sa face. Deux gemmes d’énergie cristallisées Etincelèrent dans les fentes contenant ses yeux.
Il hurla alors son désir de s’embraser. Le rire semblait secouer son corps comme S’il en exorcisait tous les démons glauques L’espace d’une seconde, il sembla dominer les éléments de sa folie ! Une vague s’écrasait contre le récif Sa chute suivit une trajectoire parfaite jusqu’au rocher d’onyx. Il était d’un blanc verdâtre marbré de rouge éclatant.

Avant 1994
7 lignes de doutes
Pourquoi regarder en avant, Quand on marche à reculons ? J’ai perdu tout mon sens, Quelle en est l’orientation ? Mais le feu brûle encore. Quelque chose reste fort, Qui éclaire le chemin.
7 lignes de confiance
Les vagues et le courage ? Je les regarde. Il n’y a rien de faux. Le courage, c’est le vent. L’amour, c’est de l’eau. La terre et le feu, Sont-ils amis amers ?

Ne doute pas de moi
Ça serait dommage.
J’ai vraiment besoin de toi ;
Que tu sortes de ton blues ?
Aime-moi maintenant !
Ne me laisse pas en dedans !
C’est vraiment le moment.
Tentons notre chance !
Chasse tes hésitations
Qu’on trouve le chemin !?
Aimons contre les barrières !
On pourra être fiers,
Et reprendre la main
Au jeu de la transe
Qui rempli le vide.
C’est l’amour qu’on trouve
Même s’il n’est pas apparent
J’ai confiance en toi !
I couldn’t help watching you. I would have stared at you until the twilight of centuries. What were you thinking? How could you seem to be so lonely? I made a sign you didn’t notice. If you had made the slightest move, Perhaps I would have taken you far, Far away, just by one word, Or one slight touch. But you were there, stoned alone, And I was stoned myself. How could I have spoken to you, I often lose my words, When I really need them. Hey, Hey, you, come and wake up! It’s the dawn of a walk; You’re dead and dead, dead ! Why don’t you move? I’m living to see you die, Because I can’t speak to you While I hold your hand! Are we living or is it a deadly joke? Speaking for nothing Is the job of the man who’s leading you to the guillotine. Is it the end of rock and roll? Are we going to stop now? Was it really all so empty?
A utumn leaves from the trees
O range leaves from the breeze R otting iron colour T eeth are blue like the third floor E nd of the night S and of beach indoor

July 5 th 2002
Because I have found Autumn leaves from the trees Fallen to the ground like the flees And the freeze of the breeze and the sound What you please is tonight Hand in hand in the light Of the trends fallen flight Hand in hand reach the flight End of all the twilight Arms burdened with white sleeves Light the dynamite

July 5 th 2002
Raise your head
Fill your mind
Search and find
And the threads
To be free
And tell me
Chase the flee
Never fake
What you make
Stand so free
Just with me
What you mean
Is in your spleen
Drink again
Raise your flame

June 2002
In the cool night, a white crown cat
Mews and leaves pad tracks in the snow
Finally shedding the magic Moan
Dust covers the landscape

Then the feline follows me in
As I walk in through the white door
And take place in a cream armchair
So I sit tight, musing over
And then the cat lies on my chest
When I am lackadaisical

Taking me up in a cross stand
Like a magnet on my sweater
The cat scratches me through my clothes
His magnetism flows through his claws
And then goes out in the white sand
This is snow’s name in winter.

Chords: C.D.A.E.B.G
When I was a child
I was someone shy
As I look at the moon
Never looking loon
Neither coming soon
Origami fan
Man I was so fine
On the desert shore
I found what was mine
Ending in a lore
Guy, I was a man
Ghost spirit and soon
All my lazy bones
Left me on the moan

June 24 th 2002
Sunshine on you crazy demon
Shall destroy your evil side
And make a good guy out of you
Shining sun shall blind my eyes
Soon dreams is near with the high tide
Sun and full moon in the sky
With a mere fire inside of you
Mere try to find a shed tear
On the chapel few tears drops fell
And now I want to be free by your side

Autumn 2001
Next time, Look at the line ! Take it for the bribe! And don’t forget the tribe; Fake or make For the sake Of human right All that you might, Put on the light Of what is bright. In your delight, Don’t forget the fight.
Wood, Curves Mood, Carve Food, Buzz Fire, Water
Salt, Cinders

Verse 1
All I really see is Sally But where’s my brother’s friend? Furniture is old Wood is bright Gosh when I unfold All the threads of light
Verse 2
Holes, Keys Cold, Hollies Hot, Trend Trace of maculated wood All that he sees Is an old wood

Verse 3
What I see is the fire What I smell is like water What I feel is desire What I need is dyers Whom I think for is my brother What I need is no more odour

Verse 4
In the garden of antiquities Is a source of warmth. That part of the past years Misses and I think is more I seem to think about the forth Inside a wood core

January 11 th 2003
Three little monkeys
Wander in the temple
The priest leaves them alone
In the jungle the weather is wet
The walls are covered by running plants
The predators cry in the green hell
The preys just fly away to survive

In the stream of the Mekong
The boats fly silently
And the fishes glide relentlessly
The high towers of Angkor
Defy the sunshiny sky
And the pools stay still

In this temple the beasts keep silent
Buddha reigns as a master on this area
With the help of the plants and the animals
And with the immobile stare of the statues
The Fidel pursue their meditation

These black pine fruits
As the exploratory call the towers
Are day trips in the night
Perhaps a result meditation of the “yi king”

April 2005

Somewhere in the past I had a girlfriend we made love thrice a week and it made her wonder when I would leave her
Chorus : Sunday morning
my parents shall go to the mass and me I shall take the way of the emergency exit Emergency exit Emergency exit
After three months of unstopped lust she began to cry and felt desperate I asked her why
Chorus : Sunday morning
my parents shall go to the mass and me I shall take the way of the emergency exit Emergency exit Emergency exit
After three long minutes thinking I asked her if she had fallen pregnant bloody bastard she answered
Chorus : Sunday morning
my parents shall go to the mass and me I shall take the way of the emergency exit Emergency exit Emergency exit

After three second of rage she finally took a decision Get off my bedroom she said

April 29 th 2005

There are three gardens in heaven

The first one is full of fountains of youth
These fountains are carved in white ston

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