Red Stream
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292 pages
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Max paused and bent his head at an angle to get a better look. That was wine, a leak coming from one of the vats, not much, a dribble but definitely a leak wending its way across the slightly sloping floor of the cellar into the gutter running down the middle. He walked briskly towards it then stopped, catching his breath. The shiny black shoes stuck out foolishly into the alley, just below the blue overalls. Pierre Berton, a youngish man with sandy hair lay on his side with a sad expression on his face. The red stream gently seeping across the cellar floor was not wine. This macabre discovery in a wine cellar in south-west France is the beginning, for Max Christian, winemaker extraordinary, of a chase to uncover a huge network of wine fraud with worldwide tentacles... The pursuit takes him to Provence, London, Italy and California with the increasing feeling that he is gradually turning from the hunter into the hunted. But, in that case, who are the hunters? Written by an insider, "Red Stream" is an amazing thriller that perfectly takes advantage of its unusual background. Highly recommended for everyone, a must have for all wine lovers!



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Date de parution 28 mars 2013
Nombre de lectures 26
EAN13 9782342004557
Langue Français
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Red Stream
Paul Tracy Red Stream
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Prologue. Paris, Thursday April 22nd Max, this is not Malbec, the girl said grumpily, handing him the glass, it’s not earthy enough. This is jam. Max Christian smiled, held up the glass against the white cloth and plunged his nose into the rim. He stared without ex-pression into the middle distance, swirled the glass and tasted. The sound he made as he drew air through the wine in his mouth was unspeakable. — Well? asked the girl. Max spat into a nearby spittoon and asked abruptly: — Where did you say this came from? — It came in last week from the South-West. — Where exactly? — Cahors, like most Malbec. — Cooperative or independent? — Independent. Small one, I think. Max, what is this? — Labelled as? — Labelled simply as Malbec of last year’s vintage. Routine control sample. He nodded and tasted the red wine again, and this time swal-lowed it. — I don’t agree, Béatrice, he said. This is Malbec. — Max, I have never tasted Malbec as fruity as this. — You don’t travel enough, Béa. I am sure this is Malbec, he said looking at her. Only it’s not from France. It’s from Ar-gentina. Her eyes opened wide, her gaze went quickly from him to the glass standing on the white cloth and back to him. — Merde, she exclaimed. As they walked across the road to lunch, Max was thought-ful. And perplexed.
— Do you know this outfit, Béa? — Not specially, but I don’t know most of the producers who send us samples. They’re names on bottles. — What is the name? — We’ll take a look when we get back. It shows the full ad-dress and the name of the person who submitted the sample. What do we do? Max thought for a moment, pursing his lips. — Look, Béatrice, can you delay submitting a report on this one? Find a pretext to lose a few days? She looked at him in surprise. — Sure I can say we need another test, confirm our findings nd before release, with the 2 bottle. Max looked at her open-mouthed. — There’s another bottle of this? — Well, of course Max, there’s always a second bottle. In case the first is corked or broken or whatever. You know that. — I suppose I do. Can we taste it after lunch? — Max, this is not very catholic. — Neither is Argentine wine being passed off as French. But I suspect it’s not as simple as that. I’d like to know why. Eat up. He smiled as he poured her a small glass of the Cuvée du Pa-tron. On returning to the wine lab, they were disappointed how-ever. Béatrice’s bright young assistant just out of viticultural school told them that sample R2135 Cahors from Fourlac & fils had been checked in as 1 bottle only. — Strange, he said, don’t often see that. Bit mean, if they’re looking for a stamp of approval. — I’m not sure that’s what they are looking for, Max re-plied, and then pulled himself up. Oh well not to worry. Béatrice, a couple of things before I go. They spent 10 minutes planning his next visit; Béatrice asked as he was leaving: — Where to now, flying wine man? — California but first I think Cahors. — Max, are you sure…? — Not at all but I intend to set my mind at rest. — So Max Christian, great wine man, plans to simply turn up chez Fourlac & fils, unannounced, and expect to be told all
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