A Vintage Vacation
167 pages

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A Vintage Vacation , livre ebook


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167 pages

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Laugh-out-loud women's fiction from the #1 bestselling author of The Old Ducks' Club!

'I've loved all of Maddie Please's books but this is my favourite so far - superb characters and a warm, wonderful story. Bravo!' Judy Leigh

Clover Harrington might be sixty-one, but she’s still bossing it in the corporate world and can still run rings around her younger colleagues. And then she is made redundant….

Devastated and now suddenly the wrong side of sixty Clover doesn’t know what to do with her life or her corporate wardrobe! What does she wear if not red lippy and a power suit?! Rather than offer her any support, her partner, Jack announces he's off on a golfing weekend, leaving Clover completely adrift.

Desperate to get away from it all, Clover decides to visit her cousin Zoe at her small taverna in the gorgeous Italian Lakes. There she can rest and recuperate and plan the next stage of her life.

Until Clover’s eighty-year-old mother, Eleanor decides to turn up for the holiday too! Instead of gentle ambles around the lake, Eleanor seems more interested in late night poker and swigging Prosecco and Clover can’t quite believe her mum is having more fun than she is. But as the saying goes - if you can’t beat em, join em!

But is Clover brave enough to live La Dolce Vita?

Perfect for fans of Judy Leigh and Dee Macdonald

What readers are saying about Maddie Please!

'Sea, sunshine, romance and fabulous characters; Maddie's light touch and sense of fun will lift your spirits!' Bestselling author Judy Leigh

'Witty, warm and simply wonderful.' Bestselling author Sarah Bennett

'For a book that’s as cheering and restorative as a long lunch with your very best friend, Maddie Please is the author you need to know!' Bestselling author Chris Manby

'Genuine and life-affirming…a wonderful, light-hearted novel about how it is never too late to find happiness.’ Bestselling author Kitty Wilson



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Date de parution 30 mai 2023
Nombre de lectures 2
EAN13 9781804837078
Langue English

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For Brian, very much loved.

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About the Author

Also by Maddie Please

About Boldwood Books

I’d worked for XS – ‘Finance with Heart’ – for over twenty years. We were a perfect fit.
I’d risen through the ranks to become senior business manager and the next step up was director. Which on paper shouldn’t have been difficult, because as far as I could see the board was filled with pompous nitwits more concerned with their golf and latest cars than business. Not that that stopped them steaming in at the eleventh hour and claiming all the credit, when in fact other people like me had sorted out all the difficulties of a deal.
That morning I stood in front of the mirror in the executive cloakroom, smoothing down the jacket of my scarlet suit. It stood out so well amidst the sea of grey that usually filled the boardroom. My hair was in its usual tight French pleat, my make up perfect. I rummaged in my bag to find my trademark ‘Rouge Amazone’ lipstick and applied a fresh layer. If Nick Crane, director of HR, wanted a chat, then I was ready.
My instinct, one that had been growing over the last few weeks, was that he was going to escalate the process he had mentioned during the staff ‘ Fun Sports Day and Tofu Extravaganza ’ in Crawley. I was next in line for promotion, they were going to offer me a seat on the board. Now that the Olafsen contract was millimetres away from agreement and signature, it would be the perfect time. It had been one of the biggest deals XS had ever done, and my stamp was all over it.
I blotted my lipstick with a tissue. It was four minutes to eight o’clock. Exactly enough time to get the lift up to the fourteenth floor where Nick Crane had a glass-walled office, filled with his many meaningless awards and photos of himself with some of the other directors playing golf or in executive boxes at Twickenham.
On my way to the executive lift, I passed a couple of people who moved aside, respectfully murmuring, ‘Good morning, Miss Harrington.’
I gave them a polite smile and hurried on. I tried to bite back a little thrill of excitement. This was it then, the moment for which I had worked so hard, for so many years. I’d known for a while that Howard Leeming was planning to step down from his post as director of business. There was only so much information that could be hidden in a company the size of XS, and Nina, my secretary, was a hotline to office gossip.
I reached Nick Crane’s floor and took a deep breath.
Sheila, his PA, was waiting behind her desk: the gatekeeper. She barely glanced at me.
‘Good morning, Miss Harrington. I think you can go straight in,’ she said, after the obligatory ten-second wait for her to stop typing and look up from her laptop.
Nick Crane was sitting at his vast, blonde-wood desk, fiddling with some papers and files in front of him.
‘Clover,’ he said warmly, as though I was the only person in the world he had been wanting to see. Which was unlikely.
He stood up and came forward to shake my hand, which in itself was unusual.
‘Sit down. Can I get you coffee? Tea? Mineral water? Almond croissant?’
I shook my head. ‘No, I’m fine thanks.’
‘Big muffin?’
Yes, you are , I thought. Tasteless and full of hot air.
‘No, nothing thanks,’ I smiled sweetly.
I went to sit down, my heels catching in the thick pile carpet so that I stumbled a little and had to catch hold of the back of the chair. I cursed, Why at moments like this one did I have to be such a klutz? I really was safer sitting down behind a desk.
‘Good. Good,’ Nick said, as he sat down again, steepling his fingers in front of him and giving a huge sigh.
‘Clover, Clover, Clover. I have a few things to discuss. None of them easy and none of them can go beyond these four walls for now. Is that okay?’
‘Of course,’ I said, folding my hands in my lap and adopting a professional expression.
He slapped his hands down on the desk in front of him. ‘Well, I won’t beat about the bush. XS – “Finance with Heart” – is being taken over. Yes, yes, I know it’s a shock. It’s going to be a shock to all the little people. XS has been in their sights for a while now, it’s an American company, and the deal will be finalised on Friday.’
I’ll admit I was completely poleaxed. None of this had reached my ears. Or Nina’s, which was astonishing.
How would this affect me, I wondered, my thoughts whirling. As one of the supposedly ‘little people’, how would things change? Perhaps it would mean more trips to America? I wouldn’t mind that. Better than Scandinavia, where I had spent a lot of time over the last year. It was a beautiful place and the people were lovely, but I’d been there in January; it was dark most of the time, and everything seemed so expensive.
‘Really?’ I said. ‘How interesting.’
‘Isn’t it,’ he said with unnecessary emphasis.
I began to get my thoughts together and feel a tiny bit optimistic. ‘I’ve a great pipeline, plenty of opportunities, which could be very beneficial to the company. I’ve completed so many since I have headed up business, I can’t remember exactly.’ I noticed he had my personnel file open in front of him. ‘Well, you can see in there. It must be dozens.’
Perhaps he was looking so uncertain because he wanted me to transfer to a new office, New York, or Washington perhaps. I wouldn’t mind that either. I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, my only son was living in Canada. Perhaps I would be able to see him more often too? Which would give me the chance to…
He closed my file with a firm hand. ‘Well, you see it’s not quite that simple, Clover.’
For the first time I felt a little chill of doubt.
‘You see, it’s Water Cheeseman Pole. They are the firm taking over.’
I rummaged around in my memory banks. Water Cheeseman Pole, yes, of course I’d heard of them. The name always made me imagine some Dairylea cheese triangles floating down a river in a punt. One of the biggest finance companies in New England. Maybe Boston, I thought. No, they were in Hartford, Connecticut. That’s where a lot of finance and insurance companies were based. So perhaps I would end up there.
‘How exciting,’ I said, ‘what a marvellous opportunity.’
‘I knew you’d understand,’ Nick continued. ‘They will be bringing in some of their best people. To work here, deal with the handover while things get settled. Get rid of the dead wood in the company.’
I nodded. ‘Of course. I’d be happy to help with that. Once I get the Olafsen deal all wrapped up. And there are several other—’
Nick held up a hand. ‘You mustn’t worry about that, Clover. I’m sure after all the pressures of the last few years… what with one thing and another, at your age, you’ll appreciate having more time.’
‘Time for what?’ I said, confused.

* * *
By far the most infuriating part of that morning, and the thing I later couldn’t un-see, was Nick Crane’s shoes. Why did they bother me so much?
I’d just been made redundant. I wasn’t just one of what he had patronisingly called the little people, which was bad enough. I was also part of the dead wood.
As I’d been escorted, shellshocked, out of his office, I had hurried past the people waiting for the lifts and he had followed me down several flights of stairs. Almost at the bottom, I had turned to remonstrate with him one last time. He had stopped too, standing several steps above me, presumably to keep as far away as possible from the disease of my downfall.
His shoes were in my direct eyeline. They were a bright chestnut brogue, the leather laces neatly threaded and tied in a prissy little bow. They were narrow, like little model canoes, polished as bright as a showroom car and rather pointed. He had small feet for such a big, fat liar.
I guessed, knowing Nick, they were new, Italian, and very expensive. I had an overwhelming urge to pull my lipstick out and draw a smiley face on them with Hermès Rouge Amazone. But of course, I didn’t. That would have been petty and undignified.
We both stopped for a moment.
‘Sorry, Clover,’ he said, in a voice that said I’m not sorry at all , ‘these things happen, there was nothing I could do. Trust me, I wrestled with the board on your behalf.’
An unpleasant image of him in a black, wrestling singlet came to mind and I felt a bit nauseous.
‘How kind of you to try. On my behalf,’ I said through stiff lips. ‘Yet here we are.’
‘Now take care on the stairs, sweetheart, we don’t want you to have a fall, do we?’
He gave one of his smarmy smiles. He was enjoying this.
I’d always known what an untrustworthy, sociopathic weasel Nick Crane was underneath his carefully tailored suits, overpowering aftershave and bright teeth. This was probably the most enjoyable thing he’d done since he caught his PA in the stock room with a junior accountant at the Christmas party.
‘You’re going to be such a great loss to XS,’ he said, as people dodged around us on the flashy steel and glass staircase leading to the front doors, their eyes averted, keen not to be dragged into this. The brown cardboard bankers box Nick was carrying for me spoke volumes.
‘I am, aren’t I? Tell me where I have made mistakes? Where have I let the company down?’
He gave me a sad smile. ‘Oh, you would never do that, I know.’
Patronising git.
‘No, I know I haven’t. I’ve brought in every deal I have ever made. Except this last one. And I would have done. I can’t imagine what you will do now with

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