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I was paving the tunnel when suddenly a group of five people grasped me firmly. I hadn't noticed their presence. I tried to shout but one of them blocked my mouth in such a way I felt breathless. Another one withheld my hands behind while two others held up my two legs each. The fifth one undressed me by using a razor blade he was keeping under his belt. I was trapped. I could make no move while he shouted to his peers “It's a new pen!"



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Date de parution 01 janvier 2020
Nombre de lectures 1
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Langue English

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Originaltext : CONFESSIONS INTMES D’UNEESCORT-GIRL Copyright© LA JEUNE PLUME, 2019 Translated from French by Makou Aurelie Nadège Follow us on : Facebook: LA JEUNE PLUME EDITIONS Covers by : ODUC Group
RAY THE PRINCE INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF AN ESCORT-GIRL (Novel) Translated from French by Makou Aurelie Nadège
Yaoundé 2020
Tous droits dereproduction, de traduction et d’adaptation réservés pour tous les pays. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form by print, photo-print, microfilm or any other means without written permission from the publisher. © La Jeune Plume, Yaoundé 2020 Tel : (237) 693 59 59 50 / 677 15 32 83 email
Numerous injustices and violent acts are perpetrated by human beings on their fellows. The latter get hurt be it only through an act, a word, a single look or a mere judgment made about his life though ignorant of its actual state of affairs. Dued to such turpitudes experienced by many who end up being inherently impacted thus becoming antisocial beings, I felt an inner urge to establish a kind of equilibrium by calling people worldwide to human consciousness. It seems a piece of cake to censure what lays bare in front of one’s sight; however, what about the unseen fact that maybe the real cause of what is visible and which is criticized so hastily? In no way do I want to grant a founding ground to evil. My foremost intention is to call on men and women to ask fundamental questions about a fact before rushing into hasty conclusions anytime. And such questions are mainly: why?
When? How? And how can I be of any help? Answers to those questions are the first step toward actually alleviating the pain of the victim of a prejudice. As a matter of fact, it becomes a necessity to assist the victim at least by offering him our ears. Listening to somebody talking about their “internal conflicts” is one of the greatest therapies that enables them to become better people. That is what justifies the actual presence in the story of the character called Kenane.
Actually, Clarisse is a young girl born bisexual. The main cause being a genetic deformity caused by hormones injected to her father who was a military man by then. Both she and the mother would be sent out of the house by the latter; ignorant of the fact he was actually responsible of such a situation.
The two females will first find shelter in a hospital under the auspices of the chief medical officer till he kicks the bucket. Their next shelter will be the bare town streets where Clarisse will
unfortunately be raped six times on a single fateful evening. Their existence is not one to envy. No matter her inner deep longing to live decently, Clarisse’s good will pointlessly hits against all odds. Anyone willing to take her from grass to grace trespasses at a sudden; be they doctor Samba or Bela; no one is spared.
Against all odds, she gets to find out that the young man offering her his ears for an escape is no one else but Mme Dissake’s son, the parliamentarian/MP she mistakenly hit and left for dead at her entrance while escaping during her unplanned theft. She feels a great embarrassment upon discovering that not only is the MP still alive, but also, her mother is even her employee. And those three will be her new family.
Thanks to the combined efforts of that new family and successively, she unexpectedly steps on her long gone father; works hard toward becoming a better human being and finally wholeheartedly dedicates herself to
others whom she accompanies on the self-discovery journey following the maxim according to which; before looking for a remedy to an ailment, it is very important to find out where the latter lies and what is its actual cause.
1 :………………………….12 THE STRANGER
2 :……………………….……....32 THE RAPE 3 :……………..…….....54 A NEW BEGINNING 4 :…………..………......85 DISILLUSIONMENT
5 :………………...……....121 THE ESCAPADE 6 :…………………………...148 THE RETURN PART TWO
1 :……………………….167THE SUPPORTER 2 :……………………...…183HOMECOMING
3 :……………….………..…... 203 REBIRTH
To my parents; Victorine and Alexis, for my upbringing based on the most sacred human values; to act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in another, always as an end and never as only a means. Ray
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