Maya Math Simplified
51 pages

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51 pages

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The Mystery of Maya Math Code is solved and simplified! 

Presented in a manner that is not long winded by explaining centuries of theories regarding ancient mathematics, Maya philosophy, and history. This book jumps straight into the Maya mathematical system in a simplified and easy to understand manner. 

There are many books already out there regarding the Maya, their history and all about their calenders. This book is not about Maya history or prophecies about the end of the World. This book is about Maya mathematics and arithmetic only and it's explained in very concise and simplified form. 

The Maya used mathematics to create engineering feats that stand firm today,. Their mathematical calculations were accurate and complexi with their knowledge in astronomy.

It is astounding how easy it is to master their math system! In a few pages, you too will be able to master the Maya math system! 

The Maya Math Code is simplified!



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Maya Math Simplified
by Njord Kane
Maya Math Simplified
By Njord Kane
© 2013, 2015 by Njord Kane. All rightsreserved.
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1.Maya 2.Mayan 3.Mathematics 4.Math 5.AncientCivilizations
Second Edition.
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Table ofContents
Chapter 1
Who were the Maya?
Chapter 2
Ancient Maya Arithmetic
Chapter 3
The Value of Zero
Chapter 4
The Four Slave Example
Chapter 5
The Grid System
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
The Finger Method
Chapter 8
The Maya Abacus
Chapter 9
Maya Concept of Fractions
The Maya were a major indigenous pre-Columbiancivilization of the Yucatan Peninsula and are members of a modernAmerican Indian people of southern Mexico, Guatemala, and parts ofHonduras who are the descendants of this ancientcivilization.[1]
Which is correct to use when referring to thesepeople, is it 'Maya' or is it 'Mayans?' Is it a 'Maya' or a 'Mayan'archaeological site? We see the words, Maya and Mayan usedinterchangeably without discrimination. So, which is correct, do weuse Maya or Mayas or Mayan or Mayans?
The adjective 'Mayan' is used in reference tothe language or languages, whereas the noun “Maya”[mah-yuh][1] isused when referring to the people, places, and or culture, etc.,without distinction between singular or plural. This convention isthe most widespread among Mayanists (scholars who study and writeabout the Maya). This distinction arose in the field oflinguistics, where the "Mayan" adjective started to be used todefine the linguistic family that incorporates the differentdialects spoken by the Maya people. In sum, “Mayan” are theirlanguages and “Maya” for everything else in reference.
The Maya, like other ancient civilizations, usedmathematics everyday in their day to day activities as well asimproved math and even geometry to build great works, such as theirpyramids and temples. They used mathematics for their calendars andin astronomy when they recorded the movements in the skies.
The Maya temples and pyramids still stand todayand their sky charts are still accurate to this day. Somethingmodern man has not been able to achieve until the use of computerswere available to assist. That leaves a lot to say about themathematics of these ancient people. To create celestial chartssuch as did the Maya people requires centuries of dedication.Learning and recording, passing on the knowledge and then addingupon it.
Building great cities with plazas, city centers,and great temples to stand against the elements and time required afirm understanding in geometry. The Maya had planned andconstructed their buildings that not only used geometry, but alsohad their angles aligned with celestial events.

Chapter 1
Who were the Maya?
The Maya are an indigenous people whose culturehad built a thriving ancient city-state civilization inMesoamerica.
MesoAmerica is the location that lies in thearea from Mexico to South America. An area considered to be the'middle' of the Americas and is also known as the CentralAmericas.
Along with the Maya, there are many otherindigenous cultures in the Mesoamerican area. Some of these othercultures are the Mexica (Aztecs), Mixtec, Purepecha, Huastec,Olmac, Toltec, Zapotec, and Teotihuacan.
These indigenous Mesoamerican cultures arecredited with the creation and innovation of many inventions. Theyused advanced mathematics to engineer and build great pyramidtemples that still stand after thousands of years. They were clearmasters of observed astronomy and created highly accuratecalendars.
They maintained stable enough societies to allowthe practicing of fine arts and integrated it into a complicatedwriting system that balanced both math and writing into a complextheology. The Maya are credited as being the first culture in theNew World to utilize a fully developed written language.

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