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163 pages

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The next instalment in Kerry Kaya's bestselling Tempests series!

Damage will be done...

After the brutal gangland murder of her husband Terry, Tracey Tempest just wants to move on. She’ll never get over Terry’s betrayal, but she’s determined his shady past won’t spoil life for her and her beloved boys Ricky and Jamie.

Max Hardcastle just wants a quiet life and to maybe see how things go between him and Tracey. He knows she’s been hurt in the past, but he’s nothing like Terry and he’ll do anything to keep Tracey happy and safe.

But some people have other ideas.

When Max’s car garage is torched, he’s certain someone still has a grudge to settle. And when the Tempest boys discover one last secret Terry’s been keeping, the fallout could tear their family apart.

Will the Tempests survive this storm? Or will revenge be their downfall?

Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole.

What people are saying about Kerry Kaya!

'Crime writing at its best! Believable characters - a must read!' Bestselling author Gillian Godden.

'Non stop action from beginning to the end! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️' Reader review.



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Date de parution 24 mai 2023
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EAN13 9781801629539
Langue English

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It was the heat that Max Hardcastle registered first. A burning, blistering heat that left him with no other choice than to retreat several paces back. And then the smoke, so thick, black and acrid, that he could actually taste the charred debris in the back of his throat.
His chest wheezed; his lungs screamed out for oxygen, and slamming his hand over his mouth and nose, Max turned his face away from not only the searing heat but from what had also once been his car showroom.
Everything was gone: the cars, the office, his livelihood. Even the iron railings surrounding the property were blackened and buckled. In the distance he could hear the familiar wail of sirens, and he hurriedly took out his mobile phone.
Locating the messaging service, he pressed play and brought the device up to his ear. He hadn’t recognised the caller’s voice, nor did he know how the culprit responsible for burning down his business had gained access to his personal telephone number.
Max listened to the recorded message again. A part of him had believed the threat to be nothing other than idle, until he’d seen the billowing smoke high above the rooftops as he’d sped towards the showroom. It was in that instant he’d known his business was gone, and that just as the assailant had warned, there wouldn’t be an inch of the forecourt left unscathed.
Anger began to build inside of him and, as two fire engines screeched to a halt just feet away from where he was standing, there were only two questions on Max’s mind. Who was responsible and what could he have possibly done to make himself a target?

* * *
At her home in Dagenham, Essex, Tracey Tempest climbed out of the bath, and wrapping a large white, fluffy towel around herself, she padded out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. Hanging on the outside of the wardrobe door was one of her favourite outfits. A cream, linen shift dress that she would accessorise with a leopard print, chiffon scarf draped loosely around her slender neck. She had a particular penchant for leopard print and to finish off the outfit she had placed her trademark leopard print heels on the floor beside the wardrobe.
Despite the excitement that coursed through her veins for the briefest of moments, Tracey faltered. Had she done the right thing by agreeing to a fourth date with Max Hardcastle?
Not so long ago, Tracey would have baulked at the notion of even looking at another man, let alone actually enjoying dates with someone other than her husband, and yet here she was doing just that. Her husband Terry was gone, murdered by his business partner Kenny Kempton, and she was in the throes of a budding romance with one of Terry’s oldest and closest friends, Max Hardcastle. For months Tracey had classed Max as a friend, a good friend – they got on well and enjoyed spending time in one another’s company, and in the grand scheme of things that was all that mattered, wasn’t it? At the end of the day, Max made her feel happy, an emotion she could never have envisaged for herself after Terry had been brutally gunned down at his own birthday party. Still to this day she could hear her screams, they had been animalistic, so raw was her grief. In the aftermath of the shooting, her desperate attempts to keep her husband’s heart beating had proven to be futile, and as Terry had taken his last breaths, Tracey had cradled him in her arms, begging him not to leave her. The injury he'd sustained had been too great, and the bullet had torn through his upper back, obliterating flesh, muscle and vital organs in its wake.
Her mind wandered to her two sons, Ricky and Jamie. Would they be happy for her, she wondered, or could her and Max’s relationship potentially tear her family apart? And more to the point, was she prepared to take the risk? Her sons meant the world to her, and even though they were adults now she would still lay her life on the line for them, as any good mother would.
It wasn’t as though she had actively sought Max out and her sons were bound to understand this. They knew her well enough to know that she had been devoted to their father. Her boys also knew that when she had first met Max she had despised him on sight and that she had even accused him of having a hand in her husband’s murder. But she couldn’t have been more wrong and the false accusations she’d made still caused her cheeks to flush with shame. Max had only ever been a true friend to Terry and he had been there without question for both her and her sons after Terry’s murder. And no matter how much she had tried to resist Max’s charms, she couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. He had a certain something about him. Not only was Max a handsome man, but he also had high morals; it was just one of the many traits that they shared. He was strong yet fair and he didn’t take fools gladly. Above all else, Tracey felt safe around him, and more importantly, she trusted him too, and after being married to a man who had lied to her throughout their entire marriage, Tracey was determined that going forward she wouldn’t settle for anything less than honesty.
And perhaps that was where the problem lay. As much as her boys liked, trusted, and respected Max, they had adored their father. Growing up, both Ricky and Jamie had looked up to Terry, and after his death they were still finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that their dad hadn’t been the man he’d portrayed himself to be. No, in reality her husband had been a liar, a cheat, a bully, and even worse than that he had forced women into prostitution, something she and her boys could never forgive him for.
An hour later, Tracey had applied her make up, dried her hair, sprayed just the right amount of perfume behind her ears and across her wrists, then dressed. Slipping on her heels, she took a quick glance at her watch. It was almost time to leave and the familiar sense of butterflies began to flutter within her tummy. As much as she chastised herself, Tracey couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She should know better at her age; after all, she was a grown woman fast approaching her fiftieth birthday, not a school girl longing after her first crush.
Collecting her handbag, Tracey paused. Terry’s car key still hung on a brass hook beside the front door. It wasn’t often that she drove her late husband’s car, yet there was something about the Audi that she loved. It was the power she supposed, not to mention there was no denying that it was a beautiful car, the gun metal grey paintwork sleek and shiny. It was the kind of car that was guaranteed to turn heads, something that had once embarrassed Tracey, but now she embraced the car’s elegance and luxurious interior and didn’t blame those who gave the car a second glance.
A smile drifted across Tracey’s face, and snatching the car key off the hook, she clasped it tight in her fist. Bugger it, she decided. Terry had no need for the Audi; it wasn’t as though he was going to miraculously rise from the dead, was it? So she may as well make full use of the car. Where was the point in leaving something so beautiful to rot and turn to rust on the drive?
Tracey stepped outside the house and as she made her way towards the car her mobile phone began to ring. On seeing Max’s name flash up on the screen, Tracey beamed. But as Max spoke, Tracey’s grin froze and with the phone cradled between her ear and shoulder she unlocked the car. ‘I’m on my way,’ she told him before ending the call and flinging both her handbag and mobile phone onto the passenger seat.
As she drove towards Southend-on-Sea, concern was at the forefront of Tracey’s mind. Had the burning of the car showroom simply been an accident or was there something more sinister at hand? As soon as the thought popped into her mind her forehead furrowed and she shook her head. Why on earth would someone have deliberately set the car dealership alight? The very notion seemed ludicrous to her. Admittedly Max was no angel. After all, he’d served two prison sentences, the first for murder, and the second for ABH, but he’d put the past behind him, and in recent years had turned his life around. Fair enough, one or two of the cars that he’d sold on to private buyers in the past may not have exactly been kosher, as her sons so eloquently put it, but as of now the cars on the forecourt were legitimate, or at least this was what Max and the boys had reassured her whenever she had enquired as to where the cars had come from.
A heavy sense of foreboding slid though Tracey’s veins and pushing her foot down on the accelerator, she could only hope and pray that the damage to the car showroom wasn’t as bad as Max had first indicated and even more than that, she hoped that there was an innocent explanation for the fire – perhaps faulty wiring or maybe even a kids prank gone wrong. The alternative was too much for her to even think about, and the last thing any of them needed was to be embroiled in yet another active feud, one that could potentially put everyone she cared about at risk.

By the time Tracey pulled up outside the car showroom forty minutes later, the fire had all but been contained. Only the deep orange glow from small, dotted burning heaps remained as wisps of white smoke drifted up from both the charred remains of the burnt out cars and what had once been the office.
Tracey climbed out of the Audi, and slamming her hand over her mouth, she took a sharp intake of breath, her eyes wide and horror stricken. The

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