An Omega
76 pages
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An Omega's Awakening


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76 pages


Neither of them wanted this, but he knew what he had to do.

He didn't even know her name. She looked – and acted – more like a man than a woman. He wasn't looking for a new Omega.

She didn't want what was happening to her, and it didn't help that the man who controlled her career – and thus, her life – was the very one who seemed to be bringing some kind of awakening to it.

Neither of them wanted this, but he knew what he had to do.

Publisher's Note: This steamy Omegaverse romance contains elements of power exchange. While it is the fourth in the Alpha’s Woman series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.



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Date de parution 01 novembre 2017
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EAN13 9781612589121
Langue English

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What’s Inside
"Spread your other leg for me, Cat," he ordered qui etly, and as gently as it was issued, his command tone shone inevitably through his words . "Never!" she responded with nowhere near the veheme nce she'd intended. "Your namesake is about five feet away. I wonder ho w many strokes it would take on the fronts of your thighs and that pretty lower belly of yours to get you to obey me? And then I would have to whip your naughty little b its, too, of course." Groaning and blasting air out of her mouth in deep frustration, Cat reluctantly separated her right leg from the left one he had ow nership of at the moment. "Bend it at the knee and keep it firmly against the mattress at all times. Despite how I'm going to make you feel in a few minutes, I won' t hesitate to use the cat on the very same area, and I assure you that it will hurt twice as badly if you've been pleasured beforehand." She almost scoffed. Pleasured. Yeah, sure. There wa s no such component in the proceedings for her. But when his hand rested atop that humiliatingly wide open and overwrought area, she could almost begin to believe him, but not quite. It took all she had not to raise her hips and press her most private self into that big paw of his. Zerk felt her check the move, though, smiling to hi mself and knowing that there was a good chance he was going to get exactly what he w anted from her. It would take time and probably more patience than he could rightfully claim he possessed, but in the end, he was determined that she would be his—body, mind, and soul. And she would be more than worth the effort and the wait, he'd already decided. What children the two of them would make, of warrio r stock on both sides! But he tried not to get ahead of himself. Driving h er out of her mind by playing up— and playing with—her own needs and desires needed t o be foremost on his mind at this moment. So, he deliberately took his time, letting her body pave the way for him, knowing it could only help his cause. She was drenched down th ere, and his entire hand was slickened immediately, but he contented himself wit h teasing her—issuing only the most delicate of touches and never really where she wanted them—not that you would know it by her. He could tell that Cat had steeled herself against him again and was determined not to let him know that he was getting to her, but he couldn't miss the signs her body readily showed him, however subtle. He heard her emit another frustrated sigh that he d idn't even think she knew she'd made, but he had attuned himself to everything abou t her. Amping up the volume and frequency of his purring earned him another, but he felt her relax almost immediately
afterwards, too. Nothing she was trying was helping her get away fro m him—even if it was just into her mind. He was driving her crazy with those tenta tive, tepid caresses as he held her open for his exploration of her most intimate place s, but she refused to let him know how he was making her feel.
The Alpha’s Woman Book Four
Published by Blushing Books An Imprint of ABCD Graphics and Design, Inc. A Virginia Corporation 977 Seminole Trail #233 Charlottesville, VA 22901
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Carolyn Faulkner An Omega’s Awakening v2
EBook ISBN: 978-1-61258-912-1
Cover Art by ABCD Graphics & Design This book contains fantasy themes appropriate for mature readers only. Nothing in this book should be interpreted as Blushing Books' or the author's advocating any non-consensual sexual activity.
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Chapter 1
reak!” ar"oundFhim. The thought that she could—should—dispo se of the lot of them entered The snarled insult from one of the men who was pass ing her in the hallway—it was impossible to tell which one—drew sn ickers from those her mind, more out of reflex than actual desire, bu t she quickly dismissed it. Although that was exactly how she'd clawed her way up throug h the ranks, she didn't have to do that kind of thing anymore. She aspired to better t hings—things she'd never expected to achieve or accomplish in this miserable lifetime of hers. Besides, she'd heard it before, and she'd hear it a gain, she was quite sure, even if she ended up one day being the commander of this li ttle bit of hell on earth. Her detractors might take a bit more care that she didn 't hear it, but it would be there, regardless, and she had learned to choose her battl es more carefully than she might have in the past. The likely price of retaliation w asn't worth the feeling of satisfaction that his—and his companions'—blood flowing over her hands as their eyes became lifeless would grant her. The commander would likely treat her in much the sa me fashion as she had them, and she wasn't about to lose her life for such a us eless reason. And they weren't really wrong, either, she knew dee p down, a fact that she rarely allowed herself to contemplate. She had neither the time nor the inclination to do so— she'd been too busy all her life just trying to sur vive, and now that she'd gotten to a better place—against all odds—she intended to stay there. Or to make an even better place for herself, preferably. As far as she was concerned, her only other valid o ption was to die in the attempt. She waded past the clumps of burly men who were wai ting to see him, never making eye contact with any of them, either, as muc h more inventive and degrading— and less quietly spat—names for her met her ears. B ut her back remained ramrod straight as she continued to stalk by them, not abo ut to give them the satisfaction of letting them know she'd heard them, either. His door was carefully nondescript—no different fro m any of the others down that long hall. And it was closed, but—beyond knocking b rusquely—she didn't let that stop her from entering the room. "Commander." She stood at attention, not meeting his eyes, either. He looked up at her, closing and putting aside the ledger he had been working on. "You're late." She paled at his pronouncement, but, unlike many in her position, didn't try to make
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