Mark Twain Lake B.S.
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11 pages

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No one suspected this could ever happen to them, Not here in the middle of the United States. But then again, who would?



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Date de parution 01 mai 2011
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EAN13 9781631876103
Langue English

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Mark Twain Lake B.S.
The safest place to live, work, and play. More B.S.
By Kimberly Crouse
Copyright © 2011
All rights reserved. Fictional Story.
In the Spring of 2008, the Midwest had torrential flooding, it was the worse they've seen in ages. The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers had expanded their boundaries significantly because of this. Everyone in the Midwest were affected, even places not normally so. “The water just kept rising and rising”, is what most people were saying with a glazed look in their eyes.
Even in the small town of Florida, Missouri. It is a rustic little town. Just quaint enough for some folk to call it home with happiness in their voices. Surrounding this quaint town is a humongous lake called the Mark Twain Lake. It is a beautiful lake, set in one of those picturesque settings that people drool all over when looked upon. Yet, it is pretty desolate, not that much traffic on it most times and only a few homes sprinkled around it. This makes it even more to die for. On one end is a nice vacation area that is pretty busy, not crazy but busy. They carefully choose who gets to visit and how many.
One morning after the flooding had receded and it was safe to go back into the water. Annie, who lives in a small cabin along the Mark Twain Lake is up and at-em. She is glad that she can get back to her normal routine. The flooding had really thrown her routine out of whack. But she kept herself busy and actually got a lot of her quilting done way ahead of time.
You see, her routine consists of her having her morning coffee and going for her swim the mile or so across the lake and back. She loves those swims. It's what has kept her in shape. Even though she's in her 60's, she sure doesn't look it. Heck she could even pass for 45 without makeup! And that she contributes to her morning routine.
Sometimes the water just feels so good; she'll go back for another lap across the lake. It is just so peaceful in the morning; she gets to see the area wake up. She especially loves listening to the birds sing their songs in the morning.
Well, the coffee's gone in her cup, it's time for her to get ready for her swim, 'Finally' she murmurs in her head. She comes out of the cabin with a robe and a pink swimming cap on. Annie cheerfully hums a song as she walks the short way to her dock. On the dock is a bench, where she disrobes and reveals that she is wearing nothing underneath.
Buck naked, Annie dives into the water and as she surfaces, yells out a jubilant 'AaaHhh'.

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