The Trainer
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50 pages

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Robert will have to win the bet because he's fighting for his livelihood, his friends, his business,and more importantly, if he loses, he will have to sleep with Vicky, boy will his wife be mad.



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Date de parution 01 avril 2011
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EAN13 9781631876066
Langue English

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Kimberly Crouse
Copyright 2011 Kimberly Crouse
All rights reserved. Fictional Story.
Las Vegas is home to many many events. Boxing is no different. Here we are at a boxing match between boxing champion DANNY RANGER and some Joe Smoe. Danny's a pretty blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He should of, could have gone into modeling. But he here is boxing champ blasting the guy out of the water.        It is the last break before going into the last round and his trainers; ROBERT CERRA, MATTY GEORGE are giving him water, stuffing cotton here and there, telling him how to finish the guy, he should have finished this guy two-three rounds ago. What the hell is he doing? Danny just shrugs it off and tells them not to worry, he's got this.       
All eyes are on the round numbers girl with her huge tits in a teeny string bikini. Seriously why bother with the bikini at all? You can hear the crowd's approval of her with all the whistling. The arena is packed to the max with the audience loud and overzealous, typical of any violent sport.
Every guy wishing he could be in the ring, telling how they would do it. They all got their reasons why they're in the audience and not a boxer, but they sure as hell could beat the champ and take the round girls out back and make real women of them. What a laugh don't you think? Never changes.
Danny's last owner was Jack Thomas. He held Danny's contract. Jack died of an apparent heart attack a month ago. Jack was a charming, charismatic man of his fifties. He had light brown hair with hazel eyes that sparkled. Jack left the team to his wife, VICTORIA. They had no kids. Jack was a generous, charming man who had the bad luck to marry Vicky. Everyone had suspicions that she had something to do with Jack's death, but nothing came of it. The team was heartbroken when he died, and disappointed he died before he got a chance to change his will.
The arena is full to max. Victoria, who likes to be called Vicky, is sitting in the audience with Jonathon, Danny’s manager, watching Danny box. Vicky is dressed scandalously provocative. She is in her early 30’s, a beautiful blonde and built like a runway model, but, looks like she could be in her 40’s. Yet she acts like she’s a teenager. Jonathon is dressed to the nines in his suit and tie. He is very young looking for a man in his late 30’s. Jonathon is trying to talk business with her about selling the team to him and his guys, which is Danny and his team. They want to buy her out and have been trying everything they can think of to get her to do so; they don’t want to be owned by a woman, especially her. Jonathon is having a hard time talking to her; for one thing it is loud and disruptive.
Another, he can’t stand her and yet he has to put on the best ass kissing persona he can in hopes to get her to sell and get her the hell out of there. Vicky really isn’t listening to Jonathon; her focus is on the trainer, Robert. She is posing sexy and purses her lips in a kiss to him practically the whole fight.
Robert doesn’t even notice, his focus is on the fight, once he does notice, he just gives her a dirty look. Robert is a ruggedly handsome man of his late thirties. Some would say he was scruffy looking. He has jet black hair with a few white hairs and dark complected. He is in great shape himself. The other men notice Vicky also, how could they not? And they just shake their heads; they remark what an idiot she is, making a fool of herself in front of all these people, she’s making us look bad.
Danny asks what they are talking about and the guys just shrug their shoulders at him. They want him focused on the fight. Danny is boxing phenomenon with a great sense of humor, he tells them with a smirk on his face;
“ Will I have to knock it out of yous? Ha-ha just kidding, I know, focus on the fight. You know I'm just playing with him don’t you? Like a cat playing with its food? Ha-ha .”
DING!!! The last round bell goes off. After a few blows, Danny wins the match.
Afterward in the locker room, the whole team is in the locker room discussing the fight. MATTY is cutting the tape off of Danny while he sits on a table. Matty is in his late sixties, hardly speaks, but a happygo lucky eccentric. Grateful to be with the guys, it gives him a purpose. He’s a father figure to the team. Everyone goes to him for advice.
Vicky walks in and tells them to hurry up because everyone else is on their way to the party she had set up for the victory. The guys tell her “yeah yeah alright, we’ll be there.” Vicky walks out with the media following her.
The guys start talking about Vicky, how much they hate her, how Jack was supposed to leave the team to them; he died before he could fix the will. What a whore Vicky is, always slept with whoever, but not them, she could never get anyone from the team to sleep with her. They had too much respect for Jack. They wonder how Jack could pick such a wife. How when Jack met Vickie, if only he had just helped her and walked away. Boy, if they could take that day back.
There was delay at the airport in Chicago one time after a fight. They were all tired and worn out lying around trying to get comfortable in the gate area, waiting for their next flight. Then they all stopped and paused, listening to some loud angry voices creeping into their ears. Two people were walking down the hallway going past the guys' gate on towards another gateway. It was Vicky, she was arguing with a man. The argument seemed harmless, a-whose fault it was kinda deal, then came the name calling, it was so bad parents were gasping trying to hurry and cover their kids' ears. It really was that bad.
Then it got physical real fast, on both ends. Jack stepped in after the man pushed her down hard. Jack told the guy that it was enough, and how wrong it was to be violent with women. Well the man didn't like that one bit, he wanted a piece of Jack, silly him not knowing who his back up was, a boxing champ! But who knows the man was in such a rage, he probably would have done the same ting anyways, everyone always thinks they're the tough guy even against a champ.
As soon as the man went to go after Jack, the team stood up behind him real quick. The guy took a swing and Danny caught it with his hand and shoved the man down. Just like that. Security came then and took the guy away. Vicky's been with them all ever since.
Matty remarks how Vicky never spoke of any family or friends. How she never had anyone come around. He always found it very odd. They all agreed how odd that is. Then they tease Robert how he is the only one really that she wants so badly. Robert says he would never ever, no matter the cost; he loves his wife and family why would he risk it? And for what?........ Her?
They all know she’s just some spoiled bitch whore of a wife. They express their feelings they think that Robert is the reason why she is stalling the sale, if he would/could just sleep with her to get it over with.
“ Fuck that! She may be pretty on the outside but that’s fading, she’s such an ugly hag on the inside, the ugliness just oozes thru, can’t you guys see it? She’s disgusting . ”
“ Yeah we see it, just put a bag over her head and do the deed. (A pause) I would do it, I’d bag her head then fuck her, but        she don’t want me or anyone else here, just you, Robert, just you. ”
“Yeah we’d all take the bullet, but you are the only one happily married and I think that’s why she wants you so much, to fuck it up. She’s the devil, I say.”
“Well let’s get this party charade over with.”
They walk out of the room not enthused at all. Any time spent around Vickie is unbearable. They don't look as if they had just won a big match, just big dejected sighs from them all. Lights go out.
Later on over at Vicky's house more like mansion. She made Jack buy this huge house just for the both of them, oh and all her gallant parties she threw. Jack used to live in a condo in between the gym and his office downtown.
Music is playing loudly; people are standing, dancing, laughing, and talking all over the place. The party is hopping; everyone is having a great time except the team. The team pretends to have a good time when approached, but they are just waiting for the party to end so they can talk business with Vicky. Vicky promised to give them an answer tonight about the sale and how much. Vicky is sucking up a lot of attention, she’s flamboyant as hell.
Robert’s wife, VALERIE shows up to meet him. It’s the first genuine smile on his face all night. You can tell he really is infatuated with her.
Valerie has strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She has a slim, petite build. Vicky sees Valerie walking to Robert and is none too happy, she starts to dance erotically and checking to see if Robert is looking. Robert and Valerie turn away from the spectacle that Vicky is making of herself, and head outside by the pool. Vicky sees they had gone and stops her dance, her onlookers that were jeering her on try to get her to continue, but she is preoccupied with where Robert is. Someone hands her a shot, she slams it down and goes to the bar for another drink.
Out by the pool, Robert and Valerie are having a good time with some other people who ventured out to the pool also. They talk about the fight and the team. Then Robert tells Valerie that he’s going to the bathroom, he’ll be right back and heads back inside.
Somewhere inside Danny is surrounded by a bunch of beauties. It's hard for him to move or even walk from one place to another. The ladies cannot get enough of him, all vying to be picked to be his for the night. Not that he's complaining. A great dance song comes on and they get him to dance. He is a great dancer. Danny is dancing in the middle of women. All are having a good time.
Vicky is still at the bar when she notices Robert coming from the bathroom. Robert is making his way back outside, when Vicky stops him, she tries to make it important that he stay and talk with her, but he doesn't want to talk to her, not now, he wants to get back to Valerie. Vickie grabs Robert's arm and drapes herself onto him. She’s had too much to drink and tries to kiss him.
Robert gets pissed and pushes her away, he yells at her and the party stops. Vicky tries to play it off as nothing that he’s over reacting. Robert is still mad; he tells her that she will never have him. Valerie walks in and asks what’s going on, Robert tells her, and then much to his team's dismay, he tells her about all the other times she’s made passes at him, even when Jack was alive.
Valerie angrily grabs the closest person's drink and throws it into Vickie’s face. Vicky is humiliated. Cameras flash. The paparazzi are having a field day.
Robert and Valerie walk away. The team with worried looks on their faces also walks away. Vicky drunkenly yells after them that she will ruin them; that she won’t sell to them ever, she owns them, and she will make their lives a living hell. People murmur all around her. The party disburses, it’s over.
The next morning, Vicky is in her robe still, yelling at her lawyer, HANK for not being able to find a legal way of getting rid of Robert.
Hank is in his early 40’s with thick rimmed black glasses, a meticulous lawyer. He is very intelligent, strong willed, lawyer shark. But around Vicky, he’s another story; He looks like a mousy insecure nerd when he is being her pet, which he doesn’t mind one bit. Hank is putty when it comes to Vicky.
Hank doesn't like Robert either, only because of Vicky's infatuation with him. He wants her all to himself, but yet he waits around for her to get over this ’Robert’ thing and give him a chance. Today he is wearing a handsome suit, just back from church. Hank puts papers down onto the table.
“Sorry but it looks like you’re
stuck with him, unless you sell the
(A pause)
Now why is it you
Won’t sell?”
(Making a weird face)
“Because ’they’ want me to.”
Vicky paces the floor ranting and raving how she was humiliated last night because of Robert and his skank wife. She wonders how they can be punished as she looks out the huge window, after a few moments, an idea comes to her, she turns around to Hank with a gigantic evil smile.
“Why don’t we sign another boxer and
give him to Robert and we’ll get
another trainer for Danny?
(A pause) Can we do that? We
can divide and conquer.”
Hank goes to his papers rereads thru them.
“I can’t see anything against it.”
“Great! Let’s do that then.”
Two weeks later at Vicky's house, she is sitting in her kitchen and is looking dejected. All of the boxers she asked refused to sign with them. Even with the huge payment promised them, they still refused. She is perplexed as to why anyone would turn down the amount of money offered.
Vicky slams down the newspaper onto a table. She is frustrated and pacing. She is in a slinky short night gown and robe. It reads how Vicky has yet failed to get another boxer to sign on with her. The humiliation just builds and builds. Hank is at the table eating breakfast, in his boxers.
“Not even the bottom of the barrel
will sign with you.”
Vicky glares at him.
“Why don’t you just sell the team?
You could make out like
A bandit and leave this mess behind.”
“I won’t give up that easy. Besides
then ’they’ would win.

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