My Walk with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
23 pages

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My Walk with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit , livre ebook


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23 pages

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I am a person with Dystonia a rare muscle disorder that knocked me down a lot but never knocked me out. I am a story teller, but when stories are told as truth it is a lie. This book is my redemption, also an apology to thousands of people I hope will find it in their heart to forgive me. I wrote this as an autobiography that will continue Lord willing for the next hundred years of my life.



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My Walk with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
Dystonia a blessing from God
Brian Towles
Copyright 2022 Brian Towles ,
All rights reserved.
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ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-3863-4
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.
Chapter One
Birth Until My Family Had To Deal with A Mystery
Chapter Two
My Mom Found Some Hope
Chapter Three
The Dystonia Arose As A Phoenix From The Ashes Of Hell
Chapter Four
The Early Eighties Of My Youth
Chapter Five
Ongoing Nightmare Happened
Chapter Six
Reflections On Life
Chapter Seven
A Summer I Would Rather Forget
Chapter Eight
Four Years at Pinckney High School
Chapter Nine
College at State Technical Institute and Rehabilitation Center
Chapter Ten
Working at Citizens Insurance Company of America
Chapter Eleven
My Life Before and After Self-Determination
Chapter Twelve
Unfit Relationships
Chapter Thirteen
My Secret Life
Chapter Fourteen
My Curse from God or Satan
Chapter Fifteen
The Lies of a Fool
Chapter Sixteen
My Return to God
Chapter Seventeen
A Madness Took Over The USA
Chapter Eighteen
Where to Spend Eternity
February 24, 2016
September 21, 2021
Dear Readers, I am Brian Keith Towles, and this is my story. I do not have Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, or Multiple Sclerosis, but I do have Early Onset Dystonia Muscular Deformity. The Dystonia Foundation defines it as a condition associated with the DYT1 gene.
“In 1997, researchers identified the DYT1 gene responsible for Early Onset Dystonia. The DYT1 gene codes for a previously unknown protein named “torsion,” which has significant similarities to the heat-shock and chaperone proteins. Found in virtually all living organisms. The heat shock proteins help cells recover from stresses, including heat, traumatic injury, and chemical poisoning. Until now, no human disease has ever been associated with these proteins. In people with early-onset Dystonia, the DYT1 gene has a mutation that causes the deletion of three “letters” or bases, specifically a G.A.G. deletion in the genetic code. This G.A.G. deletion results in the loss of amino acid, called gluten acid, a component of the torsion protein. This relatively small change in the torsion blueprint causes critical differences in the function of the protein. The role of the torsion protein is currently unknown. Still, somehow this defective protein disrupts communication among the neurons responsible for movement and muscle control, leading to the Dystonia disorder’s symptoms. Researchers believe that the same mutation in the DYT1 gene appeared independently in several ethnic populations throughout history and is possibly one of only a few modifications that result in early-onset Dystonia. Exactly how the abnormal gene causes the Dystonia is presently unknown.”
Most neurologists know less than you know about it if you do not understand what I wrote above. The ethnic population paraphrased above was referring to the Jewish people. In 1911, the first cases of Dystonia were found in a few children with the DYT1 gene. When the Jewish people were persecuted during World War II, the Jews intermarried with the German people to avoid death. My family is on my Mom’s side; her heritage is Irish, Dutch, and German on my Dad’s side; his heritage was Irish, Dutch, German, and Welch. My family has never found Jews in our bloodline. Still, it is likely hidden due to Hitler’s plans to erase the Jewish people from the earth. I hope some of my German ancestors were merciful toward the Jewish people, making my suffering with Dystonia worthwhile. My siblings only received one defective gene from either parent. I received the defective gene from both parents, which makes me blessed with Dystonia because of my strong faith in God, and He made me, and I will overcome in Christ.
God loves all. I will continue to write about my walk with God until He takes me home to be with Him. I hope my challenges help you through your issues. To my family, helpers, and friends, everything in this book is the truth. I told many stories during my life, but I am tired of telling lies. God is my witness. If I lie in this book, God can send my soul to Hell. The types of stories/lies I told a big lie that I hacked a bank, and ninety percent of my police stories were lies.
God bless you,
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