Minecraft Ultimate Guide: Minecraft Tips, Hints and Ultimate Redstone Guide (Speedy Boxed Sets)
95 pages

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Minecraft Ultimate Guide: Minecraft Tips, Hints and Ultimate Redstone Guide (Speedy Boxed Sets)


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95 pages

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This Minecraft boxed set covers all the basics and tips and tricks for playing the game of Minecraft.



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Table of Contents
Minecraft: The Ultimate Reloaded
Top 15 Epic Minecraft House Ideas
1. The Up House from Pixar
2. Log Cabin
3. Mansion House
4. High Tech House
5. Plantation Mansion
6. The Governor’s House
7. A Traditional Townhouse
8. An Italian Villa
9. A Modern Resort House
10. A Layer’s House
11. Villager House
12. A Couple’s Mansion
13. Craftsman Mansion
14. A Luxurious Modern House
15. Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole
Final Words
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About The Author
Minecraft: The Ultimate Reloaded
70 Top Tips & Tricks Your Friends Wish They Know After You Beat Them!
Minecraft is a great game to play alone, but it gets even better if you do so with your friends. Whether you are on PvP (player versus player) mode where your goal is to be the last man - or in this case, the last Steve - standing, or you are just trying to create a “better” world compared to those made by your friends, it would be to your advantage if you take note of the tips mentioned below. From farming tips to how to swiftly take out the enemy, you’ll find everything you need below. Let’s get started!
Be informed. If you are new to Minecraft, the very first tip you should follow before you jump to PvP gameplay is to know everything you possibly can about Minecraft. If you don’t know the basics - such as how to move, craft, farm, and build - losing is a very likely outcome.
Try a “peaceful” game first. Given the point above, before you engage in virtual combat, you might want to play under peaceful terms first. Or better yet, play in creative mode where the main concern is building stuff. Then you can try your hand at survival mode where you need to fend off, run from, be invisible to, or fight hostile mobs (AI monsters). When you already have the hang of it, proceed to playing PvP.
Which Minecraft version are you playing? Have you just discovered Minecraft? You should know, then, that this game has a number of versions out in the market and is already available in various platforms - from personal computers to gaming consoles and tablet computers. Make sure that you know which one you’ll be playing to avoid confusion. While the structure of the game remains practically the same - you’ll be creating and destroying blocks in a 3d environment - certain elements change from one version to another.
Do research on your enemies. This doesn’t refer to other players - not yet, at least - but to hostile characters you might encounter in the game. As with other games, Minecraft NPCs or non-player characters are either passive or hostile. If you want to be more particular about the classification, though, the game basically has 6 classes of computer-generated characters or mobs, namely: passive, utility, neutral, tamable, regular hostile, and unique hostile. The first four classes are generally passive and consist of the following: villagers, pets, animals that can be hunted for food, player-created characters such as golems, and the infamous enderman. The last two classes, on the other hand, are hostiles that you should be familiar with if you want your character to survive.
Know how multiplayer works. There are two ways by which you can take part in a multiplayer Minecraft game: you can either join or set up a server. If you’re playing with friends and you’re tasked to do the latter, there are a lot of guides online that will help you navigate through any set-up and hosting issues you might encounter.
Have the best possible computer set-up. Minecraft is notoriously RAM-hungry, so before you agree to a PvP game, you should first check your computer’s specs. The minimum system requirements are easy enough to meet, but if you want a seamless gaming experience, you should go for a computer with a fast processor, a good graphics card, and a 4 GB RAM or higher. Skipping this tip might cause lags which can mean the death of your in-game character.
Make sure that you have a good mouse. Delays in response time and other problems caused by a malfunctioning or substandard mouse can cost you your life, especially if you’re in the heat of battle.
Take note of crafting patterns. Crafting is one of the essential skills you should learn when playing Minecraft. That said, the more sophisticated the tool, the more complicated the crafting pattern - and the more likely that you’ll make mistakes. If you want to decrease the chance of wasting your resources by crafting the wrong tool or material, you need not look at a cheat sheet or alternate between your game and the guide you opened in your PC. All you need to do is remember the shape of whatever it is you want to make. While this isn’t always the case, be comforted by the fact that majority of the things you’ll be crafting follows this rule. So if you want to craft a fishing pole, for instance, you just need to arrange the string and sticks in a way that resembles the real thing.
Read up on weapons and equipment. When in PvP mode, you don’t have the luxury of experimenting with various types of armor and weapons. If you are confronted by an enemy unexpectedly - something that can and will happen if you won’t be playing in an arena and there’s no need to issue a challenge among players - there’s a good chance you’ll lose if you’re ill-equipped. Thus, it is very important that you have an idea of which weapon best suits you and which armor to don for maximum protection.’
Know what type of PvP game you’ll be doing. There are basically two types: organized and unorganized games. Organized PvP games often make use of an arena where players fight on definite terms. Unorganized games, on the other hand, give free rein to players regarding when and how to attack opponents. There are also friendly PvP games, where any items lost by the losing player will be returned to him after the fight. Knowing which type you’ll engage in is important because it will dictate what combat and survival strategies you should employ.
As with other Minecraft game modes, there are also hostile mobs and other dangers in PvP. Your strategy for beating your friends should therefore include surviving despite the challenges presented by the environment. Here are some tips to remember:
Construct a shelter before nightfall… Most hostile mobs appear at night, so you don’t want to be caught outside and without a safe haven. There are players, though, who prefer nomadism instead of spending their resources on creating shelter. If you are just new to the game, this method is not advisable.
But don’t make this your top priority! In regular survival mode it is important that you are able to build a house or any form of accommodation as soon as possible. But if you’re playing in PvP mode, it’s highly likely that you’ll get killed if you prioritize this task. Most PvP players stage an escape first - that is, they run away from the majority of the other players - in order to secure food and do some crafting. Tips regarding these will be given in the latter part of this guide.

Never go on an adventure unprepared. Make sure that you have the tools and resources needed to create basic housing in your backpack before you venture out of your shelter. Even if you’re certain that you’ll be able to go back before sundown, it still pays to be prepared. What if you went too far, got lost, or were chased by another player to what seems to be the ends of the world?
Always have food with you. Farm animals such as pigs, chickens, and cows may be everywhere, but you won’t always have the time to kill them for food. That said, it is important that you always have food in your backpack in case you lose track of time - that is, nighttime approaches and your character still hasn’t eaten.
Always have a weapon. This tip does not only apply to PvP, but also to survival mode games. Although most hostile mobs only spawn at night, there are classes - such as zombies and skeletons - that can persist even during daytime. As such, even if you haven’t ventured far from your home and can go back easily, bring a bow or a sword with you so that you can protect yourself.
Take note of your tool’s and weapon’s durability. Much like in real life, you can’t go on using the same tools forever. Having said that, you should always look at the durability of your tools and weapons before you decide to go out of your shelter to do some work or to stage a surprise attack on the enemy. Getting caught outside by hostile mobs or by your enemies without tools and/or weapons is akin to suicide. On a related note,
Stock up on tools/weapons. Since your implements won’t last forever, you should always, always have back-ups in your inventory. This way, you won’t waste time going back to your shelter to craft or retrieve more items which you can use to gather resources, attack hostiles, and defend yourself. Also,
Consider taking a crafting table with you. If you’re not sure that you can go back to your shelter before night falls or you want to gather as many resources as possible, you might want to bring along a crafting table.
Additional tip regarding durability: combine two used tools of the same kind. Don’t use up a tool completely - that is, to the point that it simply disappears. Instead, when a tool’s durability is nearing zero, switch to a new one. Then, when this is also close to being decimated, combine the two tools. What remains of their durability will be pooled, and you’ll also receive a repair bonus.
Digging straight down can be disastrous… You can fall into a cave or an underground pool of lava and die, in which case your hopes of beating your friends come to a grinding halt. Or, you might fall into an underground dungeon built by one of your enemies and be killed.
As can digging straight up… If you’re exploring a cave, do not make the mistake of mining the block that’s directly above you - unless you want to perish. Pouring lava will burn and kill you, while water can drown you to death. Gravel can also fall on top of you and you can die of suffocation.
And digging in front while situating yourself very near the blocks being mined. As with digging straight up, mining the blocks in front of you while staying dangerously close to them can lead to death caused by flowing water or lava. Also, you might not realize that you’re mining your way to a chasm and fall to your demise.
On that end, practice safe mining. Given the many instances when you can get killed while doing something as seemingly innocuous as mining, you should exercise extra caution when engaging in this activity. To keep yourself safe, just do your mining in an open-mouth cave. You should also use a ladder and/or create a staircase pattern instead of digging straight down to avoid falling. Or better yet,
Engage in surface mining. This means you won’t do any digging or engage in cave explorations - you’ll just search for ores and stones on the surface of mountains and other areas where these abound. This method is a more difficult way of finding materials, but at least the chances of you dying accidentally are greatly reduced.
Gather coal when you can. Do not just pass by a coal mine even if you have another task in mind - find time to gather it! Coal is a required ingredient when crafting torches, which are very useful and essential to your survival. It can also be used as fuel and in smelting.
Explore the mountains. Mountain regions in the world of Minecraft are similar to those in real life in the sense that both may be hiding cave systems waiting to be explored. If you are in a mountainous area, find time to look for caves filled with cobblestone and/or iron - two things that will help you win the game.
Make sure you have access to water. Water has numerous functions. Apart from dousing fire, flowing water can be used to generate stones and cobblestones - which are invaluable building materials - by making it collide with flowing lava. It can also create obsidian, a black/purple block that is used to: create a Nether Portal, construct a shelter that is explosion-resistant, and ender chests and enchantment tables. Water can also serve as a means of transportation - you can create water trams, elevators, and the like. It has many other uses, but given those mentioned, it is obvious that it would be to your benefit if you settle near a water source.
Build a water hole… To continue the discussion above, you can also opt to construct a water hole. If your shelter is near flowing water, just stop the current using a trapdoor or a ladder.
Or opt for an infinite spring! There are two ways by which you can have an infinite water source: you can look for it or create one yourself. To accomplish the latter, all you need to do is make a square or rectangle hole (with 2x2 or 3x1 dimensions if you want a small hole) and then fill your bucket with water. The water block should then be placed in a corner of the square hole. Refill the bucket and then put the water source in the corner diagonal to the first block. If you’re making a rectangular hole, just position the water blocks on each end. You will then be able to take water infinitely from the hole you made.
Kill any farm animals you see early game. Doing so will enable you to jump into the action or do other tasks pertinent to your survival right away instead of using your time to gather food resources.
Know which mobs turn hostile when provoked. You may know all about the hostile creatures that can attack and kill you in Minecraft, but are you also aware that there are mobs that can turn aggressive when provoked? A perfect example of this is the enderman - one of the most popular monsters in the game. If you touch or even look at it, it will attack you.
Attacking iron golems is a bad idea. If one of your friends told you that killing an iron golem can yield a lot of iron, don’t believe him. Hunting this creature is not worth your time and effort. Aside from just gaining 5 ingots, you’re putting yourself at risk of being killed. And your chances of surviving if caught in a fight with an iron golem are very low: it can deal around 9 hearts’ worth of damage for every attack it makes, and you only have 10 hearts to spare. And if you’re thinking you can kill it before it gets to you, you should know that this type of golem has 50 hearts.
Always have a bucketful of water with you. Aside from basic tools and food, it is likewise advisable that you carry a bucket of water with you wherever you’re going. As mentioned earlier, water has numerous uses. What was not stated is that it can save you from certain death. If you fall into an underground lava pool, for instance, you can use water to extinguish the fire and then climb out unscathed. And if an enemy has you cornered - with a lava pit or cliff behind you - water can help you escape by enabling you to build a walkway or creating a waterfall you can jump in. That said,
Give your bucket of water a permanent slot in the hot bar. This way, you don’t have to open your inventory just to retrieve it. This tip is a lifesaver since you won’t have time to access inventory if you’re in a life and death situation.
Don’t make yourself vulnerable to surprise mob attacks. Make sure that your house is properly built and protected; otherwise, you might find yourself assaulted by a hostile without warning. For instance: if you establish a sugarcane farm near your house without making use of double fences, you won’t be able to see any incoming creepers that can wreak havoc to you and your property. On that end,
Survive the night by using torches. You may think that surrounding your grounds with torches is counterintuitive - you don’t want to be seen by hostile characters, after all - but it can actually help you decrease the chance of being attacked by monsters. Placing torches on ground tiles will keep hostile mobs from spawning there.
Fortify your shelter. If you are not too keen on using too much of your resources to craft torches, there are other ways you can make sure that unfriendly mobs won’t get to you. You can build a wall, for example, or a moat. Just make sure, though, that the structure you build will make it difficult, if not impossible, for mobs to attack you and/or your home. With regard to the moat, it is very possible to switch the usual water barrier in favor of a more effective deterrent - lava.
Avoid engaging in underwater fights with hostile mobs. Water will hinder your movement, so it will be more difficult for you to defend yourself if you’re being attacked by a skeleton or a zombie.
Doing ample preparation prior to engaging in combat and knowing what to do as soon as the game starts can mean the difference between being quickly eliminated by the enemy and emerging victorious in PvP. Before moving on to combat tips and tricks, then, it’s important that you know how to survive in the first few minutes of the game. Read the points below to get started.
Make sure you have everything necessary before agreeing to an organized PvP game. Aside from food, you need weapons if you don’t want to be defenseless. For range attacks, it is recommended that you have a bow and lots of arrows in your inventory. And for melee combat, you should carry a sword, and have a spare one in your inventory. You also need a full set of armor (iron will do) for protection. On that note,
Bring the best equipment you can get your hands on. Diamond armor is the strongest, so if you have this, wear it. Some will argue that it’s better to keep a low profile than flaunt what you have when doing PvP, but more often than not, a player in diamond armor becomes less of a target because he is perceived as hard to defeat. If you can’t get your hands on this, make sure that you at least have iron armor on.

Make use of enchantments. An enchantment increases one or more of the attributes possessed by the item you chose to upgrade. Your weapons, tools, and armor can all be enchanted to give you an advantage in battle. It is advised that you make use of enchanted gear if possible before engaging in PvP.
Don’t forget to include Golden Apples… Golden apples do not only satisfy hunger but also grant health regeneration - two things that are undoubtedly beneficial to any Minecraft player engaged in PvP. It can also be consumed even when you’re full, so right before you go to battle you can eat one to help maintain your health as you fight. You can also craft these and stack up to 64 apples in one inventory slot, so there’s no worry of running out of space for other essentials.
Or if you can, enchanted golden apples. These have the same characteristics as regular golden apples, but they enable faster regeneration. They also grant fire resistance and increase your resistance so you’re better protected during a fight.
Take note of the “optionals”. These are items that - while not crucial - can help you survive and win PvP, such as flint and steel for placing fire, and a bucket each of lava and water.
Bring potions with you. Specifically, bring those that can help you offensively and defensively - such as Splash Instant Damage and Poison potions, and concoctions that grant invisibility, instant full health, and regeneration.
Make sure your inventory is properly managed. If you don’t know what will happen if you press a certain shortcut key, you’re doomed. That said, make sure that you organize the items in your inventory, and remember which item corresponds to your shortcuts. You can follow what most players do and assign your primary and secondary weapons to the first and second hot bar slots for easy access.
Still with regard to inventory, make sure that you know what you have and what you lack in items and resources. You don’t want to be caught in a fight thinking you’ll win because of a particular item and then finding out too late that you don’t have it. Also, take note of your available space. If there are only a few slots left, prioritize the gathering and storage of essentials.
Run away first. If you’re joining a PvP server with lots of players, the best thing you can do in the beginning is to run away from the majority of them. This will give you time to gather resources, eat, and maybe even build a house for protection against hostile mobs.
Construct basic tools, gather food, and eat as soon as possible. Once you’re far from the area where most players have congregated, prioritize the building of tools, gathering of food, and replenishing the health you lost while running away. Not doing these first can lead to your demise, especially if the action catches up to you and you find yourself with a half-empty health bar while being pursued by an enemy relentlessly.
Don’t make it easy for opponents to raid your house and property. If you have the time and resources, build a decoy house to protect your home. You should also consider hiding your farm animals and the entrance to your shelter from plain sight.
Craft items for offense and defense. Of course, tools used to gather resources are not enough in a PvP game - you need to take time to create weapons and armor to increase your chances of surviving and winning. On a related note, never leave your shelter unarmed and unprotected.
So you’re still alive, and you have everything you need to defend yourself or launch an attack. What now? Go through the rest of this article for fighting techniques and other tricks you can employ to increase your chance at victory.

Repair your enchanted gear with the anvil. Do not fix enchanted items through crafting lest you want the enchantments they have to be removed. This is very important as you’ll lose any leverage accorded by your special gear if you don’t follow this tip.
Make use of the hot bar to equip armor instantly. First things first: place your chosen spare armor in the hot bar. Then when the situation calls for it - such as if the armor you have on already has low durability stats or if you need another kind of protective gear - right click on it to equip in a snap. This nifty trick can be your lifesaver.
Choose the lower ground… Sounds counterintuitive, but in Minecraft elevation affects your vision range quite differently than in the real world: you can actually see much farther when you’re looking up than down. That said, you can beat an enemy in melee combat if you’re at a lower vantage point even if your weapon is weaker.
But choose a high vantage point if you’re using a bow. Set camp at a high place and start aiming at the enemies below to lower their health bar. They will have a harder time getting to you, and might already be dead even before they reach your spot.
Use your range weapons wisely. Aside from sniping, a bow is a great weapon to use when an enemy with a sword and who is intent on fighting you at close range is running towards you. He’ll have lost a considerable amount of health by the time he gets close enough to do damage with his melee weapon while you’re still in tip-top shape. This will make it easier for you to finish him off.
Use your bow and an invisibility potion in open-world PvP. If you’re not fighting in an arena, it’s best to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. Following this tip will enable you to eliminate an opponent while at the same time keeping yourself from being spotted.
Know how to deal with stronger opponents. As with real-life combat, never go head-to-head with a stronger enemy because you will likely lose. To gain the upper hand or at least level the playing field, use a potion of weakness.
Think twice before using a poison potion. This is especially true if you’re in an organized PvP and doing combat in an arena. A potion of this type will not only harm your enemy/enemies - it will also deal damage to you. So unless your health bar is full and your opponent’s is nearly gone, using a poison potion is not a good idea.
Don’t turn around when you’re running from an opponent. Actually turning around to see if your pursuer is gaining on you is a waste of precious time - time you could’ve spent sprinting to widen the gap between you and your enemy and successfully get away. If the Minecraft version you’re playing allows it, press F5 twice on your keyboard to see behind you instantly. Then just press F5 again (this time once) to return to normal view.
You won’t always save yourself by going underwater. You’re slower when in the water, so if you jumped in a pool your enemy can just wait for you. Or if he has a bow, he can just shoot you until you die and you won’t be able to dodge the ranged attacks. Your enemy can also jump and land critical shots using his sword while falling.
Ender pearls can save your life. Endermen drop ender pearls upon death. As such, if you don’t have one or two pearls in your inventory, find time to battle some of these creatures. An ender pearl is a great escape tool, but only use it if you’re in a really tight spot (you’re surrounded by hostile mobs, or cornered by an enemy in PvP and you can’t do anything else) and you have more than 5 hearts because it will deal substantial damage to you.
Land critical hits. Crit shots are not only effective against mobs - these can also be used when fighting with another player in PvP. Critical hits can be made with both range and melee weapons. If you’re using a bow, make sure that it’s fully charged so that you can land critical shots for more damage to your enemy.
If you’re using a melee weapon such as a sword, though, there are a number of requirements that need to be met before a critical hit can occur. The most important of these is your attacks should be made while you’re falling - not when you’re on the ground or when riding atop a creature.
Keep on moving! A moving target is always, always harder to hit than one that’s standing still. When fighting, jump, run, do what is necessary to dodge an opponent’s attacks.
Practice strafing . This strategy involves running around your enemy in circles, thus forcing him to turn around constantly in an effort to hit you. It is a good defensive and offensive strategy. Defensive because strafing will cause confusion to your enemy, making it easier for you to avoid attacks; offensive, because you can use this confusion to hit your opponent.
You can burn your enemies using TNT and/or flint and steel. In unofficial PvP duels, that is. Be careful of when you use this strategy to lower your opponent’s health or to eliminate him. Only resort to this strategy when you’re sure it’s allowed; otherwise, you’ll be called for a foul.
Three words: element of surprise. A sneak attack is one of the best strategies you can employ to win in unorganized PvP. A good method is mentioned in tip number 56; however, if you don’t have a bow, you can sneak up from behind the enemy and hit him with your melee weapon. This way you’ll inflict considerable damage and lower his health before he has a chance to fight back - thus increasing your chances of victory.
Practice situational awareness. Know when to run, fight, and eat. Don’t let your health bar fall too much, else you’ll be easy to eliminate. And before engaging in combat, evaluate the situation. If your enemy is stronger or is better protected, consider escaping - especially if you don’t have damage and weakening potions.

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