Ultimate Gamers Pack Assassins Creed, Minecraft and Pet Rescue Saga
50 pages

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Ultimate Gamers Pack Assassins Creed, Minecraft and Pet Rescue Saga , livre ebook


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50 pages

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Games are fun and games are frustrating. Games are the most fun when you are doing well and others are frustrated with your success. This boxed set helps the whole family with improving their gaming. This boxed set includes assassin's creed, Pet Rescue Saga and Minecraft games will help gamers win with flying colours. This includes tips and tricks to be better at their game.



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Date de parution 23 juillet 2014
Nombre de lectures 3
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Table of Contents
Minecraft Mods
Chapter 1- What is Minecraft?
Chapter 2- What are Minecraft Mods?
Chapter 3- What Are the Benefits of Using Minecraft Mods?
Chapter 4- How to find Minecraft Mods?
Chapter 5- How to Install Minecraft Mods
Chapter 6- What are the Top 20 Minecraft Mods?
About The Author
Pet Rescue Saga
Chapter 1. Game Basics
Main Features of The Game
Game Levels
How to Score in Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga Boosters
Game Interface
Chapter 2. Pet Rescue Saga Game Tips
Thank You Page
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Chapter 1: A background on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Chapter 2: Basic Tips
Chapter 3: Upgrade your Jackdaw and Win
Chapter 4: Complete Abstergo Challenges and get to use some cheats
Chapter 5: Costume Cheats
Chapter 6: Get Rich and do not die trying
Chapter 7: Unlock all Locations
Chapter 8: Other Cheats
Chapter 9: Unlock Achievements
Minecraft Mods: What You Need To Know About Minecraft
Secrets of Minecraft Revealed
By: David Blaine
Chapter 1- What is Minecraft?
Much like other Voxel games such as Synthetic World and Fortress Craft the main idea is to take blocks and build a room, city, or an entire world. It was released as an indie video game in mid spring 2009 under the title of Mine-craft Classic. However, it wasn't until the near end of 2011 that the full version was released as simply Mine-craft. Although this game is a Java run game there is a plethora of various options for game play. Furthermore, aside from the fact that this game is built and designed to entertain, players can participate in other activities.

The game features a wide selection of various resources, blocks, activities, and so much more and is all available on an open end basis where the player is able to access such unlimited resources. The original plans for this game came from the creativeness of Markus "Notch" Persson but soon after the project started Jens "Jeb" Bergensten paired up. The game not only contains blocks to build with but also music, paintings, and other elements such as the player's map. This article will attempt to detail in depth the game play as well as the different player modes and platforms available.
Played in the first person perspective, Mine-craft basically requires a user to control any one of the players in the game and keep them alive. While hunger is used as the main resource that fuels the player armor can protect them from damaging their health, however, there are several things that will injury or flat out deduct one of the ten lives that the player is allowed. Some of the many things that will injury or otherwise harm the player include falling, suffocating, fire, lava, lightening, and cacti.
Furthermore, in certain difficulty levels if the player has a low hunger level their health will also be drained. When it comes to the various elements that are built into the game itself there is a lot to be mentioned. For one, the blocks are the main part of the game and contain resources that can be taken out manually or with a tool. Furthermore, these blocks can be used to build anything from an entire city to individual elements such as tools. The mining activity is the whole concept of the game and is the method used to get any required resources from under the ground. Other activities are crafting and smelting as well as brewing and enchanting.
When playing the Mine-craft game there are three separate game modes that can be chosen; the first is survival mode. In this mode users are required to guide their player through the game any way they can by aiding them through survival. There are several ways that this can be done. For one, players can survive the game by crafting weapons such as swords and armor can also be crafted to protect them from monstrous attacks that will injury or kill them; this is where health depletion comes into play.
While players use food as the main resource for energizing themselves this mode is all about surviving till the end of the game by obtaining all the required resources needed to survive. The game not only has different difficulty levels but also has a limit to the amount of items a player is allowed to carry in a single run. Furthermore, when a player dies any dropped items can eventually be picked up and when certain activities such as mining are performed experience points can be earned. Any experience points that are earned can be exchanged for long lasting enchanted tools and weapons.
There are some other game modes that are worth mentioning for the Mine-craft game which include the creative, adventure, and multi-player modes. The creative mode of game play is basically a mode that allows the user the ability to basically explore the world at their own pace without the threat of going hungry or even dying. Here they also have an unlimited access to the majority of all the resources available in the game. Although not immediately available in the first release of Mine-craft the adventure mode was added later and allowed gamers to guide the player through the Mine-craft world with the ability to customize their own maps. Furthermore, one main additional feature that was included was the gamer’s ability to have restrictions placed on adding and removing blocks without having the right tools.
Another ability that was added was the ability to use server commands to expand player interactions. One final mode that is considered a main mode is the multiplayer mode. This mode is simply played through an online interface and basically allows players to join worlds although restrictions may be handed out that blocks an IP address from entering the world. Here players can fight each other and play other games.
The Mine-craft game which was initially released to the public in the later part of 2009 was done so under the Mine-craft Classic pretenses. However, two years later the normal version of Mine-craft was released; both ran off of the Java platform. The basics of Mine-craft that are the most important in terms of the contents of this article is that there are three main game modes to this game, each allowing various actions and activities. Rather playing in creative, survival, or adventure mode the concept remains the same; building worlds and other elements once all required resources are found.
While mining is the initial activity that the game is surrounded by there are other activities that players can get involved in which include crafting and enchantment. All levels are different and range in difficulty from easy to hard. Furthermore, this game is no longer only limited to the 1.0 version. Over the course of time the developers of this game have released it to other platforms including Xbox 360, and a few hand held devices. This game is similar to other games such as Synthetic World and Fortress Craft, to name a few.
Chapter 2- What are Minecraft Mods?
Minecraft modifications, or mods, are an important factor to most Minecraft players. Depending on the type of Minecraft mod, they have many uses. A Minecraft mod refers to anything that changes the original Minecraft game whether it is appearance, game play, or anything else.

Types of Mods
Some mods are designed to change how the game looks visually. These types of mods are commonly referred to as Texture Packs. Texture Pack mods vary in their appearance dramatically. Some are designed to make Minecraft fit a particular theme like Glimmar's Steampunk Hybrid Mod and the Silent Hill Resource Pack. Others are more neutral like Pixel Perfection. All these packs just affect the appearance of the game, changing the look of everything; from the world to items to the player itself.
Other mods enabled Minecraft players to experience a different type of game, maybe new content or different game experience. Mo’ Creatures is one Minecraft mod that adds a new set of mobs, which refers to all Minecraft creatures. Some of the mobs included in the Mo’ Creatures Minecraft mod are elephants, crabs, raccoons, and wyverns.
There are also Minecraft mods designed to improve game play by making the graphics load faster, allowing the game to run faster. One of the most popular types of game improvement mods is called Optifine. The Optifine Minecraft mod allows players with slower computers, especially laptops, experience much faster performance as well as improved graphics. Many Minecraft players consider the Optifine modification a must-have mod because of its ability to massively improve FPS. FPS is the frames per second, the higher the number the better the game runs. Players with poor graphics cards and slow computers often experience very low FPS numbers, which results in their Minecraft game running very choppily and even crashing.
Another popular game play improvement Minecraft mod is Rei’s Minimap Minecraft mod. This Minecraft mod inserts a map into the game’s interface that is fully functional, allowing players to set waypoints, with an arrow pointing the way. One of the most popular features of Rei’s Minimap is that it shows your death point, so when a player dies, he can find his way back and find any lost items.
Often considered to be mod are the various custom worlds, or maps. Two of the most popular mods in this category are Skyblock and Complex.
Skyblock is a map mod that when you spawn, or start the game, you are on a small floating island in the sky. There are usually only a few blocks, a tree, and a chest. It allows players to enable their inner creativity and sees what they can create

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