My Season on the Kenai
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148 pages
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Follow along with award-winning sportswriter Lew Freedman as he journals an unforgettable season of fly fishing along the Kenai River.

Just as you never know what kind of fish and what size fish might be tugging on your line when the rod bends, you never know what kind of excitement awaits during a season on the Kenai River. Located in Southcentral Alaska, the Kenai River is a world-class salmon river attracting fishermen from all over the world. Each summer thousands of anglers fish the magical Kenai River. Discover what makes the eighty-five-mile-long river a dream destination for the devout fisherman inside My Season on the Kenai.

Freedman’s amusing stories and first-hand experience are sure to entertain and inspire the avid angler, with valuable information and insights sprinkled in each chapter.

A complete novice waiting to be hooked, I asked around and was told that if I was going to fish on the Kenai River and attempt to wrangle a salmon into my boat, I needed to look up a personable guide named Harry Gaines. Harry Gaines, I was told, could read the river like the lines on the palm of hands, and he was a wizened old-timer with more experience than almost anyone else in the Soldotna-Kenai area where most guides were based. That was about 150 miles from Anchorage, the banks of those small cities abutting the Lower River.
The Lower River is where the king salmon, the most prized of all types of salmon, return to spawn each spring and summer, and where the angler with ambition goes to catch one. Kings, better known to the outside world as Chinook salmon, are the bad boys of the river, the big, even monstrous fish, that are difficult to entice onto a hook, that fight like hell when caught, and that offer delectable dinners when served.
The kings were the kings of the river. The biggest kings in the world returned to the Kenai each year and this was proven year after year when fishermen and their guides were left agog as someone hooked into a hog of a fish weighing 90 pounds or more. For the typical fisherman, weaned on the sport in the rest of the United States, a big fish might be a five-pound bass, a common fish a perch, walleye, or bluegill weighing anywhere from a few ounces to a couple of pounds. Catching one of the giant king salmon (nobody even bothered to keep one that weighed less than 35 pounds) was the equivalent of hooking your fifth-grade son and trying to haul him into the boat.
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My Season on the Kenai
My Season on the Kenai
Text and photographs © 2013 by Lew Freedman
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ISBN 978-0-88240-906-1 (pbk.) 1. Salmon fishing—Alaska—Kenai River. 2. Kenai River Region (Alaska) — Description and travel. 3. Freedman, Lew—Travel. I. Title. SH686.F74 2013 799.17’560979835—dc23
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I would like to dedicate this story about the Kenai River to the late Harry Gaines, who helped develop my love of the river and Reuben Hanke, who keeps Harry’s name alive on the river.
This carving of the late Harry Gaines overlooks the Kenai River at the Harry Gaines fish camp operated by Reuben Hanke.
About the Author
Aview from the water of the Harry Gaines fish camp operated by guide Reuben Hanke.
Special thanks for all the help provided to make my summer work out so well go to Harry Gaines Kenai River Fishing owner Reuben Hanke, Fenton Brothers guides Mike and Murray Fenton, Alaska Fishing Service guide Kevin Thurman, Kenai River advocate Bob Penney, Ricky Gease, executive director of the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Weigh master David “Wahoo” Cole at the September 2012 Kenai River Women’s Classic.
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