The Joy of Geocaching
221 pages

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221 pages

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Describing the exciting and adventurous world surrounding geocaching--a worldwide hunt in which treasures are located using global positioning system (GPS) devices--this book offers an understanding and application of the principles and best practices of the game. What's different is that the authors wrap this knowledge in a tapestry of human stories that range from hilarious to touching. Paul and Dana Gillin interviewed 40 of the world's 50 most prolific geocachers as well as experts in container design, "extreme" geocaching and other dimensions of the game. They tell how this global activity inspires passion that has helped people heal frayed marriages, establish new friendships--and even save lives.



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Date de parution 01 avril 2010
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EAN13 9781610351065
Langue English
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"Here is an excellent introduction to this emerging sport. Longtime tech writer Paul Gillin and his wife, Dana, are the perfect ambassadors for geocaching. This is a lively and well-written introduction to a sport that is rapidly gaining followers. It makes a fine source for instruction its clear writing and personable tone far surpass similar instruction books but it is also simply an interesting read for all curious about the phenomenon."
Library Journal
"The Joy of Geocaching is perfectly titled. With all the great information included, it is an excellent introduction to geocaching; or for those who have been involved for a long time, it reminds us of many of the reasons we still love it. It gives a well-informed snapshot of this great activity/sport/obsession and blends the personal and the technical aspects perfectly. Having just entered my ninth year of geocaching, I still learned plenty from this book. This book is by cachers, about cachers, and for cachers. Three thumbs up! Peace."
Darrell Smith (Show Me The Cache)
"Geocaching is not for dummies. Finally, here’s the definitive book about it written by experienced and enthusiastic geocachers!"
Elin Carlson (EMC of Northridge, CA)
"This is a superb resource not only for the new geocacher, but also those cachers who have thousands of finds. It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date discussion of various geocaching tips, techniques, and tales that I have read in my more than seven years being a geocacher. It will enhance your geocaching experience as well as your fun. Many thanks to Paul and Dana for devoting a year of their life researching and writing this book. It will sit proudly and prominently on my bookshelf."
Bert Carter (WE4NCS)
"This book is much more than just a how-to guide. It’s an insight into the passion and enjoyment many of us get from geocaching. I love the way the book captures the energy and enjoyment my fellow geocachers get from the sport through a great collection of stories that demonstrate the many different types and styles of geocaching. How will you play the game?"
Steve O’Gara (ventura_kids)
"The Joy of Geocaching is a joy to read. The book captures the unexpected social aspect of the sport. The gathering of like-minded knuckleheads was a joy we never anticipated."
Gary & Vicky Hobgood (Gary&Vicky)
" The Joy of Geocaching captures the adventure and spirit of geocaching that causes so many of us to ignore housework, forego our work and/or school responsibilities, and shirk our family and friends to be the first to hunt for new cache sites and solve that next puzzle cache. A must-read for any and all geocachers from newbie to grizzled old pro!"
Wade Mauland (Ecorangers)
"The Joy of Geocaching is the only book I’ve seen that combines the how-to, the folklore and the excitement of geocaching all in one place. It’s a highly readable book full of valuable information for geocachers of all skill levels."
Dave Grenewetzki (dgreno)
" The Joy of Geocaching is the ultimate fuel to turn the smallest spark of geocaching curiosity into the roaring flames of addiction that we geocachers cherish. It reveals the passion and experiences of geocachers while clearly explaining everything you need to know to play. As soon as you start reading you’re hooked. So save yourself some time and go ahead and get the GPSr while you’re shopping."
InfiniteMPG (Scott Veix)
"The caching stories reminded me why geocaching has risen above a hobby to become a way of life for me. The book explains geocaching so well that even the most disinterested muggle will understand it. Thank you for a well-written chronicle of our sport."
Mark Wilcoxson (Deermark)
"This book is a great read for both the novice and experienced geocacher. A comprehensive compendium of geocaching information, written in a style that is entertaining and easy to read. A definite must-have!"
Clyde England (clydee), developer of the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife
"The Joy of Geocaching captures the spirit of geocaching and the players like no book before it. A fun and interesting read that tells all one needs to know to enjoy geocaching and the websites and tools that we use."
Ed Manley (TheAlabamaRambler)

The Joy of Geocaching
©2010 Paul and Dana Gillin
All photos are by the authors unless noted differently.
Visit to view/download the photos in the book.
Published by Quill Driver Books,
an imprint of Linden Publishing.
2006 S. Mary, Fresno, California, 93721
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Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Gillin, Paul.
The joy of geocaching : how to find health, happiness and creative energy through a worldwide treasure hunt / by Paul and Dana Gillin.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 978-1-884956-99-7 (pbk. : alk. paper)
1. Geocaching (Game) I. Gillin, Dana. II. Title.
GV1202.G46G55 2010
To Dana’s parents, who taught us by example to rejoice in lifelong learning
How to Use this Book
Quick Start Guide

Chapter One: The Joy of Geocaching
Waypoints: What We Love About Geocaching
Cacher Profile: Alamogul
Section I: Preparing to Geocache
Chapter Two: Getting Around
Waypoints: Geocaching Variations
Chapter Three: Planning Your Outing on
Waypoints: Geocaching Toolkit
Cacher Profile: Peasinapod
Section II: In the Field
Chapter Four: Finding a Geocache
Waypoints: Bugs, Coins, and Other Trackables
Chapter Five: Hiding a Geocache
Waypoints: Memorable Hides
Cacher Profile: InfiniteMPG
Chapter Six: Caching to the Limits
Waypoints: Power Caching Journal
Cacher Profile: The Outlaw
Section III: Taming Technology
Chapter Seven: Navigation Basics
Waypoints: Curious Cops
Chapter Eight: Choosing a GPSr
Cacher Profile: MonkeyBrad
Chapter Nine: Software Goodies for Geocachers
Cacher Profile: The Genius of GSAK
Section IV: Beyond the Game
Chapter Ten: The Social Side
Waypoints: Critter Encounters
Cacher Profile: Mrs. Captain Picard
Chapter Eleven: Geocaching in Education and Business
Cacher Profile: Ecorangers
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Resource Lists
Appendix C: Great Geocaches by State
About the Authors
I n early 2003, Ed Manley decided to kill himself. Life couldn’t have been much worse for the then 49-year-old war veteran. A series of mishaps resulting in forty-two surgeries over almost thirty years, featuring bone grafts, chronic bone infection, amputation, and repeated prolonged recoveries had left him with one leg and an irreparable broken neck, not to mention in severe chronic pain that would never go away. Finally unable to work, he sold his business and began a long slide into depression.
By 2003, Manley was nearly bedridden, in constant pain, addicted to massive amounts of the pain medicine Fentanyl, and ashamed of himself and of the burden he believed he was to his family. "I saw no hope for a functional life. I wanted out of here," he says. "Whatever was next had to be better than this."
Manley planned to go fishing, his favorite hobby. He would drive his pontoon boat to the center of Lay Lake near his Birmingham, Alabama, home, where he would stage a realistic-looking fall from the boat. This plan would not only relieve his pain, but would also spare his family of the burden of caring for him while leaving them with sufficient life insurance to carry on.
As he was loading his boat on the chosen morning, the postman arrived with a package. Inside was a Garmin eTrex global positioning satellite receiver. Manley had forgotten that he had ordered the gadget months earlier in a mail-order promotion. Even in his hour of darkness, the gadget freak in him was intrigued. What was the new toy good for? Manley stopped loading the boat and went to his computer, where Google led him to , a website dedicated to a new kind of global treasure hunt in which people pointed each other to hidden objects by sharing latitude-longitude coordinates. He saw that one of these so-called geocaches was near his old high school. The listing description for "The Mountie Cache" mentioned a hole in the fence as a landmark. "I knew that hole very well, because we used to go there to smoke," he says. "I wanted to see if this GPS thing could navigate me to that place."
Although wheelchair-bound and in what he terms "seriously sorry shape," Manley struggled out to find the treasure: an ammunition can full of toys. "Found it! Cool!" For the first time in years he was excited about something. And the website said geocaches were hidden all over!

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